“Hey,Trouble for a!What are you?,Use this old suit,Are you in archaeological??”

Extremely characteristic female sound came from behind,Liao Wenjie,Dark road is good,If you have this sound line, it is a beautiful woman.,God has not too favored to her.。
God did not live up to Liao Wenjie’s expectation,Not only a big beauty,Still a born,Duck cap coves long hair in brown big waves,Delicate,Eyentality,Yin Tao small mouth to apply a fatal red lip。
Beauty wearing gray windbreaker,Inside a red suction leather,Leather boots over the knee,Leg curve,It is no more than one chest.,Let people think about the quality of leather clothes。
Such a good leather,Why is the zipper not fried??
Liao Wenjie professional levelLSPPrecise vision,This beauty appearance、figure、Impractive temperament,Yujie template。
By comparison,The real vacation, Maori, has become a township.,Attractive suddenly 50%。
“Oh,It turned out to be a big handsome guy!”
Women’s red lips,Standing in front of Liao Wenjie,Before she recovered,Take this, do you have different people.,Liao Wenjie this face,His tips are not called the old set,It is full of luxurious retro trends.。
Liao Wenjie:(one`′one)
I smelled a familiar feeling on the woman.,Not a hook perfume,Internal breath。
If he didn’t guess the wrong,This is a non-crushed。
Clever,He also slag,Maybe you can chat with this topic for a night.。
“handsome guy,Don’t you plan to drink a cup??”
“Just drink a cup?”
“Greedy guy,My sister is still working.,Can’t squander too long。”
“Clever,I also have a tricky thing to handle,And my name is called‘University’!”
“Like,Sister’s name is called‘Tricky’。”
Speaking of which,The two smiles,Since everyone is busy,Sorctive sections of drinking,Direct treatment of tricky business。
‘Maorland’I dull and looked at the dog’s men and women.,Lended it to the wall of the hotel,Half,Hello to catch up with two people。
“Long leg sister,You said that there is a foothold nearby,There is also an acquaintance, Mr. is waiting……”
“Let him wait!”x2
Hotel suite,‘Maorland’Bite the sheets,Dog men’s men and women in the heart,These two people have long long and have a good bag.,Come to a more than one。
Besides,Maori is too bad,Long leg sister hooks finger,Her boyfriend Koi’s new one will play a lot of hot,Toss it until now。
Girl is indignant,Bathroom next door room,Two figures snuggled in the bathtub。
Liao Wenjie’s carcass,Red wine glass next to it,Gently:“Say,I still don’t know your name for your long-legged sister.?”
“Not two peaks,Occupation is a lawyer。”
“Not two peaks……”
Liao Wenjie frowns,Staring at the woman’s delicate red lips,Sight is not controlled,Peerless:“Familiar name,I seem to have heard it.。”
“My sister is a very famous lawyer.,Hear very normal,how about you,what’s your name?”
“Kuo New One!”
“Familiar name,I seem to have heard it.。”

Mirror,Wang Fuzhen,Liang Zhongchun,Wang Manchun,The roles of these camouflageers in Li Shu are showed,It is still very reasonable according to time.。

