Qigong Health, four Qigong moves to relieve knee soreness

Qigong Health, four Qigong moves to relieve knee soreness

Qigong is a kind of dynamic and static health care method, which is very suitable for middle-aged and elderly people. Now more and more elderly friends have joined the ranks of Qigong health care.
So how does the exercise function relieve the soreness of the knee?
Today, Xiaobian brings you four moves of Qigong and practice together.
  1. Bend your knees and bend your knees. At the same time, the two arms are lifted from the sides to the top of the head, the two palms cross, the palms are down, and the front is visible.
  2, open the palm of the day, the legs stretched slightly, while the two palms turned outward, the two arms separated from the sides of the body, supporting the upper oblique.
  3, sitting on the wrist to start standing, the wrist sinking, pointing fingers, visually ahead.
  4, leaning over the palm of the hand, the legs bent down slightly, the upper body with the hip as the axis, bent down and folded; the two palms are relatively close, press the front of the body to the inside of the two ankles.
The two palms are swollen from the inside of the ankle to the outside, and then pass from the bottom to the outside of the thigh, lifted to the outside of the two squats, and the upper body stands upright, returning to the initial movement.
4 beats are once, 9 times are a group, and 2~3 groups are practiced one day.
  There are several stages in the practice of practicing Qigong: 1. Theoretical study and exercises in the primary stage This stage is the primary entry stage.
Although the exercises at this stage can know some essentials, it is still difficult to meet the requirements.
The muscles of the body are difficult to relax and appear stiff.
Spiritual excitement, it seems that the more you want to be quiet and distracted.
Feeling heavy in the shoulders during practice, it is difficult to practice for a long time.
  2、中级掌握阶段  这一阶段的特点是肌肉可以在自我意识的调节下,完全放松下来,精神也可以进入似睡非睡、似醒非醒的入静状态,主观上可以感觉到全身舒适,The mood is comfortable, and the function of the whole system can be coordinated objectively, thereby playing a role in fitness prevention and treatment of certain diseases.
And thus a further understanding of Qigong.
  3. The third stage is the advanced stage of Qigong exercise. After repeated training in this period, the practitioners have been able to enter the static state with skillfulness. The physiological mechanism is a new conditional reflection.
As long as the conditions are given in the practice, they can enter the static state immediately.
In particular, this stage can play an conscious initiative, so that the sense of meaning can be followed, so that the feelings generated in the body exercises can be asked to appear or run to the site of the lesion, the name is “qi to the disease.”
  The practice of Qigong not only keeps our breathing smooth, but also balances our function to help us achieve the effect of eliminating impetuousness.

Woman gelatin beauty tips

Woman gelatin beauty tips

It is often said that a good woman needs good looks, and a good look needs blood.

Ejiao is good at treating various complications caused by blood deficiency, and moisturizing the skin through blood supply. It can also regulate menstruation, enhance physical fitness, improve sleep, brain health, delay aging, and make it a variety of diseases including cancer.

Therefore, many women like to use gelatin to nourish and nourish the body.

However, after taking Ejiao, some people lost their appetite and their stomachs became full.

  It turns out that this is because Ejiao is a greasy product. Long-term use damages the spleen and stomach, causes digestive dysfunction, and boots affect appetite.

Therefore, taking gelatin, especially those with insufficient spleen and stomach function, is best combined with medicine for conditioning the spleen and stomach. This can promote the digestion and absorption of gelatin, and the effect will be doubled.

In addition, the following aspects should be noted: 1.

Fire poison: Some people will experience hyperpyrexia after taking E-Jiao, such as a lot of heat sores in the nasal cavity, lips, etc.Bloody symptoms.

The above symptoms are caused by taking fresh gelatin.

Due to the limitations of the existing production process, newly made Ejiao always has some fire poison, so the fresh Ejiao comes in and causes people to become hyper-irritable.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine theory, freshly made gelatin, ie new gelatin, should not be taken. It should be placed in a dry area for more than three years until the fire poison has been eliminated by itself.


Shao Zuo Qi-enhancing medicine: Qi and blood can breed each other, that is, Qi can produce blood and blood can nourish Qi. Therefore, Qi and blood can be supplemented with Qi at the same time.


