The healthy life of the elderly needs to be four slow_1

The healthy life of the elderly needs to be “four slow”

The health of the elderly is the greatest happiness of the children, and the elderly need to pay special attention in their later years.
So what do people need to pay attention to in a healthy life?
here we come to find out.
  Slowly getting up When the old man is changed from a lying position to a standing position or from a squatting position to a standing position, the movement should be slow and should not be fast, avoiding dizziness to fainting or causing other problems.
  Slow meals The elderly are incomplete, and the secretion of digestive juices such as saliva, gastric juice, pancreatic juice and bile is reduced, which is prone to indigestion.
Therefore, the elderly should eat slowly and digest to help digestion.
  Slow walking After the elderly, the bones and joints show degenerative changes, stiff ligaments, often pain in the lower back and legs, and visual loss, the central nervous system is slow to respond to the outside world. In case of emergency, it is difficult to maintain balance and stability.
Therefore, the elderly should walk slowly and slowly.
  慢排便  不少患有冠心病高血压等,当蹲下用力排便时,腹内压力增高,人体下部血管受到挤压,使流向脑部的血液猛增,就会导致血压骤然升高,可能会Induced cerebral hemorrhage or coronary heart disease.
Therefore, the elderly are cheaper and take a better seat.

Physical pain for a long time is a psychological pain

Physical pain for a long time is a psychological pain

Every one of us has experienced pain, and everyone who speaks pain has their own complaints.

The human body is slightly painful from head to toe caused by different causes. The most common ones are headache, shoulder pain, limb pain, chest pain, abdominal pain, low back pain, etc. No matter what age, male or female, it is always difficult in the past.Fortunately.

  Pain is not a bad thing, it makes people realize that it is timely to find the cause and prevent it from happening.

The pain of complications is one of the manifestations of physical diseases. It can often be relieved by treating physical diseases. The chronic pain is complicated and requires professional examination and treatment by doctors.

The pain of long-term cure is often related to psychology and emotion. The following describes some special pains, which can be called “psychological pain.”


Illusion delusional pain: Due to abnormal psychological factors, patients can detect other people’s unsatisfactory pain, touch, etc., or consciously have physical factors such as radio waves, etc., causing him frequent chest pain, multiple pains, discomfort, etc.Various examinations have no organic distortions, and patients are convinced that there is a problem somewhere in the body that cannot be explained and changed by facts.


Worried about sexual pain: mood swings, fidgeting, excessive sensitivity to various stimuli around, such as small noise, alarm sounds, or noisy environment, or hearing other people’s noises, fighting sounds, etc. will feel some discomfort or pain in the body, evenThere is a sense of death.


Hysteria: It has special personality characteristics: self-centered, easy to accept hints, rich in performance color, emotional performance is easy to rise and fall.

The pain can be manifested in various forms of the body everywhere, and even the appearance of blindness or sputum pain does not conform to the anatomical distribution of the nervous system is the point of identification.


Depression: People with depression have various types of pain, and because of the increased pain, they may mask depression.

The manifestation of this type of patient is somatic, that is, recessive depression, long-term suffering from various psychological and social factors, such as unsatisfactory work, poor economic environment, major blows or setbacks, love, marriage, familyFailure, etc., has been in a state of depression for a long time, there is no normal expression and catharsis, and it is often difficult to cope with real life, but the heart is very painful.

Long time often manifests as physical discomfort, such as headache, chest pain, general discomfort, etc., often seeing with pain, if not carefully identified, it is easy to cause misdiagnosis.

  These pain patients do not work with ordinary painkillers. They must be given psychotherapy according to the characteristics of the patient’s psychological symptoms. If necessary, antipsychotics, anti-anxiety, antidepressants can relieve mental symptoms, treat fear, and depression can achieve “pain relief.”Effect.

Take antihypertensive drugs and remember three don’t

Take antihypertensive drugs and remember three “don’t”