I saw a long history of drinking.:“Long pool class,Do you have any comments??”
“no,Ding is doing very well,It is also a person who knows this Liang Sang.,Let’s do it according to Ding Dynasty.。”
“That other people have nothing to do.?”Asked wine well,
“Yes,They are all in the hand of the beam station.,Will listen to him。”Ding Mun Village,
“You come out,Have something to ask you。”Qi Rui left the interrogation room,
Outer,Ding Mun Village asked:“What is the problem with the long tail length?。”
“I want to know how the progress of Haizhengchu is now.?”
“Report for long,Hai Zhengchun is very embarrassing,He and the people are also very familiar.,But this is our chance,I have already rewarded,I believe that there will be news.。”
“That is the party person in charge?,Do you say that you have a way??”
“Long pool class,Community changed the way of contact,We have not found a contact with the secret on any newspaper now.。”
“I have to think about this.,The Communist Party is basically cleaned before you come.,How do they dare to use the previous contact,You have to hurry to find this common party,I can’t let him start working.!”Ritual,
“Is it easy to use people??”
“very professional!Help us very much!”Ding Mun Village is discovered that Wang Manchun and Blue Carry is a beautiful woman.,I thought it was a long history.,So still let Wangman Chun Dang Captain,Let Blue Kwagle go to Telecommunications,I want to raise them.,As a result, they have found that they can do their own work.,Not a vase。
“That’s good!correct,I have heard that Yesterday, Shaosuo and Tanzhong, I’m here.?”
“Yes,Shado Parzo is to inspect。”
“Since you get the focus of Shaozuo, you must work harder.!”
Qi Rui asked Wang Mun:“Is it going smoothly??”
“Report for long,Very smooth!”
“very good,Do well!Don’t give me a face!”
“Yes!”Wang Manchun is beautiful.,Very obvious, long tank, the length of the pool, this is giving yourself platform,Let Ding Mun Village them know that he is his person。
Back on the way back,Wine Yi Yibei asked:“Long pool,How do you know that Shado Dabo goes to the headquarters?”
“Song Jian and Tang Rui saw yesterday.。”
“Long pool,I am going to tell you something.。”
“If you have anything, let’s talk.,Long pool length is also welcome to me。”
“I want to help you in the bamboo.,This is her hope。”
“This is not very suitable.!”Rui Rui listened:Song Jian and Tang Rui are enough to let me have a headache.,You will send my bamboo in the world to my side.,I don’t do anything.!
“Unwell!Long Tiri Jun is a good ability??”
“no,Wine long,to be honest,I am now very tense mission.,Now let her come true。”
“But I asked with Tanzhong.,He has agreed。”
NS259chapter Forced the same room
Tianzhong Zhengxian should look at itself to the Arctic Star Plan is too busy to agree.,What can I say Qi Rui?,I have to agree with it.:“Wine long,Come,But can’t bother to work。”
“It certainly won’t。”
“Wine long,Let Zhunexin Liangzi come to a special lesson is not what you mean.?”
“Long pool is really smart,Is our teacher heard that you have strong,This allows the cloud to learn from you.。”
“Are you saying that the Tufeng Yuan will??”
“Who can I still。”
I thought about it, I should be this soil, fat, Yuanxiao, I heard that I have near Wei Wenmo.,Shaozuo Zhao also has the relationship between Matsuba to relegate.。

Xia Jian thought Lin Ling didn’t know all this,He still wants to hide what happened last night,It seems that this is really unnecessary。So Xia Jian sighed and said:“Zhang Zihao brought more than ten people,Want to catch me,Then just like you said,Splash this pot of dirty water on your head”

“what?More than ten people?Did he treat you like that??”Lin Ling was anxious,She took Xia Jian’s hand,Look at Xia Jian from head to toe,Lest he get hurt。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Zhang Zihao’s calculation was wrong,Although he brought more than ten people,But I took the lead,When they react,I have rushed out of their encirclement。 Panic,Rushed into a bathing center,I came back after three o’clock in the morning”
“Bastard!I didn’t expect this guy to be so insidious,Fortunately, your skill is good,Otherwise I really can’t help you”Lin Ling took out the phone。
One call,Lin Ling then cried out what happened last night。After hanging up,She wiped away her tears and said:“My dad came forward,Zhang Zihao is over”
Xia Jian nodded and said nothing,He knew。The old Dong of Chenguang Animal Husbandry is not an ordinary person,Once you grab the handle of Zhang Zihao,Wouldn’t it be a piece of cake to clean him up?。
Lin Ling personally drives,Sent Xia Jian and Ma Yan to Chenguang Animal Husbandry。Just entered the gate,The sales director greeted me,I saw this person Xia Jian last time,So everyone is old acquaintance。
Lin Ling handed Xia Jian to the director of the sales department,I went to the board of shareholders meeting。Although she didn’t say a word,But Xia Jianneng felt the kind of prelude to the rain。
Because Lin Ling greeted the sales department in advance,So Xia Jian took Ma Yan and said nothing,Because everything is done according to Xia Jian’s request。One morning,Just sit down and sign a few contracts。
Plan a job that can be done in two or three days,I didn’t expect it to be done in most of the day。Xia Jian brought Ma Yan out of the sales director’s office,Lin Ling greeted me with a smile。
“My dad said,Invite you to dinner at noon”Lin Ling said,Made a please gesture。
Xia Jian took a look at Lin Ling’s expression,I know that the shareholders meeting this morning was very successful,She can’t hide her happy expression,Revealed。
VIP restaurant,An extraordinary temperament,Man in his fifties sitting on the sofa,When he saw Xia Jian,Stood up,He smiled and said:“Xia Jianba!Haven’t seen you in two years”
“Hello Uncle Lin!”Xia Jian hurriedly greeted him,Shook hands with Lin Xu。He is Lin Xu, the chairman of Chenguang Animal Husbandry,Xia Jian saw him the last time he came to the morning light。

“Yes!Your person in charge,Say I rub the air conditioner……And fired her!”