How to take it: The smell of Ejiao is relatively strong. If it is taken directly, it will be completely greasy and taste bad.

Therefore, the blocky gelatin is intended to be smashed into small pieces, the smaller the better, which can be easily converted.

Add gelatin cubes, rock sugar, rice wine, etc. together into a metal container, steam over high heat for 30-45 minutes. After the high heat is boiled, change to low heat and steam slowly.

The steamed gelatin will become sticky and thick after drying, and it is ready to eat.

If you have a cold, cough, diarrhea, or menstrual cramps, you should stop taking Ejiao and continue to take it after the illness or menstruation stops.

In addition, according to traditional habits, you need to avoid taboos when taking gelatin, such as not eating cold food, radishes, strong tea, etc.


Storage: Ejiao is susceptible to moisture and high temperature.

You can put gelatin in the food packaging bag, tie it tightly, and then store it in the refrigerator.

But once you take it out of the refrigerator, make it immediately.

The home-made gelatin ointment should also be stored in a refrigerator in a sealed container.

  In addition, some women blindly hope that a tonic such as Ejiao is not advisable. Pay attention to foods supplemented with protein, iron, zinc, and vitamins on weekdays. Otherwise, it is impossible to have a good complexion with excessive blood.

Still developing symptoms of hair loss?

Don’t eat black sesame walnuts and eat more!

Still developing symptoms of hair loss?
Don’t eat black sesame walnuts and eat more!

When it comes to hair loss, it may be your unspeakable secret.

Especially in the fall, hair loss is more serious. The appearance of hair loss makes you nervous and tired, especially young people are more likely to appear. Younger but the hair has lost a big chunk.

You will go to the doctor for help with hair loss. Some doctors will also recommend eating black beans, black sesame seeds, walnuts, etc., but the effect is not obvious.

In fact, in the eyes of some old Chinese medicine practitioners, certain Chinese medicines are the real raw materials for hair growth. It is – 茯苓.

Why can you help you to have hair?

Many people are very confused. Of course, if you want to know why you can eat hair that can grow, avoid hair loss, or first understand why it causes hair loss.

For some reason, the occurrence of hair loss and hair loss will form baldness, often the water vapor reaches the top of the head, constantly eroding the hair roots, the hair roots are corroded, and the hair is falling.

In addition, the appearance of baldness will form a large circle of walnuts on the top of the head, which will then form a piece, and finally will form a baldness.

Click on the blue word to learn more about the treatment of hair loss: why the old hair does not cost money and does not take medicine 3 strokes to deal with hair loss problems easily.

When the scalp of the bald area becomes bright, it may cause hair roots and the hair follicles are completely destroyed. This will affect the healing and cause lifelong baldness.

Eat more sputum to treat hair loss more, you will think about eating cockroaches can diuretic, excrete harmful substances in the body, which can enhance immunity.

It is also very good to regulate the stomach by eating cockroaches to improve the digestive system.

But for eating hair loss treatment, you seem to hear very little.

In fact, such an edible effect is also found in ancient books.

For example, eating Wuling Powder for hair loss.

This is because eating sputum can hydrolyze the dampness, can continuously remove the moisture, dry can win the wet, too much moisture will affect the hair, hair loss.

Conversely, a dry body can prevent excessive moisture and uniforms can prevent hair loss.

Allows the hair to return to its normal function and regains its luster.

It can be seen that by using the effect of strengthening the spleen and dampness, you can avoid your hair loss.

So, for people who often lose hair, how to avoid hair loss by eating cockroaches?

Wuyi disperses moisture and grows hair. It is a five-flavored Chinese medicine, including: Guizhi, Alisma, Atractylodes, Poria, Poria, crushing it into the end, decoction, can make the spleen and spleen dampFunction, very good to avoid excessive moisture, hair loss caused.

In the Wusong San, the effect of sputum is reflected, and it can remove the body moisture and even warm up the yang.

This is very good for hair nourishment, can promote hair newborn, especially the part of the head that is bald and slowly turns from light red to yellow, and then appears black, so that your hair will recover.

