Parenting knowledge unknown to doctors

Parenting knowledge unknown to doctors

Parenting knowledge unknown to doctors1.

Should newborns take a bath every day?

  Correct answer: No.

  The newborn’s skin is not suitable for bathing every day. Unless the baby is under 1 year old, unless you are particularly dirty, you can wash it two or three times a week. Too much bath will only make his skin dry and sensitive.


Will sugar overactive children?

  Correct answer: No.
  Numerous tests have shown that sugar consumption is not necessarily related to children’s excessive activity.


Do not let children sleep during the day.

Will he sleep well at night?

  Correct answer: No.
  Sleeping during the day and sleeping well at night are not connected to the child at all.

If you let your child spend no sleep during the day, it will only make him emotionally depressed, which will torture the adult, but it will not help the quality of sleep at night.


The child’s wound should be exposed to the air at night, so that it can help heal?

  Correct answer: No.
  The speed of healing with a gauze-covered wound will change, and scarring will be less likely.

The wound is easily crusted when exposed to the air, which causes the wound to heal at a reduced rate.


After taking a cold, does my child recover faster than taking it without medication?

  Correct answer: No.
  Infants and young children under the age of 2 are not allowed to take cold medicine, and even children under the age of 6 should take the medicine with caution.

In fact, a runny nose and spitting can expel the virus from the child, which is good for the child.


Can carrots not protect eyesight?

  Correct answer: yes.

  Children who eat carrots may also wear glasses.

Carotene can only help when children lack vitamin a.

However, carrots are nutritious and low, and children should be encouraged to eat more.


Does a fever of 38 ° C hurt the child’s brain?

  Correct answer: yes.
  A slight increase in body temperature will not harm the child’s brain, which is the normal reaction of the child’s body in the fight against the virus.


Do children’s clothes need special laundry detergent?

  Correct answer: No.
  Unless your child has skin allergies, you can use ordinary household detergents or wash them with the clothes of other family members, except diapers.
Sitting close to the TV won’t hurt the child’s eyes?

  Correct answer: yes.
  You can certainly let your child sit far away from the TV, but the TV does not hurt the child’s eyes.

Because the baby’s eyes adjust well in close range.


Will a light on the child’s bedside hurt his eyes?

  Correct answer: No.
  The light on the bedside will not harm the child. On the contrary, it will make the child feel safe and thus smoothly pass the “fear of darkness” stage.


Is it safe for children to sit in a shopping cart?

  Correct answer: No.
  In 2005, the United States had two.

40,000 children hurt their heads and necks in the shopping cart, so doctors recommend that parents should have babies when shopping.


Don’t avoid spicy food and alcohol during breastfeeding?

  Correct answer: yes.
  As long as the child is not particularly sensitive, breastfeeding women can drink beer, and alcohol in food is not a problem.

If you are not assured, you can breastfeed after drinking for two and a half hours, at which time the alcohol is almost absorbed.

Women are inherently sensitive and stressed

Women are inherently sensitive and stressed

Like men, women scramble to enter the workplace, accepting difficult job challenges and great psychological pressure.

After getting married, taking care of the family, educating the children, and making the married women look like time bombs, irritability, urgency, inexplicable nervousness . worrying has almost become their usual psychological state.

Women are inherently sensitive and are more likely to worry.

  Career is the focus of worry for women in the workplace when they are unmarried. Yu Jingjing, who has worked hard for several years in the workplace, said that he is “busy and worried” and ca n’t experience the joy of work at all.Night school is about to start again; work has begun to enter the peak season; the papers sent to the magazine have not been heard, and have been waiting for . Women in the workplace are turbulent and superficial, in fact, they often think that their ability is insufficient in the subconscious.And worry is often itself, especially one who is too demanding, rigorous in career, and a perfectionist who is motivated.

  After marriage, women are prone to worry about modern society. Everything is very impetuous, so that they are worried that the incidence of emotions is very high, but only in terms of degree and duration.

After marriage, women are often not at their best in terms of work, family and children’s education. Especially perfectionist women often suffer from anxiety and worry, and are particularly prone to the outbreak of “anxiety disorder”.

  ”I worry about work and children all day.”

Experts believe that the psychological state of women groups due to trivial matters such as work, life, marriage, etc. is actually a more general worrying emotional symptom, or an emotional and psychological sub-health state.