Abstract: Scientific and rational use of drugs is the key to controlling blood pressure. Under the guidance of doctors, choose the appropriate drug treatment. Hypertension patients should pay attention to three “don’t”.
  Hypertension is extremely harmful to human health. Long-term blood pressure instability can lead to complications such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, heart failure, hyperlipidemia, kidney disease, peripheral arterial disease, stroke, left ventricular hypertrophy.
How to use medicine scientifically and reasonably is the key to control blood pressure. Under the guidance of a doctor, choose the appropriate drug treatment. Hypertensive patients should also pay attention to three “don’t”:
不要随意间断用药  高血压患者服药后血压降至正常水平,只能说明此时选用的降压药和服用的剂量基本合适,使血压得到控制,并不能说明高血压病已得到治愈或心、脑The lesions that occur in renal vascular involvement have returned to normal, so treatment should still be adhered to.
Of course, after a stage of blood pressure stabilization, the dose can be appropriately reduced under the guidance of a doctor.
From the current situation, most patients with hypertension need to continue to use drugs for life.
Do not take medicine before going to bed When a person falls asleep, because of the control of the body’s “biological clock”, and the human body is at rest, the blood pressure can naturally drop.
If the patient takes antihypertensive drugs before going to sleep, 2 hours is also the high-efficiency period of antihypertensive drugs. If the two effects overlap, the blood pressure will drop significantly, and the blood supply to the vital organs such as heart, brain and kidney will be insufficient.Even induced cerebral thrombosis or myocardial infarction.
  Because the peak of blood pressure occurs at 6 to 12 o’clock every day, it is clinically recommended to arrange antihypertensive drugs in the morning to control the peak of hypertension, which has positive significance for preventing the occurrence of complications.
In addition to the known high blood pressure at the time, it is generally necessary to avoid taking antihypertensive drugs before going to bed.
If taking the medicine several times a day, the time of the last day of medication should be arranged 3 to 4 hours before bedtime.
Do not rely solely on drugs to reduce blood pressure Drug intervention is an essential treatment principle for patients with hypertension, but pay attention to lifestyle adjustments while taking drugs, in order to more effectively exert drug efficacy, which is conducive to the stability of blood pressure.
Therefore, patients with hypertension should eat a reasonable diet, especially to limit the intake of salt, eat more foods containing potassium, calcium and low sodium, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, and quit smoking and limit alcohol.
Proper exercise is also important. It promotes blood circulation, lowers cholesterol production, promotes gastrointestinal motility, prevents constipation, and improves sleep.
  In addition, adverse psychological factors such as nervousness, irritability, and emotional instability are the causes of elevated blood pressure.
Hypertensive patients should learn to change bad behaviors, cultivate good adaptability to the natural environment and society, avoid emotional excitement and excessive tension and anxiety, calm down and calm down, and make yourself live in the best state, thus avoiding blood pressure fluctuations.

Cold fever, arrowroot, black tea

Cold fever, arrowroot, black tea

If you use the combination of arrowroot and black tea, it will be better to treat colds and fever.

This is because the arrowroot powder can eliminate the cold virus, and the antioxidant substances contained in the black tea can enhance the body’s resistance to the virus.

In addition, Ge pink tea is thicker, so it is not easy to cool, and it is still hot tea in the end.

Drinking hot drinks can warm all the internal organs, and long boots improve the function of each organ.

Due to the stress caused by work stress, the mood is tense, and drinking a little pink tea can help the body to relax.

  The white arrowroot powder is very similar to the almond cream. It must be boiled in order to fully dissolve it and become a translucent paste.

If the boiling water is not good, you can pour it into the pot and cook it a little.

After that, pour the pre-soaped black tea into the kudzu paste, stir well, and even add some boiling water if necessary.

Stir slowly until the arrowroot turns into a translucent shape, and the whole body becomes a black tea color and can be interchanged.

Participate in 1 cup before breakfast and before going to bed.

  If you feel that the taste is not good, you can add some rock sugar and lemon, not only can the tea be better, but also add a little vitamin to the body.

Men have a coup to health!

It’s important to stick to these 6 things on a daily basis.

Men have a coup to health!
It’s important to stick to these 6 things on a daily basis.

Is a healthy man some kind?

First of all, healthy men should be healthy in their body. Secondly, the most important part of men’s health is the health of the kidneys and sexual ability.

If male friends want to get a healthy body, they must do more exercise and get rid of their bad habits. There are many habits that will cause the body to become unhealthy.

Men have a coup to health?

It is very important to insist on doing these 6 things daily!

1, not rubbing urine is a very bad habit, long-term urine can damage the health of the bladder, a long time, it will affect the health of the kidneys, the kidney is very important for male obesity, once the kidneys beginRecession and weakening, the physical health of male friends will be threatened, so do not often urinate in peacetime.

2, not staying up late, staying up late, not only for men, will cause great damage to everyone’s body, often staying up late will affect the health of the body, will affect a person’s mental state.

In addition, male androgen are especially secreted at night, and if it does not enter sleep as early as possible, the secretion of androgen will be affected.

3, men who drink less, will start drinking for a variety of reasons, moderate drinking is good for the body, but long-term excessive drinking will hurt our body.

Especially for age, men are at increased risk of developing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Therefore, for our health, try to drink less or not.

4, less smoking, smoking and drinking often appear together, in fact, cited in drinking, smoking brings harm to our body to make a difference.

Many men have the habit of smoking and even smoking. These people must pay attention to it, because long-term smoking is likely to damage male reproductive function. Therefore, for your own health, we recommend to quit smoking as soon as possible.

5, do not sit for a long time to reduce the pressure of life and work, many people need to sit all day, this is actually very serious damage to the body, especially men, long-term sedentary will affect male reproductive health.

6, pay attention to a healthy diet and healthy eating to maintain good health, male friends must pay attention to diet in the daily life, eat more fruits and vegetables, sorghum and greasy food should eat less.

Tips: In today’s society, men may need to take more pressure, and because of a lot of compelling reasons to start smoking and drinking, for their own health, we recommend that male friends work hard to achieve these things, only healthy,To make your family happier.