Even eating cockroaches alone is very effective.

For example, it will be honed into powder and boiled with boiling water. This can effectively treat the fat-dissipating hair loss. It is best to stick to it. If it takes only a few days to be effective, it is very difficult.

There are so many about eating cockroaches, and the medicinal value is strong. Everyone knows that eating cockroaches can also avoid hair loss.

Scientific eating can avoid hair loss and make your hair thick, which is definitely a very good thing.

Spring Yang Yang should eat more onions and garlic

Spring Yang Yang should eat more onions and garlic

Yang refers to the human body’s yang, which refers to the function of the human body.

In spring, it is advisable to eat foods that can warm the body’s yang, so as to enrich the body’s yang. Only in this way can we increase the body’s resistance and resist the invasion of the human body by wind-based evils. It is hereby recommended some food with special smell, Such as garlic, shallots, etc.

  Eat more garlic in spring, in addition to its warm nature, it can also supplement the sun of the human body, and it also has a strong bactericidal effect, has a certain effect on the cold caused by bacteria, so you should eat more garlic in the spring, not garlic.It has the effect of promoting metabolism, increasing appetite, and preventing atherosclerosis and hypertension.

  Eating more spring onions in the spring can both tonify the cold and dispel cold, and it also contains onion and garlic and has a fungicidal effect instead.

Eating more shallots can induce blood cells to produce interferon, enhance the body’s immune function, and improve anti-cancer capacity.

Ways to rescue your baby

Ways to rescue your baby

Babies, especially newborn babies, are easy to spit milk, and what they are most afraid of is that when the milk flows back from the esophagus to the throat, they will accidentally enter the trachea when they inhale, that is, sucking milk.

The infant’s nervous system has just developed, and some reflexes are still weak. They cannot cough up milk that has entered the respiratory tract.

As a result, asphyxiation often occurs due to the dual mechanical properties of milk to the airways.

  At the same time, the baby’s brain cells are very sensitive to oxygen. If you stop supplying oxygen for 5 minutes, you can die. Therefore, the trance of sudden infant death is likely to occur when the baby is sucked.

  How do parents grasp every second to rescue their babies?

How to rescue a baby who sucks milk?

  Slight spillage and vomiting, the baby will adjust his breathing and swallowing behavior, and will not inhale the trachea. Just observe the baby’s breathing condition and the crowd carefully.

If you vomit a lot of milk, first of all, you should quickly turn your baby’s face sideways to prevent the vomit from going backwards into the throat and trachea.

Then, wrap your handkerchief around your fingers, even into your throat, and quickly clean up the spit and spilled milk food to keep your airway smooth. Then clean the nostrils with a small cotton swab.

  If the baby is not breathing or his face becomes dark, it means that the exhaled material may have entered the trachea. Put it on the adult’s lap or bed, and slap the side for four or five times to make it cough.

If it still does not work, immediately clamp or insert to stimulate the soles of your feet, make your baby cry due to pain, and intensify breathing. At this time, the most important thing is to let him inhale oxygen into the lungs, instead of wasting time trying to figure out how to remove foreign objects.

  During the above process, the baby should be sent to the hospital for examination at the same time.

If your baby breathes smoothly after breastfeeding, it is best to think of a way to make him cry harder to observe the oxygen and exhalation movements when crying to see if there are any abnormalities, such as weak tone changes, difficulty in breathing, and severe chest depression.Wait, if necessary, they will be sent to the hospital.

If your baby is crying loudly, full of gas, and ruddy, it means that there is no major obstacle.

  For babies who frequently spit, parents should strengthen observation, and properly raise the bedside to let the baby lie on its side.

When breastfeeding or breastfeeding, you should keep your head slightly higher. After breastfeeding, hold the baby upright and pat your back until you are snoring and then put it back on the bed.

  The baby should be regularly observed during the night for vomiting, breathing and sleeping posture.

In addition, when feeding the baby, the mother should prevent the nipple from blocking the baby’s mouth and nose, resulting in suffocation.

Why do old people love tears?

Why do old people love “tears”?