Fang Yu said。
Li Yan is very embarrassed。
If I let President Hu know,。
All these people have to be fired!
“Really going?”Li Yan feels embarrassed。
If Fang Yu leaves today。
She has to be criticized too!
“I don’t like blowing air conditioning anymore,It’s good outside……You have to deal with things,Just deal with it first!”Fang Yu pondered。
Pulling Salsa and sitting down on the bench next to it。
“I will take care of it!”
Li Yan nodded。
Then walked in!
“There will be no problem?”
Sasha worried。
“Nothing……It’s just a small thing!”
Fang Yu slowly said。
In the hall。
Teng Peng sees Li Yan’s arrival,Quickly walked over flatteringly。

“Handcuff him too。”The whip man pointed at the older guard who was talking。

The old guard tried to resist,But these Yan Clan men in black are extremely powerful,Some of them are mortal,They knocked the old guard to the ground,After beating blood,,Then he locked him with shackles,Don’t help him up,But just drag it back。
For a time,The other guards are afraid to speak!
“I know the Yan clan,I don’t know, I thought it was a bandit.,How can anyone act so arrogantly?。”Lu Wenye whispered a little。
Lu Wenye obviously doesn’t know much about the gods。
She didn’t realize that some gods and mortals have very sharp hearing。
I saw the man with the whip turned his head,Watching Lu Wenye sharply。
“When will it be our Yan family’s turn to make irresponsible remarks,Slap yourself,Hit till i am satisfied,Otherwise, you will be handcuffed together。”The man with the whip gave a cold snort,Command road。
“Big brother,This big brother,We are from How to Train Your Dragon,I was commissioned to wipe out the flood of lizards around here,She didn’t mean to accuse the big brothers,I apologize to you on her behalf。”Hong Hao hurriedly bowed。
“How to Train Your Dragon,Be careful later!”The whip man saw that these people were not civilians,Just snorted,Did not pursue。
Guard Chang Ge Zhong,And another older guard were handcuffed/Fastest release/Up,Locked in the iron cage on the iron mane blanket。
The guards of other city gates are also completely panicked,Don’t know what to do。
Many people around are watching,But they all stand far away。
The guard represents the law enforcement authority of a city,But in front of the Yan people, it is no different from some inferior untouchables,Hit and hit,Catch it,Not to mention some flat-headed people who don’t even have positions。

Blue Xin’s heart is a bit,It is not too much,Maybe he is so far like this, let it leave you.。

at the same time,Xu Lianghe in the company,Suddenly received a call from Ning success。
Xu Jinghe Wei Wei,Pick up the phone to pick up the phone。
“Hey!Not letting you do not call me??”
“Oh no,What we did was discovered by them.,The police are now catching me everywhere.。”
I am not letting you go abroad??
Where are you?”
Xu Jinghe furiously。
“I will give me the money.,Where is it going abroad??
I used a lot of money in the past few days.,If you don’t want what you do, I will say it.,I will give me a money again.,I don’t want to take the prison.。”
“Damn born,So much money is not enough for you??”
Xu Jinghe did not expect it to do things on this festival。
Looking at Lu Hao Cheng alone。
He knows Lu Hao Cheng’s itinerary,He went to the Beihai Market Today,There is a very important meeting。
Xu Jinghe Road:“where are you now?”
“I have already fled back to the Yangtze River.,On the North Sea。”
Xu Jinghe looked at Lu Haozheng’s direction。
He smiled:“Call your sister,Tell her where you are there,Let him help you,I can not help you。”
“Why call her?
She can’t do anything,Can’t help me。”
Xu Jinghe laughed,Say:“Don’t you know that your sister is working in the Lu Group??
The Lu Group and Gu’s Group can be a family,The people of the Lu Group are also looking for you.,If you are found by them, you will finish it.。”
“This is all you harm。”
Angry sound。
Xu Jinghe laughed,“This can’t blame me.,I have to blame yourself.。”
“Do you believe that I will tell the police immediately.。
Anyway, I am in a few people.,Not afraid this time。”
The threat to the opposite side did not make Xu Xianghe feel scared。
“up to you,No evidence,Who will believe what you said??”
“you”“I hang up if I have n’thing.,I have other things to do.。”
Xu Jinghe quickly hangs the phone。
Tracker has always followed Lu Hao Cheng’s car。
“Lu Hao Cheng,The sea in the North Sea is very beautiful,It is your funeral place.。”

