Practice can reduce the interference of seven emotions

Practice can reduce the interference of seven emotions

Seven emotions mean happiness, anger, worry, thought, sadness, fear, and shock.

Excessive emotional stimulation can cause many benefits.

Such as: happy, excessive joy is easy to myocardial infarction, nervous disorder, or cerebral thrombosis, cerebral hemorrhage.

The cranial nervous system is the heart of the gods that Chinese medicine says, and it is also part of the “heart”.

Another example: angry liver, liver yang hyperthyroidism caused by high blood pressure, glaucoma, neurological headache and so on.

The anger hurts the liver, the liver fire breaks the lungs, the liver fire kills the stomach and causes hemoptysis and vomiting blood; the liver qi stagnation will produce a variety of qi stagnation and blood stasis, such as coronary heart disease (blood sputum type) cerebral thrombosis, chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, etc.And even more will develop into a tumor.

Liver depression can cause snoring and gynecological diseases.

Excessive anxiety can hurt the spleen, causing loss of appetite, indigestion, chronic enteritis, chronic colitis, chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer.

Spleen injury will affect the fine absorption and transportation of the acquired grains, which will also affect the blood production and make the blood deficiency.

Both heart and spleen can cause heart palpitations, fatigue, insomnia, multiple dreams, and some gynecological diseases.

Sad lungs, may cause yin and night sweats, dry mouth dumb, five upset hot, yin deficiency cough, low fever, tuberculosis and so on.

Panic injury can cause low back pain, fatigue, abnormality in the second, and some gynecological diseases.

  Practicing Qigong requires people to “physically practice” and “improve self-control ability.”

“These two are all improving people’s self-cultivation. On the basis of the cultivation of morality and refinement, on the basis of learning to use dialectics, they can treat themselves correctly, and they are in a state of emotional stability and calm, which can be reduced.The interference of the seven emotions can avoid causing various consequences.

At the same time, those who have already got sick have passed through the practice of meridians and collaterals, and the yin and yang tend to balance, and the false and real are adjusted, and the disease will be improved or cured.

Morning reading|The best health is to eat on time

Morning reading|The best health is to eat on time

Haha’s best health is to eat white on time 11 In recent years, more and more people have begun to pay attention to health.

Even after 90, because of hair loss, back pain and other issues, you must also join the health army in advance, and live a life in a mug.

But what is health care?

I think Professor Zhang Qicheng’s sentence can be summarized: health is to cultivate healthy living habits.

The ancients said that there is a diet and a regular life.

In fact, the best health care is three meals a day, meals on time.

People who don’t eat on time first show up on their weight.

I have a friend who has worked for less than a year and is 30 pounds fat.

His original weight is in the normal range, and even a little thin.

I met in the first two days and saw his face round and even had a double chin.

I am half joking: You are looking for a good job, and you will be very moist when you look at life.

But when you get fat again, the beer belly will come out, you have to control.

He smiled and said: This is really impossible to control.

Work pressure is too great, often staying up late to work overtime.

Sometimes when you are hungry, you will order takeaway.

Developed to the back, do not hungry also began to take-out, and the point is more and more continuous, eating becomes a way of decompression.

Recently, my stomach is not good. I feel that I should have eaten on time, but when I get busy, I often forget the time.

When I was resting, I wanted to eat and drink, but I was too lazy. Sometimes I had to wait until I was hungry before I went to eat.

Counting, the last three meals a day were eaten on time, it was already a month ago.

If you don’t eat on time, your physical damage will be enough to see.

Eating more will make people fat, eat less, and also make people fat.

More and more friends, in order to have a good body, began to diet to lose weight.

As everyone knows, this body that transcends injury will accelerate obesity.

A university clinical public health department has done a study on diet.

The researchers followed up to 4,468 subjects for up to ten years.

After analyzing the data, it was found that among all subjects, women who were able to maintain weight stability within ten years accounted for 28.

6%, males accounted for 23%, and most people gained weight.

Men and women who are able to maintain weight stability for a long time have in common the rule of diet.

People with a dieting history are more likely to overeating.

No matter in the long-term or short-term, chaos is more harmful than good.

Therefore, the best way to lose weight is: scientific eating, three meals a day, eating on time.

2 How important is the diet?

Simply put, it can affect how long you live.

The diet is not normal, serious may die, this is not a joke!

In March of this year, a 22-year-old boy in Changsha, because he did not eat breakfast for a long time, his diet was irregular, he often drank alcohol, causing acute gastrointestinal bleeding, and his life was dying.

Mr. Li, 28, is often obese and eats a meal because of his entrepreneurship. He has a serious diet and eventually develops stomach cancer.