The old man has no lubricant, and the lubricant is different from the tears. With this lubricant, the tears can be distributed evenly on the outside of the eyeball.
  However, if the lubricant is not enough, the tear secretion is not uniform. There is a place that is wet. There is a place where it is dry. The dry place feels like there is a sand in the eyeball, so it drops tears.
The tears in the elderly are mainly reactive tears, mainly dry eyes, especially in Beijing. The sand is particularly large and the weather is relatively dry. Therefore, the chance of tears is great.
  Pay attention to diet, eat more light, steamed, boiled, soaked are better, the oil is not very good, the elderly eat more lighter, better to eat carrots (vitamin A), there is a kind of scorpion,It is very helpful for the retina inside the eyeball, especially for the metabolism of photoreceptor cells.
  In the experiment on the mouse, it was found that the mouse had eaten the scorpion and found that it responded better to light, mainly because of the strong ability of light recovery, so the scorpion is effective, generally it is tea thirsty, soaking 30 grams to 50 per day.Gram, put it in the tea, use the boiling water to soak the scorpion, soak for 10-15 minutes, drink the water and eat the scorpion.
  Solution: The first thing to control diet is to drink plenty of water. It is better to eat more light. In addition, you should protect your eyes and wear glasses on the street.
Because the wind blows the eyes in the eye, it will dry and compare.
Wear sunglasses during the day to protect your eyes.
  In addition to watching TV, in general, don’t look too long. If you continue to watch it, you will be particularly tired. Sometimes you can watch it for 40 minutes, take a break for 45 minutes, get up and walk inside the house, look out the window, and continue to watch it.
It is more appropriate to watch 30-40 minutes at a time. The general TV program will broadcast advertisements after 30-40 minutes, intentional breaks, so 30 minutes of rest for 5 minutes is the most suitable. If you have poor eyesight, watch TV for a day.Do not exceed 2 hours, it does not matter if the vision is sound for 3-4 hours.

Drinking and health: moderate longevity and excessive health damage

Drinking and health: moderate longevity and excessive health damage

Drinking wine can be said to have a long history for the Chinese nation, and at the same time it has derived a long-lasting wine culture.

From the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, guests were invited to drink “drinking wine and offering it”, and in the Tang Dynasty, Li Baidou’s poems and poems all showed the position of wine in political activities, social etiquette and people’s minds.

  Dredging blood, phlegm, wind, cold, cold wine, warm, sweet, spicy, less drink, dredge blood, blood stasis, phlegm and cold, the effect of medicine and evil.

There is a record of ancient treatment with alcohol in Neijing.

The implanted medicinal liquor is collected in the “Golden Essentials” for the complications of various diseases.

Such as the treatment of sputum, the treatment of achyranthes, the aconite wine treatment of full, purple stone wine treatment cold, Eucommia wine treatment of low back pain.

  ”Newly revised Materia Medica” carries wine “the main line of medicine, killing a hundred evils full of poison gas.”

Tao Hongjing once imitated the benefits of Shengzan wine: “The big cold and the sea, only the wine is not ice, its heat, the unique crown.

Pharmacists need more than one to do.

People drink it, so that the group is faint, it is poisonous.

The three people in the morning touched the fog, one person was healthy, one person was sick, and one died.

The health drinkers, the sick eat porridge, and the deceased are fasting.

This wine is more evil than food.

In addition to the role of preventing disease, the right amount of alcohol can also be used for longevity.

The aging of the elderly is fading, the blood is not smooth, and it is vulnerable to wind, cold, fog, and dew. If it can reasonably drink alcohol, it can evacuate the wind and collaterals, and lighten the body.

The Tang Dynasty medical scientist, the drug king Sun Sizhen is a long-lived person. In the “Thousands of Gold”, he proposed “two or three doses of winter medicinal liquor, and Li Chun will stop. This method will last forever, then it will not be a disease.”

“Bearing Life Record” records that “summer morning and morning fried onion drink one or two cups, so that the blood is smooth”; “early winter out should drink alcohol, but cold, or ginger to evil.”

Explain that the combination of wine and drugs can enhance the health and longevity.