Didn’t wait for him to think,The voice of the god of destruction came in my mind……

“Kid,Since the development from the gods to the present,I have always been the god of destruction,Therefore, there is no exclusive inheritance place left to destroy the mansion,and so,You can only go to Poseidon Island to take a test!”
Xu Sheng’s mouth twitched,“Take a test??Isn’t this god of destruction kidding me??”
Inheritance of God’s Residence can still be used for examination?Xu Sheng felt that it was a mistake to accept the inheritance of the Destroyed Mansion。
Not reliable at all!
Besides,He remembers every time he completes a god test,Will get some rewards,And my own god test didn’t mention anything!
But I have already accepted the test to destroy God’s Mansion,It’s too late to regret it now!
Secretly“It seems that I have to go to the Hall of the Elder to ask about the location of Qiandaoliu Sea God Island.!”
After all in the whole continent,At this time, there are only two people who know the location of Poseidon Island,Tang Chen and Qian Daoliu!
Xu Sheng did not leave like the other elders in Wuhun Hall,But stayed in the Papal Palace……
Bibi Dong’s beautiful eyes are slightly tired, looking at Xu Sheng below,Lightly“Xu Sheng,What else do you have?”
Xu Sheng stared at Bibi Dong,The words are straightforward“teacher,I plan to leave the Papal Palace for a while!”
Bibi Dong,The exhaustion in my eyes is gone,The eyes are bright“Xu Sheng,Why are you leaving again?Your spirit power level has reached level 97,There is no need to be so eager!”
Xu Sheng’s talent is already the scariest person Bibi Dong has ever met,In just a few years, the spirit power has gone from level 93 to level 97!
Xu Sheng shook his head lightly,Explained“teacher,I’m not for cultivation,But to accept the divine residence assessment!”

Look at his daughter beautiful,Liao Wenjie decided to listen to it,He touched a bottle of red wine from the body:“Mr. Hayen,Want to come to a cup of refreshing??”

