Yoga Basics: How to breathe correctly

Yoga Basics: How to breathe correctly


What is yoga?

  The word yoga means “binding.”

Body and breath are closely linked to the mind.

By controlling breathing and keeping the body in a stable position, yoga creates a harmony.

  Yoga practice consists of five key factors: correct breathing, correct practice, correct relaxation, proper diet, and active thinking and meditation.

The posture exercise is to relax tense muscles, strengthen internal organs, and improve the flexibility of joints and ligaments of the body.


Consult a doctor. Young and old people can perform yoga asanas.

Anyone can practice yoga, and if you have a problem or have any questions, consult your doctor before you start your yoga exercise.


Correct practice: The purpose of correct yoga asana is to improve gentle twist and strength.

Each individual practice is slow and fluid.

Avoid high blood pressure exercise; this plasma sex produces nodular lactic acid, which can lead to fatigue.


Breathing correctly Most people use only a small part of their breathing capacity.

The right breath is to focus on your nose breathing skills, turning on energy and vitality.

Breathing exercises focus more on exhaling to purify the turbid air in the lungs and eliminate toxins from the body.


The key to proper physical fitness is to release tension by relaxing.

Relax at the beginning and end of each yoga exercise, and relax between some positions.

This allows the released energy to flow freely.


The right diet For a person practicing yoga, a simple and healthy vegetarian diet is recommended. They are composed of natural foods and are easily digested.

Such a diet can maintain the vitality and health of the body, calm the mind, and free the restless thoughts.

Try to avoid processed or canned food.


Positive thinking and meditation Meditation is a state of conscious awareness.

When practicing meditation, you must first learn how to calm your mind and focus on your psychic energy deep inside.

Meditation can help reduce stress and replenish energy.

If you can practice meditation every day, you will find and make you think more clearly and positively, so that you can calm yourself.


The essence of a yoga teacher Whether you practice alone or in groups, it is best to practice with the assistance of a qualified yoga teacher.

The yoga teacher will demonstrate how to relax your body, slowly and gently enter and exit yoga asana, and most importantly, tell you how to breathe properly while maintaining a balance.

He or she will make sure your limbs are not tense during your posture exercises and help you straighten your body.


What you need You don’t need special equipment to practice yoga.

Although you can buy a special yoga mat to practice yoga, you can also practice laying a towel on the carpet.
To practice indoors, you need an open space without furniture.
Room temperature should be comfortable and not disturbed during practice.


When and where to practice yoga practice Try to practice yoga every day.

Practice at the same time, be gentle.

Don’t force yourself.

A yoga practice should be a pleasure.

Set aside a period of time that will not be disturbed. You don’t have to be in a hurry during this time.

Practicing yoga in the morning can help you release your stiff joints after an overnight sleep.

Practice at night can relieve the tension of the day.

Whenever you practice yoga, do it two hours after eating.


Practice for each lesson: How long?

  For maximum severity, you should set the duration of a practice session to about 90 minutes.

When it’s easy, try to extend the course time and practice only a few positions.

Sudden haste in the practice, it is important to allow enough time for relaxation.

You can always schedule breathing exercises at a later stage.


Understanding your own body’s abilities Before you start practicing yoga postures, it is important to know your own body’s abilities.

Never force your own body into a position or try to exceed your ability limits.

Remember, yoga is not a competitive sport.

Progress may be very slow, but your body will become more flexible over time.

Relax yourself into each individual position gently, and while you are holding a position, check your body to see if you can feel the tension produced by any part of the body.

If you feel this tension, then try to relax that tension with your breath.


Balancing the two ends of the body Many of our daily activities are expected to focus on the use of placement or a part of the body.

To achieve a healthy and harmonious balance, it is important to keep all parts of the body equally strong and pliable.

Yoga exercises the body. Each muscle group of the body works evenly to achieve balance.


The essence of correct breathing is life.

Without oxygen, human cells do not survive for more than a few minutes.

Many people use only part of their full breathing capacity, just about the replacement of inhaled oxygen in the lungs.

This leads to stress and fatigue.

Yoga’s breathing training teaches you to breathe through your nose and exhale better. This cleanses your lungs and eliminates toxins.

These breathing techniques can enhance your physical health.