  The anxiety in the eyes of psychologists seems to be much more serious. Anxiety is mainly divided into two types: panic disorder and generalized anxiety, of which 41% are generalized anxiety, that is, uneasy, nervous, and possibly accompaniedThere are characteristics such as lack of concentration, increased alertness, and memory impairment.

  ”In the population, worrying about disorders is more common than depression.”

After investigation, the total number of patients with anxiety disorders currently exceeds 57 million.

Because of their special physiological structure, women are vulnerable to external disturbances, are naturally sensitive, have a strong sense of self-protection, and lack the four characteristics of self-confidence, making them more likely to be “worried” than men.

  When children become married women’s concerns, they work hard in the workplace. When they return home, they have to take care of the lives of their children and her husband. Professional women also have to face double pressure when changing roles.

However, it is necessary to maintain the current working standards while also taking care of the family and the education of their children. These women who are often employed in the workplace are incapable of splitting up, and are finally exhausted.”Education” is reconciled to a balanced state, and the result of the contradiction is that the three become a burden on each other.

  It is easy for women to think about things in the worst direction, and this uncertainty is really unbearable for them.

If they don’t know exactly what the future will be, it will be painful.

  How women make themselves confident is a necessary prerequisite for healing anxiety.

Some people who do not have self-confidence in themselves are skeptical of their ability to complete and cope with things, exaggerating the possibility of their failure, and thus worry, tension and fear.

Therefore, as a person with a tendency to worry, you must first be confident and reduce your feelings of inferiority.

You should believe that each time you increase your self-confidence, the level of anxiety will decrease, you will restore your self-confidence, and you can eventually drive out your anxiety.

  Slight anxiety is stimulating and challenging for people from another angle, but if it affects normal life, attention must be paid. Experts say that if you feel that you are overwhelmed, do n’t ignore it, and seek earlyThe Doctor’s Remedy.

Terrible psychological trap for career

Terrible psychological trap for career

Why can’t many talented people escape the fate of failure?

  James, director of Harvard Business School’s MBA Career Development Center?

Waldepp and Timothy?

Dr. Butler summarized these flawed workplace psychological behavior patterns.

 Everyone has more or less this pattern in the workplace, so you need to observe yourself from time to time, whether it is a senior executive or a basic employee, before moving towards success.

  They are arrogant, authoritarian, and perfectionist. They are unrealistic. When they are looking for a job, they are not the leading companies to avoid talking, otherwise they will stand on their own.

When working in large companies, most of them volunteered and demanded to be responsible for work beyond their capabilities.

As a result, the mission was not fulfilled, and he would not stop swinging the stick. Instead, he wanted to use higher achievements to make up for the previous promise, and the result became a general defeat.

  Such people also like to be in the limelight. In a stable society or business, they always show their position quickly, for fear that no one will pay attention to him.

In fact, it is to cover up the weakness of the heart.

  Such people always demand to be a hero in their own place, and also strictly require others to reach his standard.

At work, they asked themselves and their subordinates to “more, restart, better.”

As a result, the subordinates were exhausted and “jumped for survival”, and those who remained were even more tired.

  At work, they do n’t even know how to pretend, and what they like to say is, “These jobs are really boring.

“But what they really felt was,” I can’t do any work well. ”

“They want to be successful at a young age, but they don’t like studying, asking for help, or asking for advice, because they will be considered” incompetent “, so they have to pretend to understand.

  They may be tough and show no mercy, just like a bulldozer. Everyone who blocks the way will be leveled, because the rampage is too aggressive, they do not know the detour skills, and the result may hurt their careers.

  Escaping, pessimistic, and depressing Although this kind of person is clever and experienced, once promoted, he feels insecure and feels incompetent.

Their core belief is “I am not good enough”, especially when there are setbacks and challenges, their self-destructive and self-limiting ideas prevail.

  They may become typical pessimists and start worrying.

Before taking action, he would imagine every possible outcome and be worried.

Such persons act as supervisors and will be delayed if they are in trouble.

Because he was too concerned about the sense of shame, and even worried that his subordinates would be in a state of embarrassment.

  Then they feel like they have lost their career direction.

“Is it the right path?

“I feel that my role is optional, I can’t keep up with others, and I don’t have a sense of belonging.

  Another extreme performance of them is to avoid problems unconditionally.

As supervisors, they should have been fighting for their subordinates reasonably. In order to avoid conflicts, they may be looked down upon by subordinates or other departments.

In order to maintain peace, they suppress their feelings, and as a result, they seriously lack the ability to face and resolve conflicts.