  In the Qing Dynasty, Xu Yuqing’s “Yang Fang Cong Yu” was quoted as “Gui Tian Biu Lu” containing “Zhou Gong Bai Nian Liquor” to “treat the hidden eye, replace the Yan Yan”, “the family three generations of clothing, the same people without seventy years old”.

The medicinal liquors of the longevity and prolonged years are not in the next few months, and many of them play a role in practical applications, such as alcoholism, raw wine, ginseng wine, atractylodes wine, yam wine, Yangchun wine, Baibu Yanling wine, etc.Lift.
  There are many kinds of wines that are available in a variety of ways, and the effects are not the same.

The dipping medicine uses more white wine, and the medicine is used to introduce more rice wine, and the blood is used to relieve pain and more to use yellow wine.

A small amount of glucose in wine can be refreshing.

“Newly revised Materia Medica” says that it can “can eliminate it.”

The beer is made by fermenting barley malt, which is rich in nutrients and can be used for stomach and digestion.

The quantity and method of drinking should be determined according to the different physical conditions of each individual and cannot be generalized.

The general principle is to drink less, drink light, and oppose drinking.

For example, in the article on “Healthy Essentials”, the words “small wine, small cups, sedentary talks, non-enjoyers, and health.”

“Qing Yi Lu” pointed out: “The wine can not be mixed, drink, although the wine is good, but also drunk.”

  Excessive drinking damage to healthy drinking excessively damages health, causes the patient to occur, and even causes death.

As early as in the “Lv Spring and Autumn”, there is a record of “fat and thick wine, to be strong, and to eat the food of the intestines.”

“Han Feizi” said: “Sweet and crispy taste, thick wine and fat, Gankou and scorpion.

“In the pipe”, Qi Qigong let Guan Zhong drink, Guan Zhong dumped half, and said: “Abandoning is worse than abandoning alcohol.

“Liang Dai Chen Xuan likes to drink alcohol as a life, to “do not drink too much”, and finally said: “For example, the wine is still water, you can rescue the boat, you can also overturn the boat.

“The past generations of doctors also had a common understanding of the harmful effects of excessive drinking.

For example, “Drinking Meal” means wine: “Less drink is better, drink more damage and lose life, easy to human nature, and its poison is also.

Excessive drinking, the source of death.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” Cloud: “Let’s drink is a bloody, spleen, and wind, dissipate and resurgence; painful drink hurts the nerves, damages the stomach, and smolders.””And said: “If you drink too much, killing people instantly.

“Because the metabolism of the wine is mainly done through the liver, and the main component of the wine is alcohol, the chemical name is ethanol.

Liquor, Daqu, brandy, whiskey and other spirits contain 40%-60% ethanol, and also contain toxic substances such as isoamyl alcohol and methanol.

It has certain damage to the liver during the metabolic process and denatures the liver cells.

At the same time, drinking is also addictive, excessive can cause acute, chronic alcoholism, which is extremely harmful to the human body.

Experiments have shown that when the body’s blood alcohol concentration reaches zero.


At 2%, there will be a state of drunkenness.

When it reaches 0.

At 4%, it can cause acute poisoning and even death.

Therefore, long-term excessive drinking may cause chronic poisoning and cause some diseases.

The elderly have weak spleen and stomach, and drinking should be more temperate.

  Tang Zuxuan Henan Province Dengzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The four good words of men’s health can be mastered and harvested.

The four “good words” of men’s health can be mastered and harvested.

As the society is experiencing more and more intense, many men will become physically paralyzed, and they will often feel overwhelmed by the pressures of life and work.

Therefore, male friends should learn to adjust their mentality, to relax their mental state, and also pay attention to the usual maintenance measures.

The experts in the following subjects have developed a maintenance list for men. Let’s take a look.

What is the list of baby health care men?

Nutrition experts: Men should eat more zinc in zinc-containing foods is a very important nutrient for men, because zinc is an important component of androgen synthesis, while protecting the prostate.

Therefore, male friends should properly supplement zinc in their daily life. There are more foods rich in zinc in their lives. There are shellfish, red meat and animal internal organs, pig liver and pig blood, and lean meat.And oyster meat, which is rich in zinc, beans and millet, as well as peanuts and Chinese cabbage, the amount of zinc is also more.