How the lungs work When you inhale, your diaphragm (located below the lungs) moves down.

Air is drawn through the nose, and the lungs protected by the chest are placed down the trachea.

If you are breathing properly, both the abdomen and chest will expand through your inhalation.

When you exhale, your diaphragm will move upwards, squeezing the air out of your lungs.
The air pushed back up through the trachea and was expelled from the nostrils.


Abdominal breathing learns to breathe effectively.

Lie flat on your back with your hand on your belly.
Start breathing deeply and feel your belly rising; then when you exhale, feel your belly sinking.

Breathe slowly and bring the air deep into the lowermost part of your lungs to practice your diaphragm.


The correct sitting position uses this position for breathing exercises: sit with your legs crossed and pull your head, neck and spine into a straight line.

Keep your shoulders straight and relaxed.

If you are a beginner, you can sit on a cushion or yoga tile.

This will make your hips easier to keep upright before and after lifting.

  18 years old

Full yoga breathing places one hand in the lower part of the chest and the other in the abdomen.

Inhale and try to fill the bottom of the lungs, then the middle of the lungs, then the upper part of the lungs.

Feel your entire tibia and belly expanding.

Test: What kind of decompression method are you suitable for?

Test: What kind of decompression method are you suitable for?

Lead: Do you think how hard you can’t seem to get any results?

Increasing pressure?

Today, Xiaobian took everyone to do two tests to see what hinders your success and what kind of decompression method is suitable for you.

  What is the reason for your success in the workplace? One afternoon, you received a gift without a signed sender. In this case, your response is closer to which one of the following answers.

  A, first confirm who the gift is, and then return to the absolute side politely.

  B, anyway, open it and take a look.

If it’s something you like, take it first.

  C, discuss with colleagues before making a decision.

  Analysis: A.

Due to the restraint of too sensitive moral concepts, there is the possibility of not being able to adapt. Presumably, parents have been strict in their discipline since childhood, and they dare not deviate.

But if you want to achieve success in your career, you must seek your own breakthrough in all aspects.

It is recommended that you slowly adjust yourself instead of suddenly making too much change.


Can polish the greedy mind.

The person who chooses this answer is, in a sense, a person who has a deep and persistent attachment to his personality.

In your opinion, success does not equal your position.

Therefore, it seems that I am not very energetic about work, but please don’t forget that there are many women, even after getting married and having children, still stick to the job.


Denotes dependence or avoidance of responsibility.

Those who choose this answer have the importance of refusing to grow up.

Because of the unwillingness to become an adult, unconsciously thinks that success is equal to being responsible for the job.

I suggest you risk taking a bet on your career.

May bring you unexpected excitement.

  Some kind of decompression method is best for you. You accept the invitation of your friends and go out to sea to play together.

The weather was very nice that day and you were in a good mood.

After fishing for a while at sea, I decided to take a break first.

So you dropped the anchor and planned to stay at sea for about two hours.

At this time, do you think you would choose where to rest?


Go to the top of the boat B.

Go to the bow of the bow.

Go inside the cabin D.

Go to the stern to analyze: choose A, it means that you care about the performance in front of others.

You can go to eat your favorite food or go shopping and buy things, etc., may change your mood.

In a good mood, your work will go very smoothly.

  Choose B. In the bottom of your heart, you always assign the idea of “want to travel to other places”.

I suggest you go abroad or bubble hot spring is also good.

If neither of these methods can be realized temporarily, then going to the sea is also a good way to relieve stress.
  Choose C. When you feel depressed or dim, you may wish to organize a dinner or go to K song.
After all your dissatisfaction is poured out in front of your friends, your stress will be eliminated a lot.

  Choosing D, you are quite exhausted mentally and physically, and you can’t do anything about it.

The best way for you to rest is to unplug your telephone line!

Put aside work or schoolwork for a while.

If nothing can make you calm down, I suggest you read a book or tape.

After two or three days like this, wait until you have a “feeling to do something” in your heart, and then resume your work.

Single, how to spend the weekend?

Single, how to spend the weekend?

It’s the weekend again, I don’t need to go to the fundraising because the property price is too high; I don’t want to see alumni, the city is too big, and I get tired of running; I don’t go to exercise because I am already thin;

I don’t know, but I can feel the loneliness from the bottom of my heart.