In the end, this inability to resolve conflicts spread to marriage, parent-child, brotherhood, and friendship.

  Either black or white, the world in the eyes of a human like machinery is either black or white.

They believe that everything should be judged objectively like a test with standard answers.

They always feel that they are defending faith and adhering to principles.

However, these principles may be completely ignored by others.

As a result, such people are always fighting alone and often defeated.

  The rigidity of this kind of person is also manifested in the complete lack of understanding of human nature, and it is difficult to understand the emotions of fear, love, anger, greed, and compassion.

When they talk on the phone, they usually do n’t even say hello, go straight to the topic, and lack the ability to compare hearts to hearts. They want to exclude emotional factors from the decision-making process.

  These people are usually good people. They do n’t have any thoughts, go straight, talk on any occasion, and even ruin their career because they ca n’t control their mouths.

Gut dirty yoga helps you clear

Gut “dirty” yoga helps you clear

Your face is dirty, you can wash your face.
The stomach is “dirty”, what should I do?
Professional yoga instructor Han Wenfang believes that once a month practicing “Yoga Intestinal Cleansing” can thoroughly cleanse the stomach.
Drink 500 ml of warm water in the morning, then do the following 5 actions in sequence.
After completing a set of actions, you should immediately drink another 500 ml of warm water and repeat the exercise.
Generally speaking, you will feel defecation after doing two sets.
At this time, you can go to the bathroom to try, but do not force yourself to relieve yourself.
“It has to be natural and easy.
“After one bowel movement, you still need to drink 500 ml of warm water, and continue to practice until the water is discharged.
Skyscraper: Stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart.
When inhaling, slowly raise your arms over your head, straighten your hands, turn your wrists, palms up.
When exhaling, slowly pull your upper body down with your arms until your body is parallel to the ground.
Inhale again and slowly raise your hands. When exhaling, your hands are separated and fall on your side.
Wind-blown tree style: erect, feet close together, arms on both sides of the body.
When inhaling, slowly raise your hands over your head, close your palms on the top of your head, and raise your heels at the same time.
When exhaling, the upper body bends from the waist and leans to the right.
Hold it for a few seconds and close it when you inhale.
Exhale to the left and inhale to the right.
Waist rotation: 式 erect, feet separated, slightly smaller than shoulder width.
Inhale, raise your arms over your head, hands crossed; turn your wrists, palms up.
Exhale, and slowly bend your arms with your upper body until your body is parallel to the ground;
When inhaling, use your hands to move your body as far as possible to the right, and when exhaling, try to turn to the left.
Snake twisting style: prone on the ground, palms on the ground, flat on the floor on both sides of the chest.
Inhale and lift your body with both hands until your arms are fully extended.
Exhale for a while.
Inhale, your head moves your body to the right, and when you exhale, your eyes look at your left heel.
Hold for a few seconds.
Inhale, turn your head to the left, and look at your right heel when exhaling.
People with better physical conditions can try to look at their backs.
Abdominal massage: squat down, put your hands on your knees.
Bend your left knee and place your knee on the ground.
Turn your body to the right as you inhale, exhale, place your chin on your shoulders, and keep your eyes behind you.
Inhale and resume the squatting position.Exhale, bend your right knee, and do the same exercise on the other side.

Experiencing oppression of men, young women addicted to online raising men

Experiencing oppression of men, young women addicted to online “raising men”