Sports experts: often practicing sit-ups For men, the most fear is to lose muscle, especially middle-aged men, the muscle mass will be greatly reduced, so you should practice sit-ups to increase muscle mass, by sit-upsIt can improve the quality of muscles, but also increase the number of muscles, can prolong the effect of delaying aging, and can prevent premature atrophy of muscles.

Sit-ups are a good way to exercise muscles, can stimulate bone blood circulation, can better protect the internal organs of the body, sit-ups can also stretch the spine, good exercise hip muscles, can have a beautifulBody lines.

Male specialist: Drinking water to protect the prostate prostate is very important for men, but the prostate is a prone to disease, so male friends must do a good job of prostate protection, should drink plenty of water in normal times, but it should be correctDrink more water, you can drink a little more during the day, two or three hours before going to bed should reduce the amount of water.

Also remember, don’t urinate, because urinating will cause over-filling of the bladder, which will press the prostate and affect the health of the prostate.

In normal times, you should keep your diet light, don’t eat spicy and irritating foods regularly, maintain a regular sex life, and change your underwear frequently.

Cardiovascular experts: diet should be lighter male friends with coronary heart disease will be higher than female friends, and male friends will have a slightly higher risk of stroke than female, mainly male friends have smoking and drinking, and the diet has a heavy tastehabit.

Therefore, male friends must keep light in their usual diet. Avoid eating high-salt, high-sorghum and high-sugar foods. Eating too much salt can cause high blood pressure. Eating high-fat foods can increase liver disease and high blood fat and diabetes.The risk of diseases.

At the same time, smoking cessation should be stopped, because smoking and drinking are important factors in causing many diseases.

Tips for the maintenance list prepared by the experts in the above subjects for males, male friends should do these maintenance measures in peacetime. In addition, you should learn to relax yourself. If you have psychological burdens, you should communicate with friends or your loved ones.It is necessary to learn to release your own pressure, because maintaining a healthy mentality is also an important measure for health care.

It is more important to brush your hair in the morning than to wash your face.

It is more important to brush your hair in the morning than to wash your face.

The tense life rhythm is often terrifying to face the hustle and bustle of the morning. For a few minutes of sleep, it is often time to comb the hair, wipe the face, grab the head, and go out with a look.

Is this your true portrayal?

  Therefore, experts pointed out that combing hair is very important to everyone. If you don’t comb your hair in the morning, it will damage your personal image and your health.

Combs can always remove the floating skin and dirt on the hair, maintain a neat image, and more importantly, comb the hair to maintain health, maintain health.

  Every day, I learned a lot of sayings, “A thousand hair combs, the head is not white.”

Use a comb or a wooden comb every morning and evening, from front to back, then gently touch the scalp from back to front, combing several times, can clear the gas, promote blood circulation, prevent hair malnutrition caused by white hair, yellow hairAnd hair loss, at the same time can eliminate head swelling caused by excessive brain, numb and so on.

  Chinese medicine believes that the interaction between the upper and lower bodies of the human body, the organs of the organs and the regulation of qi and blood, and the transmission of the blood, depends on the interaction of the meridians such as the twelve meridians and the seven menstrual veins.

The meridians are all over the body, and the blood and blood also reach the whole body; the vegetative tissues and organs resist the evil spirits and defend the body.

These meridians either directly gather the head, or indirectly on the head, and the “Baihui acupoint” at the top of the person’s head is so named.

By combing the hair, you can ventilate blood, implant nourishment and firm hair, brain and body, wind and eyesight, and implant the head.

As early as the Sui Dynasty, the famous doctor Chao Yuanfang clearly pointed out that the comb has a smooth blood circulation, and the wind is scattered and wet, which makes the hair white.

Su Dongpo, a great writer of the Northern Song Dynasty, had a deep understanding of combing hair to promote sleep. He said: “Combating more than a hundred hairs, lying down, sleeping until dawn.