A single girl described her weekend like this.

  Nowadays, white-collar workers in many large cities are usually very busy and busy at work, but they are so busy that they are in good spirits and have no physical problems.

But as soon as Saturday and Sunday, they would somehow be lost, depressed, worried, upset, and grumpy . they were all single.

  Can this fear be changed only by ending single life?

  In fact, no matter whether you choose single or marriage, the inner loneliness will not change, and the change may be just the form.

  If you still like single life, you should learn to adjust yourself and give your spirit and mood a real vacation by changing your living conditions. In the vacation, you can increase travel, listen to music, read books, chat with friends and other leisure ways.

Such a proposal is very uncreative, but it is very real.

The point is, you choose to treat it in a certain way.

  In fact, the weekend is just a day for everyone to have a reasonable rest. Don’t expect too much on the weekend. Pointing too high on yourself will be a stress.

Everyone should take it naturally and participate in the activities of friends in accordance with their actual situation. Don’t let yourself be at home, but don’t do high-frequency activities for several days, and allow time for yourself to rest.

Because it is not that you can rest at will and do whatever you want, you should have a plan to avoid too much social activities and produce disgusting emotions, and you are reluctant to associate with people.

  If you feel angry, distressed and sad at the weekend, you can also temporarily avoid it and try to shift your unpleasant thoughts to other aspects. You can shift your attention and sometimes shift the role of relieving your troubles to achieve a balanced psychological effect.

Precipitation spectrum of 5 rabbit meat medicines for nourishing blood and nourishing qi

Precipitation spectrum of 5 rabbit meat medicines for nourishing blood and nourishing qi

The content of rabbit meat contains protein as high as 70%, which is higher than that of ordinary meat, but the trace amount and plasma content are lower than all meats, so it has the expression of “the element in the meat”.

Today I will introduce 5 kinds of rabbit meat medicine precipitation spectrum!

Ingredients for radish rabbit: 1 male rabbit, 150 grams of carrots, 500 grams of yam, 150 grams of shallots, 75 ml of red wine, and salt, monosodium glutamate, and chicken broth.

Method: After the male rabbit is slaughtered, peel and cut off the internal organs, chop into pieces, sprinkle with salt, pepper, and pickle and taste; peel the yam, carrot, and onion, add oil to fry and color; remove the rabbit meat into hot oil, Fry until golden brown, remove, add to the shabu-shabu, add red wine, chicken broth, when mashed to eight, add yam, carrots, etc., add salt and other flavors to serve.

Efficacy: Buzhong Yiqi, cooling blood detoxification effect, suitable for gastric cancer patients with hot vomiting, stool and occult blood.

Ingredients for longan rabbits: 200 grams of rabbit meat, 50 grams of longan, Huai yam, 30 grams of wolfberry, and salt, chicken essence, cooking wine, ginger.

Method: Wash the rabbit meat and cut into pieces, slice ginger, cut yam, and soak the wolfberry in warm water; pour water into the ignition pot, first put the rabbit meat, boil longan, and then boil the ginger slices.The simmering heat is cooked and rotten, then add wolfberry, cooking wine, chicken essence seasoning, stew and serve.

Efficacy: Strengthen the spleen and stomach, nourish the liver and kidney, soothe the nerves, nourish the blood, and nourish the qi.

Chestnut rabbit material: 1 rabbit, 50 grams of chestnuts, and salt, MSG amount.

Method: Cut the rabbit meat that was slaughtered and cut into cubes, add casserole, add water to raise the meat surface, first boil with Wuhuo, then add chestnuts and stew with wenhuo 2?
3 hours.

After the rabbit meat is cooked, the soup is thickened, cease the fire, add salt, and MSG to taste.

Rabbit meat is eaten as a snack, soup is used for tea, and thirsty.

What are the requirements for Qigong?

What are the requirements for Qigong?