“I raised a man!
“The secret disclosed by the girls’ netizens surprised reporters.
It turned out that they were “raising men” online.
Allegedly, this kind of avant-garde game has turned some female college students into a fascination because it can ease their psychological pressure.
  大批“男宝宝”等着被包养   据一位大四女生介绍,前段时间由于失恋心情很差,经网友介绍她迷上了一个网站,只要在上面注册、登记,就可以包养到一个“男宝宝”.
What makes her feel more comfortable is that the hostess can kiss, criticize, scold, whipped, and even kill the “baby boy” who is being raised.
She said that this function can vent emotions and make her feel better.
  Some young women are obsessed with online “raising men’s clubs”, and psychologists have warned that the game is not psychologically effective. The reporter logged in to the website based on the URL provided by the girl.
Go in and see that there are thousands of members in it. The project is divided into “hostess” and “male baby”. As long as the “hostess” clicks “choose male baby”, you can see a lot of waiting for adoption or have been adoptedOf “Baby Boys” list.
The reporter randomly selected a “male baby” and received a series of ambiguous words from this “male baby” within one minute: “Dear, I want to die for you!”
“Want to try my charm?”
The reporter didn’t want to cater to him and scolded him fiercely, but instead of being angry, he comforted the reporter and gave him a “hostess” with a gift.
A friend reminded the reporter that if you ca n’t get along with this “baby boy”, you can give him another chance, send a notice of appeal, tell him the reason for your dissatisfaction, or just kill him, but do n’t ignore him.In this way he has the opportunity to be adopted by other masters.
  This kind of game can’t treat the psychology. It is understood that in July 2000, a Taiwanese women’s website took the lead in launching the game of “raising men online”.
Later, many websites on the mainland also launched their own “man raising clubs.”
According to reports, there are more “male babies” online than “mistresses”, and a large number of “male babies” are “whipped to death” or “suicided by suicide” every day.
A staff member working on this type of website told reporters that “bringing a man” is purely an interactive game among online netizens, but it is different from QQ and adopting electronic pets. This kind of adoption can be used to express truthfully.Resentment and dissatisfaction, feel the happy feeling of oppressing “men”.
A netizen also acknowledged this “pleasure”, but she felt that once she left the network, sometimes the psychological pressure did not ease, and she would even have a mentality of returning to reality in search of revenge.
A professor at the Department of Psychology of South China Normal University is worried about this phenomenon. He said that from the perspective of psychology, games such as “raising a man” do not have the effect of psychotherapy.
Especially for some teenagers with poor self-control, it is easy to lose themselves in the boundless online world.
In view of this, on the one hand, teenage friends should set up a security line of defense on their own; on the other hand, relevant parties should strengthen the management of websites and keep these harmful websites away from young people with poor self-control.

You can cry-a little talk about behavioral prescriptions

You can cry-a little talk about “behavioral prescriptions”

Medical research shows that the occurrence and development of many diseases are often related to bad mental state, work and life stress, and social factors are the causes that can not be ignored.
The doctor recommends specific physical exercises, encourages the use of certain stress-relieving physiological behaviors, such as crying, laughing, and even sexual life, and which artistic activities, such as “behavioral prescriptions” such as dancing, singing, and musical instruments, can adjust patients.The psychological state of the patient will relieve stress on the body and mind, mobilize the normal physiological functions inside the human body and finally achieve the effect of rehabilitation.
  Crying has a good decompression effect, but it is often overlooked.
For example, a middle-aged man considered crying to be fragile and shy from an early age. When his mother died and his wife suffered from cancer, he felt pain in his chest every day for several months, depression, and ineffective medication.
When he told the doctor everything, tears filled his eyes, but he was forced not to cry, and the doctor frankly told him: you can cry here.
Then he burst into tears for ten minutes.
  A few days later, the man’s chest pain was significantly reduced.
Although crying does not solve the fundamental problem, it can temporarily relax people in tension, relieve the patients’ long-standing stress or sorrow, and help inspire their courage to live again.
  Art activities are the most extensive category of “behavioral prescriptions”, including painting, music, sculpture, poetry and many other aspects.
Relevant health experts believe that music, rhythm, light, color, form and words, etc. have a positive impact on the human nervous system and endocrine system, making it easy for people to mentally produce a sense of joy that cannot be expressed in words and forget oftenKeep the sorrow and pain in mind, and give people the faith to forge ahead.
The most popular and respected of these studies is the music prescription.
There is an organization called “International Music Association” abroad, which has conducted research on more than 80,000 surgical patients for more than 20 years, confirming that music has the most prominent effect on reducing anxiety and pain.
In addition, research has also found that music can help improve people’s immune function and reduce stress, and premature babies receiving appropriate music stimulation can help gain weight.
In addition, patients or hospitals are encouraged to paint or sculpture by themselves. Patients can experience a sense of accomplishment and happiness from the creation, especially for some bronchitis diseases, low back pain, diabetes, and neurasthenia that are poorly treated with drugs.Wait, often get unexpected treatment results.
  The content of “behavioral prescription” goes far beyond the above. Horticultural labor, game competitions, admiring the scenery, tasting delicious food, meditating and praying, mountain climbing, etc. belong to the category of “behavioral prescription”.
Even married life, as long as there is a degree, is also good for health.
It turned out that women who received doctors’ recommendations to have at least one-time behaviors each week had estrogen levels that were twice as high as those of their peers.
Women who perform “one-off acts a week” can reduce facial flushing, delay aging, and eliminate joint pain and migraines.

