Mirror,Wang Fuzhen,Liang Zhongchun,Wang Manchun,The roles of these camouflageers in Li Shu are showed,It is still very reasonable according to time.。

I saw a long history of drinking.:“Long pool class,Do you have any comments??”
“no,Ding is doing very well,It is also a person who knows this Liang Sang.,Let’s do it according to Ding Dynasty.。”
“That other people have nothing to do.?”Asked wine well,
“Yes,They are all in the hand of the beam station.,Will listen to him。”Ding Mun Village,
“You come out,Have something to ask you。”Qi Rui left the interrogation room,
Outer,Ding Mun Village asked:“What is the problem with the long tail length?。”
“I want to know how the progress of Haizhengchu is now.?”
“Report for long,Hai Zhengchun is very embarrassing,He and the people are also very familiar.,But this is our chance,I have already rewarded,I believe that there will be news.。”
“That is the party person in charge?,Do you say that you have a way??”
“Long pool class,Community changed the way of contact,We have not found a contact with the secret on any newspaper now.。”
“I have to think about this.,The Communist Party is basically cleaned before you come.,How do they dare to use the previous contact,You have to hurry to find this common party,I can’t let him start working.!”Ritual,
“Is it easy to use people??”
“very professional!Help us very much!”Ding Mun Village is discovered that Wang Manchun and Blue Carry is a beautiful woman.,I thought it was a long history.,So still let Wangman Chun Dang Captain,Let Blue Kwagle go to Telecommunications,I want to raise them.,As a result, they have found that they can do their own work.,Not a vase。
“That’s good!correct,I have heard that Yesterday, Shaosuo and Tanzhong, I’m here.?”
“Yes,Shado Parzo is to inspect。”
“Since you get the focus of Shaozuo, you must work harder.!”
Qi Rui asked Wang Mun:“Is it going smoothly??”
“Report for long,Very smooth!”
“very good,Do well!Don’t give me a face!”
“Yes!”Wang Manchun is beautiful.,Very obvious, long tank, the length of the pool, this is giving yourself platform,Let Ding Mun Village them know that he is his person。
Back on the way back,Wine Yi Yibei asked:“Long pool,How do you know that Shado Dabo goes to the headquarters?”
“Song Jian and Tang Rui saw yesterday.。”
“Long pool,I am going to tell you something.。”
“If you have anything, let’s talk.,Long pool length is also welcome to me。”
“I want to help you in the bamboo.,This is her hope。”
“This is not very suitable.!”Rui Rui listened:Song Jian and Tang Rui are enough to let me have a headache.,You will send my bamboo in the world to my side.,I don’t do anything.!
“Unwell!Long Tiri Jun is a good ability??”
“no,Wine long,to be honest,I am now very tense mission.,Now let her come true。”
“But I asked with Tanzhong.,He has agreed。”
NS259chapter Forced the same room
Tianzhong Zhengxian should look at itself to the Arctic Star Plan is too busy to agree.,What can I say Qi Rui?,I have to agree with it.:“Wine long,Come,But can’t bother to work。”
“It certainly won’t。”
“Wine long,Let Zhunexin Liangzi come to a special lesson is not what you mean.?”
“Long pool is really smart,Is our teacher heard that you have strong,This allows the cloud to learn from you.。”
“Are you saying that the Tufeng Yuan will??”
“Who can I still。”
I thought about it, I should be this soil, fat, Yuanxiao, I heard that I have near Wei Wenmo.,Shaozuo Zhao also has the relationship between Matsuba to relegate.。

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