For a person who wants to learn Qigong, in the face of a variety of Qigong exercises and different requirements for breathing, posture, and ideas, often do not know where to start.
Or although I have been practicing qigong for a long time, I have not made much progress.
There are many kinds of qigong exercises, and the most obvious difference between the exercises is that their postures are different, which can be described as different.
Some maintain a fixed posture and are therefore called static work; some also constantly change the action, which is called dynamic work.
  These postures and movements are only from the outside, and there are many things that seem to be difficult to distinguish from general sports, martial arts and even dance.
In fact, Qigong is very different from general sports and martial arts.
There are some special requirements for the posture movements of the exercises, mainly including the following aspects.
  First, the posture and movement of Qigong are required to be based on the relaxation and quietness, and the mind is the dominant, so that the mind and body are highly coordinated.
Although some exercises emphasize posture movements, such as guiding massage exercises.
However, according to the requirements of Qigong, no matter what position, it should be kept in a quiet state.
In the process of exercise, you must concentrate on your mind and concentrate your thoughts; and these postures are more important to be given specific ideas, such as holding the ball and holding the air.
Therefore, in addition to having some physical exercise effects, these posture actions are more important to help to adjust the spirit.
  Second, the qigong posture movement is based on the principle of easy natural and comfortable, and does not require absolute accuracy of the movement.
When qigong exercises, as long as the basic requirements of the prescribed posture movement, “easy and natural, comfortable and effective” can be done.
There is no need to extraordinarily calculate whether the gesture action is absolutely accurate.
Don’t pose for posture, causing mental stress and affecting relaxation.
Of course, with the deepening of the exercises, you can constantly adjust the posture movements to make it more reflect the specific ideas of the exercises, and tend to be artistic.
  Third, the posture and movement of Qigong can be changed according to the different conditions of human beings due to the practice of the cause, and it is not necessary to insist on consistency.
Although various qigong exercises have specific requirements for posture movements, for different practitioners, they should be flexibly selected and transformed according to specific situations.
  For example, patients with old and old body failure should first adopt horizontal or sitting type. After the physical strength is improved, they will gradually change to sitting and standing. The amplitude of the movement should be gradually increased from small to appropriate.Different diseases should use different postures. Some people have complicated and diverse conditions. They can use several postures to alternately deploy. Different training stages can also adjust the posture and movement. In the beginning, simple and easy-to-relax postures are used.After a period of practice, gradually re-select or adjust the practice posture according to the specific requirements of the practice essentials and posture, and increase the difficulty of the movement.
  In the course of a practice, it is necessary to maintain a specific posture properly, and also adjust and change the posture in time.
When choosing a practice posture, under the premise of not affecting the effect of the exercise, you can also refer to the usual habits of the practitioners, and properly consider the individual habits so as to quickly adapt and master.
In addition, in the specific practice, appropriate posture actions should be selected according to the specific conditions such as time, climate and surrounding environment.

Psychological strategies to resist occupational stress

Psychological strategies to resist occupational stress

Stress in modern social life is the root cause of people’s physical illness.

When people encounter “stress”, the initial response is to “hit” or “evade.”

This is determined by people’s mental energy and the body’s immunity to “stress”, that is, people with high mental energy and strong immune system functions adopt the “face-to-face” method, otherwise, they adopt “avoid” tactics to avoid damageHealth defense system in the body.

  But recent psychiatric research has found that adopting a completely unresponsive and ignoring attitude to “stress” can also help maintain human health.

European and American sports and corporate psychologists have proposed the “stress management doctrine,” called humor, emotional control, motivation, attitude, relaxation training, food therapy, breathing training, imagination, and visual training.Dealing with “stress disorder”.

  To deal with and deal with “stress” in the workplace, it is necessary to master some psychological strategies and scientific methods.

First and foremost, when encountering “stress”, it is necessary to distinguish carefully whether it is “long-term stress” or “short-term stress”, “emergency, acute stress”, or “slow, progressive stress”.To achieve the “disease” under the “medicine”, targeted.

  Relieving “stress” can be roughly divided into two major methods: First, the root cause.

That is, the cause of stress is corrected and eliminated, so it is also called “prevention”.

  The second is governance.

It is also called “excretion” therapy (purification therapy) to find the “draining mouth” and effectively “drain” the “stress” accumulated in the body so as not to endanger physical health.

  Here are 11 psychological strategies and treatments for stress relief.

  (1) Write down the stress and reasons in your family, career, and social life on paper. For each “stress”, please think about three different ways to deal with it, and consult with a psychologist if necessary.

  (2) Write letters to friends and relatives to spit out your stress and worries.