Cauliflower: the best blood vessel scavenger

Cauliflower: the best blood vessel scavenger

Cauliflower, also known as broccoli, is available in white and green. Green is also called broccoli, broccoli.

They evolved from cabbage and originated on the Mediterranean coast of Europe. They rank fourth among the top ten health foods recommended by Time magazine.

The white and green cauliflower nutrition has basically the same effect. The green and white carotene content is higher.

  Effectiveness Cauliflower contains trace elements of anti-oxidation and anti-cancer. Long-term consumption can reduce the incidence of cancers such as diabetes, rectal cancer and gastric cancer.

According to the American Cancer Society, cauliflower and Chinese cabbage have the best anti-cancer effect among many fruits and vegetables.

  Cauliflower is one of the most flavonoid-containing foods.

Except for flavonoids, which prevent infections, they are also the best blood vessel scavengers that prevent oxidation and prevent platelets from clotting, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

  Some people’s skin becomes bruises and bruises upon small collisions and injuries. This is due to the lack of vitamin K in the body.

The best way to supplement is to eat more cauliflower.

Eating cauliflower more will strengthen the blood vessel walls and make them less likely to rupture.

  Rich in vitamin C content, cauliflower can enhance kidney detoxification ability, and can improve the body’s immunity, can prevent the occurrence of colds and scurvy.

  Applicable people are suitable for public consumption, there is no special taboo.

  Applicable amount of 70 grams per meal.

  It is particularly suggested that although cauliflower is rich in nutrients, it often has residual pesticides and is also prone to lettuce insects, so before eating, you can soak a total of flowers in salt water for a few minutes, and the vegetable insects will run out to remove residual pesticides.

  Chew once more when you eat, so that it is more conducive to the absorption of nutrients.

  Don’t overcook.

Sleep with the lights on, and the evil will suffer!

Sleep with the lights on, and the evil will suffer!

Children who turn on the lights to sleep or those whose natural clock sleep pattern is disturbed by artificial light may be more likely to develop cancer than ordinary people.

The destructive effects of artificial light on the human body can reduce the body’s melatonin levels.

Melatonin is usually increased at night, which can protect cells from damage, otherwise cells are easily damaged by tumors.

  The increased incidence of childhood leukemia presented by researchers at the Antique Children’s Leukemia Conference in London was linked to exposure to light at night.

Although researchers do not know much about the true cause of leukemia in children, they believe that environmental factors play a huge negative role in children with leukemia.

Compared with 100 years ago, people are now exposed to artificial light more times at night.

  At night, the natural physiological rhythm of direct light disturbs the state, and this biological clock controls the continuous biological process of animals and plants in a 24-hour cycle.

This damage inhibits the normal secretion of melatonin at night.

Melatonin secretion is concentrated between 9 pm and 8 am.

The reduction of melatonin has been related to cellulose growth and its proliferation.

We grow in a light or dark environment.

Melatonin increases sharply at night, which helps the body rest and metabolism.

  If people are exposed to artificial light at night, their ability to secrete melatonin is limited.

Once you go to bed, you should turn off the light until you wake up the next morning.

Without melatonin, the growth of carbohydrates and the destruction of DNA by cellulose will accelerate.

As an antioxidant, melatonin protects DNA from damage caused by oxidation.

Once damaged, DNA may mutate and cancerous.

“Although there is no clear evidence that excessive artificial light is the culprit in increasing the incidence of leukemia in children, especially transformed children, it is indeed a very likely cause.

He said that people take electro-optics for granted, but they didn’t expect electro-optics to be drugs and environmental pollutants.

Excessive electric light does have an impact. People must use electric light with caution during their lifetime, and do not turn on the lights at night when they sleep.

Children should not be allowed to sleep with the lights on. You should also pay attention and try to keep the lights on as little as possible at night.

  Previous studies have shown that some people who work in the electro-optic environment at night have a higher probability of developing breast cancer than ordinary people.

Studies also show that blind people are generally less likely to develop cancer.

Because blind people do not use electric lights at night, the secretion process of melatonin is not affected.

The most healthy way to eat broccoli to prevent cancer and health

The most healthy way to eat broccoli to prevent cancer and health

For thousands of years, many foods have drifted across the sea, taking root in our lives.

Broccoli is one of them.

Broccoli is a veritably healthy vegetable, completely nutritious and anti-cancer.