“Can,But not this bottle。”
Hayenz shakes his head,Students in the yard announced today of today’s painting lesson,Treat people to go to the house and close the door,Leading Liao Wenjie came to the second floor。
See Hayantz from the cabinet a bottle of precious wine,Liao Wenjie decisively threw his bottle into the yard,Frontier shop,I don’t take it out and shame.。
“young people,I still don’t know your name.。”
“Liao Wenjie,From Hong Kong Island。”
Liao Wenjie took a red wine glass,Lift and Hayenz touched,And then drink,Nod to evaluate:“Very nice sleeping drug,Not only perfectly integrated into the sour of red wine,Pharmacokine is also very powerful,Ordinary people will not save people。”
Hayenz face slight change,Sitting in a chair。
“Mr. Hayen,Is this kind of beverage also have finished products??”
Liao Wenjie drunk two cups,Laugh:“if nothing else,Formula also,Do not misunderstand,I don’t do anything else.,That is, all the year round,Need some self-defense small props to deal with bad people。”
“who are you?”
“Liao Wenjie,From Hong Kong Island,Add a label,I am a boyfriend of your big daughter.。”
“I do not believe!”
Worsehead,Good heart talking to you,Who can’t stand?!
Liao Wenjie turned over white eyes,It is not necessary to see it in the shackle of sleeping his daughter.,Stroke from the body,Pick up,Select a few pieces of dressing hands。
“Real glass painting!!”
Hayenz out of mouth,It’s my wife’s name.,After a long time, I will react.,The photo is his big daughter to tears,There is a bit of similarity.。
“This is a photo album that tears,Because it is a girlfriend gift with boyfriend,Recommend me and her privacy,Some photos are not suitable to show,I don’t show you.。”
Liao Wenjie swayed the photo album,Tease:“how,More than 200 photos are enough to prove my identity.?”
The same as the vast majority of old fathers,Hayenz saw pigs arched in their own cabbage,The eyes are not good at instantly。
Liao Wenjie is cold,Squinted in your eyes。
Change other old fathers,He may be guilty,But Hayenz is not,Ten more than 20 years,Three sisters have never seen my father from birth.,This kind of person is not qualified to make him guilty。
Welcome the eyes of Liao Wenjie,And the disdain of it,Hayenz adheres to a moment to defeat,Drop surge,Can’t look for photos of tears。
“In addition to small tears,Do you have a photo of Xiaoyi and a little love??”
“How can there be……”
Liao Wenjie vomiting,And don’t say he is really,Even if there is,It is impossible to take it out.。
“I see,I believe you are a tearful boyfriend,Her smile will not make a fake。”
Hayenz tertiary photo,Happy smile is also like his wife.,It is only a smile that loves the love talent.。
I think that similar smiles have a lot of people.,He is not so cool again.。
“How about it,Want to call??”Liao Wenjie took out the phone again。
“Do not,I can not……”
Hayenz bitterly shakes his head:“I don’t know what it means to find here.,But trouble you hide my message,Don’t tell them three sisters,I don’t want to bring dangers to them.。”
“tell me the story。”
“You first promise, don’t tell them!”
“rest assured,I have come to Africa, they don’t know.。”

So-called big master,Nothing!

Chu Deirers even suspected,Is Murongbo,But look at it carefully.,Do not figure out,Some like……
Zhao ignorant?
God Hou personally came to the Qing court?
Do you spell this??
“Arrow、Arrow!”Danung has also panicked at this time.,Anyway, this person is no hostage,Direct call。
But I saw this ghost,Put the true gas out,Surrounded by his arrow,There are three feet in the nearly three feet.,The card is in the triumphant!
Tight the ghost face, shake the cloak,The arrows around it have reflected back,Suddenly, I scream,See the front guard,Cut the wheat……
Although the people in the rivers and lakes,All understand,Strong master can not compete for the army,It’s really in the thousands of people.,No one has come back,but……This“Ghost”Strength,Obviously, hundreds of defeat can block,Even if there is a strong bow!!
Chu Deirers even in him,Have seen it《Jiuyin Zhenjing》of“Snake travery”——After a wave of killing,I only see the rabbit,Shuttle of the ghosts,It’s all that Danlong and Kang。
Doron is good, it is the prostitute,The stream of comparable seas is almost almost,But in the hand of the ghost,It is like a child。
“go!”A dullness is not like human voice,From the ghost face,Obviously the other party does not want to expose the sound。
This series of colleges have been made,Other Qing court guards can not dare to do。
Danlon and Kang Prince can also be a big game,However, these guards can not have so many ideas.。
It is obviously what it will be found in the sea.,But not exposed,It’s just that both parties will withdraw away.……
It is very likely that Zhao ignorant ghost face is,Chu Deiren did not dare to follow,Take the opportunity to mix it into other Royal Guards,Placent to leave——Just let the nearest little red!
Xiaohong will fly after all,And can fly better than the Gosh Eagle,As long as the little red does not fall to the sneak attack,Zhao ignored even if it didn’t find it.……
Worship the news,Safe,All military and horses in Beijing are moving。
Tiger is going to escape from the North Gate,But was stopped,Go to the West Gate……
Eight Banners have a guard in Beijing,Royal flag、Inlaid-inlaid Beijing-Guangzhou,It is in the north of Huangcheng,Tiger is originally designed to be a brother of the yellow flag.。
But worship,Two yellow flags are royal,After the prison,The yellow flag is likely to be fast and easy。
Therefore, he wants to go to Ximen.——Huangcheng west is the two red flag,Flag of the red flag, is a relative letter,Even if you want to clear the party,Will not so fast and。
more importantly,Two white flags are in the east,Know that I escaped,Two white flags are certainly most excited,The opportunity to take off the west can escape.!
As long as you can leave,Worship is very big,Can contact the old department、Renewal,If you can’t say it, you will be able to counterattack in Beijing.,At least you can kill off,Put these waste,Close、No foundation,Many night they have to be overturned by the Han people,Maybe you have an opportunity to have a fisherman。
Go out,The contradiction between the worship and the heavens and the world broke out,The world will be quickly,only……More ideas now,Although people who are disgusted,But after thinking, it is necessary to fight in Beijing.,I didn’t kill them for a moment.——Although these people hate,Strong is very confident、Good use!
Unlucky,And Zhu Bo has been directly corrected by Mao Dongzhu,Dead no sound。
After learning,Worship can only be temporarily awkward in Beijing,Tiger is active,Take the initiative to go to the Huang Ying,Call for knowing the priest。
But Tihu,Worship, I want to slaughter the small eunuch、When I sent it to the emperor,It was originally thought to be“friend”、Before you are still going to bargain,Research on the knife and ghosts of chaos anyway,But suddenly shot……
Chapter 473 Gather in life and death