  (3) Sometimes “self-praising” and “praising” oneself to maintain a good feeling of self.

  (4) Don’t take responsibility on yourself, and pay attention to learn to cooperate with others and share responsibilities with others.

  (5) In interpersonal relationships, keep clear communication of meaning.

Less criticism, more expectation.

Don’t say, “You can’t do this.

“And say,” Can you do it another way? ”

“(6) Be brave.

Wrong decision is better than indecision, hesitation.

Decision errors can be corrected.

Indecision and indecision have resulted in the expansion of “stress” and harmed physical health.

  (7) Leaning your eyes and not sticking to small details.

In every little thing, the details are overly concerned, and in the long run, they will be overwhelmed by “stress”.

  (8) Don’t focus too much on success.

Failure is the mother of success, and “accumulation, experienced failure” can increase more than “simple success.”

  (9) Early prevention and early elimination of the causes of stress.

  (10) Sleep time should be sufficient and supplemented.

  (11) Protect humoral nerves with humor, smile, hypnosis and respiratory relaxation therapy.

Autumn, let the lungs run

Autumn, let the lungs “run”

Chinese medicine believes that: “dry and easy to hurt the lungs.”
Therefore, “lung dryness” is the term that the patient hears the most when he visits medicine in the fall.
In a dry climate, the human body can produce a lot of “dryness” with less loss of fluid.
For example, lung injury, cough, autumn cough, often dry cough without sputum or gums difficult to cough, called “dry cough.”
The nose is the lung sputum, the nose is dry after the autumn is particularly common, the throat and pharynx are also the portal of the lung and the passage of the lungs. The autumn dry attack often leads to discomfort such as dry throat, dry mouth, and dumbness.
The lungs are combined with fur, and the skin that appears in autumn is dry, chapped, and even hair is not honorable, and it is related to autumn dryness.
   We can compensate for the damage caused by autumn dryness to some of the traditional Chinese medicines, such as nourishing yin and moistening, and irrigating the organs, reducing or even avoiding the occurrence of dryness.
  The drugs for moistening the lungs include American ginseng, lily, Polygonatum, Shasheng, Ophiopogon japonicus, Asparagus, Polygonatum, and Mulberry.
  In the autumn, the health of the lungs is the first, so the diet is suitable for nourishing yin.
  Eat less spicy products such as peppers, ginger, and raw onions.
  The lungs are gold, ventilated in autumn, the lungs are in the autumn, and the foods that eat less spicy taste are to prevent the lungs from being too strong.
Chinese medicine believes that “Jinkemu”, that is, the lungs are too strong to hurt the liver, so in the autumn to increase the sour taste of food, sour taste into the liver, can increase liver function, in order to resist excess lung intrusion.
According to the principle of Chinese medicine, people must control the consumption of spicy food in the autumn to achieve the purpose of nourishing yin, moistening the lungs and preventing dryness.
  Suitable foods for autumn use include yam, white lentils, alfalfa, scutellaria, chestnuts, walnuts, and peanuts.
  In the early autumn, the diet and health method for warming and drying should be based on heat and moisture.
  Should adhere to the two porridge and one soup diet, that is, breakfast and dinner porridge, lunch soup, but the content of porridge soup is different.
  Traditional health studies believe that dryness is the most vulnerable to lung injury. When adding porridge, add some chopped pear pieces. It has the effect of thirst, nourishing yin and moistening, relieving cough and removing phlegm. It is suitable for dry cough and insomnia in autumn.edible.
When adding porridge, add some white fungus with water, which has the effect of nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs, nourishing the stomach and strengthening the body. It is suitable for those who are weak and have high blood pressure, dyslipidemia and chronic bronchitis.
  Soups are best based on tomato and egg soup, rich in protein and vitamins and beneficial for digestion and absorption.
  In the late autumn, the method of using a cold and dry diet should be based on cold and moist lungs.
In addition to nourishing yin and moistening, dietary principles should increase foods with higher protein and energy.
Porridge is still the main method, such as pear porridge, lily porridge, white fungus porridge can be eaten, but also add some lean meat porridge, such as adding lean meat, preserved eggs, etc., to supplement protein consumption.
You can also eat chestnut porridge, sweet-scented osmanthus porridge, longan meat porridge, jujube porridge, etc., and eat some warm fruits and vegetables, such as pumpkin, onion ginger, coriander, peach, apricot, jujube, lychee, ebony and so on.