Modern research also shows that the head is the facial features and the central nervous system. Regular hair combing can strengthen the friction on the head, clear the blood vessels, improve the blood circulation of the head, make the hair black and smooth, can root, prevent hair loss;It can relieve eyesight and prevent colds; it can promote blood supply to brain and brain nerves, help lower blood pressure, prevent diseases such as cerebral hemorrhage, strengthen brain, relieve fatigue, prevent brain fatigue and delay brain aging.

  Spring care, what should you do?

  Spring is coming, everything is recovering and thriving.

In this season, every day, we have to “combine and comb” ourselves, not only beautiful and handsome, refreshing and refreshing, but also the role of health care.

Why do you want a particularly outstanding spring hair comb?

“The Theory of Health Preservation” said: “In the spring of March, each head combs one or two hundred.

“Spring is the spring of nature’s yang, the season of rising, the body’s yang also adapts to nature, has the characteristics of upward, cross-rise.

It manifests as the pores gradually stretch, the function of the circulatory system is strengthened, the metabolism is vigorous, and the growth is rapid.

Therefore, people should comply with the physiology of the time and the human body in the spring health care, and must make the limbs stretch and reconcile the blood.

Spring hair combs just in line with the requirements of spring health and physical fitness, can reach yang, declare stagnation, sparse blood, and strengthen the body.

  The coup to choose a good comb Many consumers are cheap, often using cheap plastic combs.

Health experts pointed out that plastic combs are prone to static electricity, and long-term use leads to rough and fluffy hair, which is not conducive to health care.

Therefore, when consumers choose a comb, it is best to choose a corner comb of natural materials, a wooden comb, and the like.

  1, angle comb: According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica” contains: “horns, sour salty, cool, non-toxic”.

The corner comb does not generate static electricity.

Every morning, combing the hair with a corner comb several times, its pharmacological properties promote blood circulation when massage the human brain scalp and head neurons, invisibly infiltrating into the human body.

In the evening, the head is massaged with a corner comb, and its “cool blood and detoxification” pharmacological rationality can relax the tension and fatigue of the day.

Frequent use of angular combs can effectively reduce hair loss and dandruff.

Long-term use can slow down headaches and other head diseases, leaving you clear-headed, refreshed and quick-thinking.

  2, boxwood combed boxwood comb has been the first choice for combing since ancient times.

According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica” (36 volumes of the Ministry of Wood): “Shizhong Huangyang, with no fire”, “its wood is tight, comb, sputum, best print”, “heat, dampness, detoxification.”

Modern medicine has found that boxwood contains boxan, which inhibits fungal growth.

The boxwood comb is often used, which can axially relieve itching and dandruff.

The elderly yin and tonify the kidneys often

The elderly yin and tonify the kidneys often

Lead: Chinese medicine has a saying: people are old and weak, and the roots are exhausted.

The foot is the second heart of the human body, showing the inherent strength of the foot.

The elderly often lick their feet and not only can relax the nerves, relax the nerves, but also the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing the kidneys. So how do you do it?

Let’s take a look at Chinese medicine to help the elderly’s health care methods.

  Since ancient times, health care has been a hot topic in upstream Chinese medicine research. The health care methods of Chinese medicine are nothing more than acupuncture and massage, especially foot massage.

At present, the great writer of the Northern Song Dynasty, Su Dongpo, is still more than a year old, and one of the reasons is to insist on massaging his feet.

The foot of the Yongquan point is the starting point of the foot Shaoyin kidney, often massage this point to nourish yin and kidney, to support the role of the internal organs.

The elderly often massage the soles of the feet, but also prevent the legs and feet from being numb, the movements are weak, and the feet are cold and so on.

  Here are three ways to help the elderly to nourish Yin and Kidney: 1. Dry the left front of the left instep with the left hand, and press the foot up and down 100 times with the right hand. The force should be moderate, until the foot is hot.
Change the other side of the foot.

  2, wet sputum soak your feet in a basin of moderate temperature, soak until the feet are red, then dry, then press the “dry” method to rub the feet.

  3, the wine draws about 30 grams of white wine, put a little white wine, and then press the “dry” method to rub the feet.

If you dry the wine cellar when you are lame, you can continue to drink a small amount of white wine several times.