Ms. Zhou, 30, attended the party on the festival, and her irregular routine and overeating made her suffer from acute pneumonia.

You always think that you are young, you can live, it doesn’t matter if you indulge once, but your body is not as strong as you think.A research conducted by a research institute for biological laboratories pointed out that eating on time can maintain metabolic stability by regulating the biological clock.

To put it simply, it is a group of research subjects who eat at regular intervals. The body is getting better and better, and it is not easy to gain weight.

In the past, everyone has always believed that the circadian rhythm has a direct impact on maintaining healthy metabolism.

The research results of the institute show that the main role of the circadian clock is to produce a daily fasting rhythm, which is a consequence of eating disorders.

Therefore, a regular diet is directly linked to your health.

3 I have a friend who has lived an old age early.

At that time, everyone was twenty-five and six years old, young and playful, and often came out to eat up late at night.

In his impression, he rarely participated in such activities.

He starts at 7:00 every morning and sleeps at 10:00 in the evening. He occasionally has a job, sleeps at eleven o’clock, and takes a lunch break at noon, all year round.

Three meals a day, meals do not fall.

We all say that he lives like an old man.

Everyone feels that such a life has no meaning.

But I have seen him recently and have to say that he is the best of all.

Stepping into middle age, there will always be some unexpected changes.

Everyday busy work and socializing began to make you unable to do your best. There are old people, there is a small life pressure, and some people can’t afford it.

At this time, the body is like a fireworks scattered after the beautiful, a little weak.

When a group of friends entered the middle age, the body began to have problems of big and small.

Most people are either too thin, some have a hunchback, or have a big beer belly, as if they can’t stand up.

A young and strong friend started to have high blood pressure and high blood fat.

What impressed me the most is that a friend of the north of one meter eight, a few years ago, could squat on the wooden board and squat on the tenth floor of the refrigerator without gasping.

Recently, because of the “three highs” into the hospital.

I have to admit that a strong and healthy body will be defeated by an abnormal life for several years.

Only the friend who lives “boring” seems to have never changed.

Standing in the crowd, the body is tall and straight, the eyes are clear, and the spirit is very strong. There is no “greasy” of the middle-aged.

Those who start their old age first will enter old age later than others.

Eat on time, sleep on time, this is the best “preservative” for the body.

4 More and more young people join the health care army, and various health care methods are emerging.

A while ago, punk health was on the hot search.

The so-called punk health refers to the young and unique ways of health care: apply mask on the side of the night, drink and drink, squat on the knees, hot pot and herbal tea.

If you want to overeating and fearing to hurt your stomach, you can take a few healthy stomach and digestion tablets.

If you want to worry and hurt your body, then you will be crazy the next day.

In fact, health care, do not need to go to these side gates.

The real health should be in the simple daily drinking and eating.

Eat well, sleep on time, live a regular life, scientific health is king!

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In addition to supplementing the ovaries, what is the way to prevent ovarian cancer?

In addition to supplementing the ovaries, what is the way to prevent ovarian cancer?

Nowadays, there are many reasons for ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer can cause great harm to women. To prevent prevention, it is necessary to understand what causes ovarian cancer.

Therefore, today is a look at the causes and prevention methods of ovarian cancer.

What is the cause of ovarian cancer?

1, genetic and family factors.

About 20%?
25% of patients with ovarian cancer have a family history.

The so-called familial ovarian cancer refers to a high incidence of per capita, mainly epithelial cancer, 5% of women with Pi-Jie syndrome?
14% develop ovarian cancer, and basal cell syndrome often coexists with ovarian fibers.

2, the role of hormones.

Exogenous estrogen may increase the risk of ovarian cancer, and progesterone is an antagonist of estrogen, which has a certain inhibitory effect on the occurrence and development of ovarian cancer. In addition, the follicle wall (FSH) can also promote the secretion and secretion of estrogen.Hormones work indirectly.

3, blood factors.

Some scholars have examined the blood type of patients with ovarian cancer and found that most of them are type A blood.

And type O blood is the least common among many patients.

Therefore, it turns out that ovarian cancer is also related to blood type.

4, environmental factors.

The incidence of ovarian cancer in the industry is high and may be related to high blood sugar levels in the diet.

5, age factor.

The incidence of ovarian cancer is also closely related to the age of the person. The incidence rate is peak at around 50 years old, and then the incidence rate decreases with age.

Therefore, women must check on time when they are around 50 years old.

6, other factors.