3 medicated recipes for treating gastric ulcers

3 medicated recipes for treating gastric ulcers

After all, gastric ulcer is that some tissues in the stomach have lost their protection or barrier, and boots have suffered stomach damage. The purpose of treatment is to adjust the function of the stomach.

3 medicated recipes for treating gastric ulcer are now recommended.

  Stomach ulcer medicated recipe one: peach kernel pork belly porridge raw materials and production method: peach kernel (peeled tip), 10g each place of birth, cooked pork belly slices, 50g each rice, the right amount.

Cut the belly slices thinly; take twice the water and fry the juice, add pork belly, and cook the rice into porridge. Season and serve when cooked, 1 dose daily.

  Efficacy: can benefit qi and promote blood circulation, dissolve stasis and relieve pain.

  Medicinal diet for stomach ulcer recipe 2: bergamot congee porridge ingredients and preparation method: bergamot 10g, white lentils, barley rice, yam 30g each, pork belly soup and salt.

Decant the bergamot water, remove the residue, and separate the lentils, barley, yam, and pork belly soup, and cook into thin porridge. Season with salt and take 1 dose daily.

  Efficacy: can relieve fever and stomach, suitable for epigastric burning and pain, dry mouth, bitter mouth, upset and irritability, constipation, etc.

  Gastric ulcer medicated recipe Fang 3: Egg Sanqi stew ingredients and production method: one egg, honey 30ml, panax notoginseng powder 3g, beat the eggs into a bowl and stir, add panax notogins powder and mix well, simmer in water and add honeyfood.

  Efficacy: It can relieve liver and qi, and stomach and spleen, and is suitable for epigastric pain, vomiting, nausea and belching.

  However, considering that each patient’s body and condition are different, the prescription for gastric ulcer medicine is also different.

It is recommended that the stomach ulcer medicated side consult a doctor before taking it, and take it after obtaining the doctor’s consent.

  In addition to cooperating with medical staff for active treatment of gastric ulcers, self-care should also be done.

Must adhere to long-term medication, avoid mental stress, pay attention to the rules of life, not excessive fatigue, pay attention to climate change, pay attention to diet hygiene, and avoid drugs that damage the gastric mucosa, such as aspirin, dexamethasone, prednisone, indomethacin, etcThe gastric mucosa is irritating and can aggravate the condition of gastric ulcer. It should be avoided as much as possible.

Skin care should choose the right shower gel

Skin care should choose the right shower gel

It is a desire of many people to have a skin that is like gelatin and lubricates like jade, but the skin of the individual is different. Experts say it is difficult to choose the bathing products that suit them.

  ”People’s skin is roughly classified, dry, oily, neutral and sensitive.

Experts say that most people belong to neutral skin. After washing for about half an hour, they can return to their original state. They don’t feel dry or greasy.

Daily bathing can be done with a weak acid shower gel.

  Dry skin people soon have a tight feeling after bathing, the recovery time is shortened, especially in autumn and winter, a layer of white dead skin will be lightly scratched, and it is easy to crack.

To moisturize and relieve itching when bathing, to maintain the skin.

  Oily skin due to increased secretion of sweat and sebum, easy to form dirt, resulting in pores, and even lead to acne, should choose cleaning-based bath products.

Do not use a bath towel to rub the skin oil to avoid damage to the skin. Use a sponge to remove the rich foam to clean the pores.

Especially the skin that is prone to skin ulcers such as the neck, buttocks, and retina.

  Sensitive skin is very delicate, even if it is slightly irritated, it will be red, so use less shower gel when bathing, or clean it with mild and sensitive Chinese herbal toiletries.

Also use a special soft brush or a soft sponge to clean the skin.

If it is caused by sun exposure, it is best to protect the skin with a bath towel or lotion before bathing.

  Experts suggest that the winter climate is dry, people have less activity, and there is not much sweating. The sebum film that protects the skin is relatively thin. Therefore, it is not necessary to bathe with shower gel and bath soap regularly. The water temperature should not be too hot, 1-2 times a week.It is appropriate.

Those who are fatter and those who have sebaceous glands secrete oily skin can increase the number of baths.