Especially when the small smoke is the same as the stone as the stone, then the scene disappeared directly at the other side of the nostrils.,Let Shiyang Tian couple are surprised。

“This is really true?”
“Not magic?”
Shiyang Tian is an incredible。
Shen Lingmei is also shocking,Previously she also understood the soul,But it is still the first time I encountered it.。
“Hey-hey,Nature is true.,Shi Big Brother and other small moon wake up well.,I only hope that you will not die with others.,I am reminding you.,Someone is hurting you.,Specifically, the parents of the six children are still your school leadership.,I am also not certain,But I just heard,So I feel that you will make it again.,People fish dead is not good to you。”
“If it is the six children’s parents,Five of them have already died,Dedicated to your fish, you belong to your least cost-effective。”
“As for your school leadership,How do you say that people are in high?,Even if you are getting it,But the previous relationship is also enough to let the big brother you drink a pot.。”
“Before I want to use the power of the network to help you,It is not to see these hurricane evil spirits,Although I still can’t read it now.,But I can’t see it is my problem.,I don’t want to let Shi Brother continue to do it.,Especially the memory of netizens is very short.,Waiting for this public opinion,Shi Big Brother does not believe that there are many ways to pack you.?”
Li Hui said with a bitterness.,Shi Yang Tian also said seriously after listening to it.。
“Lee brother,I know what you said.,But you also see my marriage,How do I swallow this tone??
I tried to take the only child of only the child.。”
The words of Shi Yangtian let Shen Lingmei in the side become a face.。
“You are crazy?
If you really have to do this,What about our mother??
And you don’t think about the consequences after you do this.?
You look at the glass of our family.,Isn’t the people looking for someone??”
“I said,Xiao Li said something wrong,You listen to Xiao Li’s,After the woman is good,The same is true like a family,The truth of the arm is just the truth of the thigh, you haven’t understood so many years.?”
Shiyang also knows that his wife said。
But he is a person who loves to diamond.。
Identify that one thing,I have to complete him.。
But Li Hui’s persuasion,Think about your daughter,There is also the son of primary school,Let’s take a look at your wife’s way of fetching。
He also sighed a gap:“Row,I don’t care about these things.,However, if the parents, what is the moth?,I have to manage it 100%。”
With Shiyang Tian,Li Hui Feng is also safe to rest assured.。
“Hey-hey,That line,Although you don’t care,But these days are still careful,After all, those people don’t have to do things.,Who is not allowed。”
Finish,Li Hui left.。
Although Shiyang Tiantian has retained three,But Li Hui is still decided to hurry to the county to help Jin Xijie to get things。
In the county,Jin Xijie’s anger。
“Lee Boss,Then the boulder child is really deceived.,I really really moved today.,And still stabbed our a worker。”
Li Huihe heard a bear child with a knife,Face is also a hard time。
“Are those children still??”
“Um,Still,After all, we can decorate the community that we can decorate.,We don’t go,Those children don’t go,I have been there。”
Li Hui rose, I nodded.:“Let it go,Take me to see。”
soon,Jin Xijie has driven Li with the wind to the scene.。
On-site wolf borrowed,Latex paint is splapsed everywhere,Wooden board is also stuck。