Such as X-ray irradiation, viral infection (mumps, colds, etc.), ethnic differences, eating habits (such as excessive intake of animals), chemical factors, etc. have a certain relationship with the incidence of ovarian cancer.

Effective methods to prevent ovarian cancer 1. Eat low-fat, high-oil foods.

A large number of deaths, especially animal feces, most of which are saturated fatty acids, are prone to ovarian cancer.

In addition, fried foods are also a cause of cancer, especially fried eggs.

2, add the right amount of coffee, green tea.

Both coffee and green tea have anti-oxidant polyphenols that reduce cancer.

3, pay attention to calcium supplementation.

Calcium can help women increase their ability to repair cells, so it is necessary to exceed enough calcium.

4, adult women are best not to use talcum powder.

The talcum powder contained in the talcum powder can be absorbed into the fallopian tube through the vagina and the cervix and adhered to the surface of the fallopian tube and ovary to induce cancer.

Related recommendations for the most basic diet of ovarian cancer suggest how ovarian cancer should be prevented

It is enough to do these five things daily!

Ovarian cancer is the first cancer of gynecological death!

It is recommended that women must watch!

Summer care and health care for the elderly

Summer care and health care for the elderly

First, timely replenish body fluids.

High temperatures in summer and excessive consumption of body fluids are an important cause of many diseases in the elderly.

The most common is blood blood pressure is slow, easy to cause high blood pressure, resulting in cerebral vascular rupture or thrombotic stroke, myocardial infarction and so on.

Even due to excessive water loss, causing poisoning reactions caused by imbalance of pH in the body, these diseases are life-threatening.

Therefore, if you are thirsty, you should drink water. You should replenish your body’s water at the right time. At night, you should put a cup of cold water on the bed and stop it in time.

  Second, pay attention to heatstroke and cool down.

Ventilation of doors and windows in time to convect air and keep the indoor air fresh.

It is often mopped with cool water to maintain air humidity and cool indoors.

There is an air-conditioning device in the room, and the temperature cannot be lowered too low to avoid the “air conditioning disease” caused by excessive temperature difference.

Older people should be able to reduce their outings during the day due to their poor resistance to high temperatures.

Usually drink more light drinks, such as bamboo heart chrysanthemum tea, winter melon sea rice soup, lotus leaf mung bean porridge, etc., but also eat some fresh fruits to help cool down and heat.

  Third, pay attention to food hygiene.

In summer, the human body wicks more sweat and consumes more nutrients. To adjust the nutrition, you can eat more lean meat, fish, eggs, soy products and fresh vegetables to supplement the body’s protein, sugar, calcium, vitamins, etc.Consumption.

You should also eat more heat, detoxification, heat-relieving fruits, such as bitter gourd, loofah, cucumber, watermelon, cantaloupe, tomatoes and so on.

  Fourth, pay attention to rest.

Arrange the housework reasonably, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, and ensure night sleep and lunch break.

A midsummer nap is very important to the elderly.

Nap time should not be too much, too long will affect the heart and brain supply of blood; too short fatigue can not be recovered, nap about an hour or so is better.

  Fifth, often clean the skin.

In the summer of hot episodes, excessive sweat causes the epidermal cells of the human body to diverge, sweat pores and sweat glands are easily corrected, sweat stays in the skin to cause lice; sun exposure can occur for a long time, solar dermatitis can occur; organic matter in sweat is bacteriaGrowth provides nutrition and is prone to purulent skin disease.

In the summer, the elderly should take a bath and change clothes to keep the sweat glands clear and the skin clean and hygienic.

Chrysanthemum tea, honeysuckle, fat sea.

. health tea should not drink – health encyclopedia

Chrysanthemum tea, honeysuckle, fat sea. Health tea should not drink | Health Encyclopedia

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At the moment, drinking health tea has become a lifestyle: grab a piece of honeysuckle and throw it into boiling water, then put a few red dates in it, sprinkle some 枸杞. However, these health teas made with traditional Chinese medicine, actually drinkNot counting tea, it should be considered medicine, when you drink before dialectification, drink wrong to hurt the body!

Below, Director Zhang Zhongai of the Jinling Medical Center of Nanjing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital will tell you how to drink these health teas.

01 枸杞 chrysanthemum tea cold fever and menstrual period do not drink hot weather, many people feel dry and hot in the air-conditioned room, so a cup of chrysanthemum tea at hand turned into “required to go to fire.”

However, this tea can not be drunk.

Chrysanthemum does have heat and heat to clear the liver and improve eyesight. Therefore, this kind of tea has a good effect on fire extinguishing, and no matter the virtual fire, the real fire has an effect.