The secretion of sebaceous glands in the elderly is reduced, and it is necessary to take a bath less properly.

Bathing every day in summer, not every time you need to use shower gel, just wash off the sweat.

Excessive cleaning can easily cause discomfort such as itching.

7 lotus root diet therapies can nourish blood and heart

7 lotus root diet therapies can nourish blood and heart

Core tip: Lotus root is a seasonal vegetable in autumn and winter. Lotus root can be eaten raw or used for frying or soup.

Some lotus roots are crispy and delicious, while others are firm and smooth.

The following editors teach you 7 kinds of lotus root diet recipes.

  The lotus root is also known as lotus root, lotus root, and is dug in autumn, winter and early spring.

In each year, lotus root is divided into lotus seeds and lotus seeds. The first type is mentioned here. The rhizomes are relatively plump, the outer skin is white, the meat is crisp and tender, the taste is sweet, the crops are high, and the lotus seeds are not many.the Lord.

Lotus root is rich in nutrients, mainly containing starch, protein, aspart, vitamin C and oxidase.

Therefore, lotus root is a low-fat food with high nutritional value and has certain health-care functions.

  Lotus root also has a high medicinal value. It is often eaten with lotus root and has the effect of prolonging life.

The raw food of lotus root can clear the heat and relieve the annoyance, and remove the fire and cool the blood;

Loquat powder is easier to digest and absorb, so it becomes a good tonic for the elderly and frail.

  Lotus root is rich in vitamin K, which has astringent and contracting blood vessels.

It can be used as adjuvant therapy for patients with hemoptysis, hematuria and other patients.

Because lotus root is rich in dietary fiber, it is also very useful for treating constipation and gradually discharging harmful substances.

Among tuber foods, lotus root has high iron content, so it is quite suitable for people with iron deficiency anemia.

The following lotus root diet recipes are for reference.


Hemoptysis: Scallion 10 pieces of decoction, 3 times a day.


Heatstroke prevention: Wash 250g of fresh lotus root slices, add an appropriate amount of sugar, and decoction for tea.


Govern the elderly and lose their appetite: Wash 100g of fresh lotus root and cut into thin slices, and cook porridge with 100g of previous rice.

Season with honey after cooking.


Treatment of postpartum women with poor drainage or amenorrhea: 250 grams of lotus root, washed and cut into small pieces, 12 grams of peach kernels, put in an aluminum pot or casserole, add an appropriate amount of water to cook the soup, add a small amount of salt to taste after cooking


Anemia and malnutrition: 500 grams of lotus root, 300 grams of beef, 30 grams of red beans, 3 slices of ginger, 5 candied dates.

Add all the ingredients to the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil it with martial arts, cook for 1 hour, and season.


Treatment of congestion of the eyes: add salt to the coriander juice daily 3 times a day.


Treatment of gastric ulcer: 500 grams of raw pimple, pound skin juice, add 100 grams of sugar, stir well, and boil water.

  Tips: 1.

If you want to choose thick lotus roots, choose lotus roots when buying lotus roots. Thick lotus roots are better. It is best to smell fresh.

The first section of the top of the lotus root is called the lotus head. It tastes best and is suitable for eating raw.

This part is high in vitamins and low in fiber.

Counting from the tip of the tartare, the three-section tartare is suitable for sauteing or soup.

  In addition, you should choose yellow-brown skin, thick and white meat, if it is black and smelly, it is not suitable to eat.

There are sometimes soaked salamanders on the market for sale. This salamander looks particularly white, but regular consumption will be harmful to your health. Carefully select it when buying.
You don’t need to peel when cooking, and don’t touch the iron lotus root. It can be eaten raw, fried or soup. You can also add glutinous rice lotus root, lotus root bean paste and other snacks.

Many people reorganize the lotus root skin and then cook it, which is really wasteful.

The flax fiber of lotus root skin does not need to be thrown away if it is not moldy, rotten or black.

The lotus root will become darker when heated. This is because it is rich in reducing substances such as vitamin C and iron. It will oxidize when heated.

For long-term stewing of lotus root, it is best to use ceramic or stainless steel utensils. Avoid using iron pans and aluminum pans, and try not to cut lotus roots with iron knives to reduce oxidation.