Didn’t wait for him to think,The voice of the god of destruction came in my mind……

“Kid,Since the development from the gods to the present,I have always been the god of destruction,Therefore, there is no exclusive inheritance place left to destroy the mansion,and so,You can only go to Poseidon Island to take a test!”
Xu Sheng’s mouth twitched,“Take a test??Isn’t this god of destruction kidding me??”
Inheritance of God’s Residence can still be used for examination?Xu Sheng felt that it was a mistake to accept the inheritance of the Destroyed Mansion。
Not reliable at all!
Besides,He remembers every time he completes a god test,Will get some rewards,And my own god test didn’t mention anything!
But I have already accepted the test to destroy God’s Mansion,It’s too late to regret it now!
Secretly“It seems that I have to go to the Hall of the Elder to ask about the location of Qiandaoliu Sea God Island.!”
After all in the whole continent,At this time, there are only two people who know the location of Poseidon Island,Tang Chen and Qian Daoliu!
Xu Sheng did not leave like the other elders in Wuhun Hall,But stayed in the Papal Palace……
Bibi Dong’s beautiful eyes are slightly tired, looking at Xu Sheng below,Lightly“Xu Sheng,What else do you have?”
Xu Sheng stared at Bibi Dong,The words are straightforward“teacher,I plan to leave the Papal Palace for a while!”
Bibi Dong,The exhaustion in my eyes is gone,The eyes are bright“Xu Sheng,Why are you leaving again?Your spirit power level has reached level 97,There is no need to be so eager!”
Xu Sheng’s talent is already the scariest person Bibi Dong has ever met,In just a few years, the spirit power has gone from level 93 to level 97!
Xu Sheng shook his head lightly,Explained“teacher,I’m not for cultivation,But to accept the divine residence assessment!”

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