However, although the chrysanthemum is hot and clear, it can be bitter and cold, and people who are physically weak should not drink too much.

And oh, the effect of warming the body is quite strong, so you should not eat sputum when you have a cold, fever, diarrhea, or arthritis.

In addition, excessive menstruation in menstruating women may increase menstrual flow; while people with bad spleen and stomach often eat sputum, which can lead to indigestion.

02 Rose tea constipation should not be placed in the rose tea does have the beauty and beauty, through the active, blood circulation, so not only women are suitable for drinking, can help treat gynecological diseases, and have a cosmetic effect, on the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular,High blood pressure, blood pressure patients are also good.

However, some people will feel bloating and bloating after receiving rose tea.

This is because the rose has a certain convergence effect, and it is not suitable for drinking when it is secret.

03 longan jujube tea body hot and dry people drink this tea is the favorite of many female friends, nourishing the stomach and beauty.

With nourishing water, the nourishing effect is obvious, and it is easy to get tired. The person with weak constitution can resurrect after fulling the longan.

However, people with hot body should not eat too much, because they are prone to internal heat, which is characterized by dry mouth, getting angry, and dry stool.

Red dates can not be eaten, because it is not easy to digest, it is recommended not to make more than 10 red dates every day.

04 Honeysuckle tea dysmenorrhea women please avoid the honeysuckle can be used for a variety of heat and sexually transmitted diseases, such as body heat, rash, heat sores, sore throat and so on.

Frequent oral ulcers, hot physique patients with mouth blistering can be taken frequently, and patients with dysmenorrhea, patients with poor digestive function should avoid eating.

05 Mint tea Yin deficiency and blood dryness should not take the peppermint to have divergent wind heat, clear throat, soothing liver and relieve itching and itching.

In addition, peppermint can also help relieve cold, fever, headache, sore throat, no sweat and other symptoms.

Need to be reminded that the yin deficiency and blood dryness, liver yang hemiplegia, the table is more than sweating.

06 Cassia tea time can not be long-term dry climate, it is easy to cause eye dry eyelids and other symptoms of eye diseases, many people drink cassia tea.

However, Cassia has the function of clearing the liver and improving eyesight and reducing blood pressure.

However, because Cassia has a laxative effect, it can cause diarrhea after taking it, and repeated taking may lead to more complicated constipation.

In addition, there is a problem called black bowel disease related to it.

Therefore, although Cassia tea can be combined, at least it can be timeless.

It is recommended that you drink so 2-3 times a week, and don’t let your body get used to it.

07 fat sea tea “old smoke gun” drank without a lot of people’s throat feel dry and uncomfortable, so that the fat sea drink, but in fact, the fat sea is only suitable for the hoarseness caused by the wind and heat evil spirits.

Because of the vocal cords, the vocal cords are incompletely closed or the hoarseness caused by excessive alcohol and tobacco, the use of fat sea is ineffective.

Therefore, those “old smokers” should relieve throat discomfort, and quitting smoking is more useful than making fat sea.

In addition, people with cold physique, people who often have diarrhea, are not suitable for the fat sea.

And even the symptomatic pharyngitis patients, fat sea tea for 1-2 weeks is enough, taking more will damage the yang, affecting the digestive function.

The five teas that are most suitable for drinking in the early summer have become hotter and hotter. At this time, drinking a cup of tea is a good way to cool and quench your thirst.

Do you know that drinking tea is refreshing and refreshing, quenching thirst and cooling, and solving various minor problems.

1, eat bad belly: ginger tea ebony drink 10 grams of ginger, 30 grams of ebony meat chopped, and green tea 6 grams into a thermos cup, brewed with boiling water, cover tightly, warm immersion for half an hour, add brown sugarA small amount.
Put it aside for a while, drink it once a day, 3 times a day.
Jiangcha Wumei is a classic medical book compiled by Yuan Yilin, a medical scientist from the Yuan Dynasty.
The tea can clear the heat and fluid, stop diarrhea and digestion, and use it for diarrhea and dysentery caused by unclean or unhealthy diets in summer.


Ginger is spicy, slightly warm, has a sweating solution, warming vomiting, warming the lungs and relieving cough, and resolving the effects of fish and crab poisoning. Therefore, when we eat vomiting or when we eat aquatic products such as pine eggs or fish crabs, we usually put them on it.Some ginger, ginger juice.


Ume is sour, it is flat, its acidity can converge on the spirit and sweat, can thirst, stop diarrhea and stop bleeding, and stomach, can be used for excessive sweating, distraction, palpitation, loss of appetite.

Note that the spleen and stomach are weak, and those who suffer from cold diarrhea are not suitable for this tea.

2, sore throat: Gantang soup will be 6 grams of platycodon grandiflorum, raw licorice 3 grams cut into small pieces or milled into coarse, brewed with boiling water, on behalf of tea frequency drink, 2 times a day.

Gantang Tang was first seen in “Treatise on Febrile Diseases”, formerly known as Campanulaceae Soup, for the treatment of “less yin disease for two or three days, sore throat”.

Later, it was quoted by the doctor of the Qing Dynasty, Wu Yitong, and he was able to treat “warm pharyngeal pain”.

Since ancient times, Gantang Decoction has been regarded by the ancient doctors as a universal prescription for the treatment of sore throat. For example, “Medical Enlightenment” said: “Where sore throat, general sweet orange soup.


Raw licorice is sweet, sweet, heart, lung, spleen, stomach.

It can clear away heat and detoxify, relieve cough, relieve pain and relieve the effect of medicinal properties.


Platycodon grandiflorum tastes bitter, pungent, sexually lukewarm, into the lungs, can relieve cough, and has Xuanfei, discharge pus.

Therefore, the two match, with the role of Xuanfei Liyan.

3, sweat and dry mouth: Wuwei sip will be schisandra 6 grams, 8 grams of medlar into the pot and add 800 ml of water, fry with simmer, filter out the clear liquid, pour into the cup, add 5 grams of sugar, stir well, and exempt.

Strengthen the spleen and stomach, replenish the liver and kidney, raise the heart and blood, and thirst.

In the summer, people who are consciously sleepy and weak, sweating out of the sediment, and those who dry their mouths, that is, those who are “Xiaoxue”, can use the schisandra and scorpion to take soup or boil water to make people’s spirit multiply. Wuwei sip is a summer health supplement.

Schisandra acid and warm, there are multiple effects such as qi and fluid, diarrhea and soothe the nerves.

In particular, it is used in combination with scorpion, which makes the liver and kidney function more prominent.

Applicable to the five-dirty deficiency, lack of blood or long-term labor, tiredness caused by irregular day and night life, no bloody face, weak waist, flustered insomnia and other symptoms.

4, bored hot: Chrysanthemum tea brewing chrysanthemum is mostly simple, like other tea products, the head soup is poured out when brewing, and then brewing tea, the amount is generally 5?

10 grams, water temperature of about 70 °C is appropriate.

Chrysanthemum 痣 with other herbs, such as honeysuckle, medlar, cassia or fat sea.

Chrysanthemum tea is the most commonly used heat-clearing fire in ordinary people.

Chrysanthemum is sweet, bitter, slightly cold, returning to the lungs, liver meridian, suitable for summer hot season, irritability, hot eyes, hot eyes, headache, dizziness, dizziness.

There are many varieties of chrysanthemums, such as Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum, Huaiju, Red Chrysanthemum, etc., which are used for tea drinking, such as Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum, and full of flowers, no impurities, and the best fragrance.

Chrysanthemum tea is used in combination with other medicines and traditional Chinese medicines. It has different effects: it can be used together with honeysuckle to relieve the initial symptoms of wind-heat and cold, relieve sore throat and sore throat.

Paired with scorpion or Cassia, it can relieve dizziness, swelling and pain.

If the sore throat is sore and dry, the chrysanthemum can be effectively relieved with the fat sea.

5, dizzy: three-leaf tea are lotus leaves, bamboo leaves, mint leaves.

The hot season can be combined with three leaves, or 5 grams, or replace one of them to drink tea, have a clear heart, nourish the heart and relieve the heat.


Lotus leaf taste bitter, flat, liver, spleen, stomach, heart, clear heat and dampness, rise to Qingyang, cool blood to stop bleeding and other effects, is a common substitute in traditional medicated diet.

Lotus leaves also have a good lipid-lowering effect, the role of weight loss, suitable for heatstroke caused by dizziness, chest tightness, polydipsia, short urine and so on.

?Bamboo leaves are sweet and cold, and the effect is clearing heat and removing troubles. It is used for diuresis in the clinical practice of Chinese medicine. It is used for fever and polydipsia, convulsions in children, cough and vomiting blood, red face, short red urine, sore tongue and so on.

?Mint leaves have a cool taste, into the lungs, liver, the effect of evacuation of wind and heat, clear head, sharp throat, diarrhea, soothing liver.

For exogenous wind heat, headache, sore throat, stagnation, mouth sores, toothache, sores, rubella itching, chest tightness and hypochondriac pain.
These three kinds of leaf products have a better heat-clearing and nurturing effect on people who are hot and prosperous.

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