Here’s how to eat broccoli is the healthiest.

. The efficacy of broccoli is anti-cancer.

Broccoli contains a substance called glucosinolate, and the decomposition product sulforaphane has been shown to have anti-cancer effects.

“In addition to the anti-cancer substances contained in broccoli, the content of anti-cancer substances in vegetables is also outstanding.

“In addition to preventing cancer, the health benefits that broccoli showed in the experiment also include the effect of broccoli against cancer.

Broccoli contains a substance called glucosinolate, and the decomposition product sulforaphane has been shown to have anti-cancer effects.
“In addition to the anti-cancer substances contained in broccoli, the content of anti-cancer substances in vegetables is also outstanding.

“In addition to preventing cancer, the health benefits that broccoli has shown in experiments include: antioxidants.

Broccoli contains high levels of antioxidants such as vitamin C, carotene, lutein, and trace elements selenium, thereby delaying the effects of aging.

  Reduce blood fat.

Broccoli colorant fiber helps remove internal trash, lowers plasma levels, and controls blood lipids.

  Prevent allergy.

Studies have found that an active substance called kaempferol in broccoli can reduce the impact of allergens on the human body and reduce the risk of allergies.

  Strong bones.

Broccoli Vitamin Calcium and Vitamin K interact with each other and play an important role in bone health and prevent osteoporosis.

  Heart protection.

The sulforaphane in broccoli almost helps fight cancer and has anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent blood vessel damage.

  Prevent eye diseases.

Broccoli thistle lutein can prevent age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.

  Steaming over water is the best way to eat Broccoli is a vegetable temporarily seen in the vegetable kingdom, and uses flower buds for people to eat.

Su Yingjing said that 1 flower ball of broccoli contains 1?

50,000 small flower buds, each small flower bud can develop into a complete flower.

These flowers are the most essential part of the plant. When picking vegetables for cleaning, they are completely broken from the stem of the flower to ensure that the buds are not changed.

Use flowing cold water when washing broccoli; after cutting or chopping off flower stems, remove them as soon as possible; thick stems can be sliced separately.

  The healthiest broccoli cooking method is known as steam-proof.

When steaming vegetables, keep the temperature within 100 ° C to supplement and retain nutrients.

Steam the broccoli for more than 5 minutes.

If you have difficult rhizomes, it is recommended to add 2 minutes in advance.

Xiaoyao pills soothing liver and spleen men can also eat

Xiaoyao pills soothing liver and spleen men can also eat

It is said that Xiaoyao Pill is a woman’s exclusive medicine, which can help women to swallow dysmenorrhea and other “difficult words.” In fact, it is not only that, Xiaoyao Pill can benefit men.

It can slow down the stagnation of liver qi in the body, and spring is a good time to raise the liver. Eat Xiaoyao Pills, which can soothe the liver and strengthen the spleen and nourish the blood.

  In the spring of the beginning of the year, the yang is rising, the temperature is getting higher, and everything in the natural world is recovering.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the liver is mainly vented, with the characteristics of movement and elevation, and has the characteristics of upward growth and extension and stretching, which coincides with the spring of all things.

Therefore, spring becomes the most suitable for raising the liver, and it is also the most important time to pay attention to liver health.

Otherwise, when the liver is the most “active”, it does not pay attention to nursed back to health. The nutrient supply is not enough, which can easily lead to liver damage, and harmful blood circulation in the body, which will affect the health of other parts.

  In addition, after entering the new year after the spring, people’s workplace, the various pressures of life come one after another, emotional, mental tension is also likely to lead to liver evapotrania.

In particular, men are not good at resolving bad emotions, and they often have pressure to carry them. Therefore, it is easy to suffer from liver qi stagnation and spleen deficiency. It seems that there are flank flaccid and depressed, and the mood is low. There is always no reason to sigh., mental fatigue, bad appetite.

At this point, Xiaoyao Pill can come in handy.

  Xiaoyao Pill consists of Bupleurum, Angelica, Angelica, Atractylodes, Poria, Peppermint, Ginger and Glycyrrhiza.

The main medicine in Fangzhong is Bupleurum, which can relieve liver qi; Angelica and White peony can help the liver by cultivating blood and nourishing the liver; Atractylodes, medlar, and licorice can strengthen the spleen and replenish qi, help blood biochemistry and nourish the liver;Ginger has a warm stomach and a medium role; the alternative mint can help Chaihu Shugan Sanyu.

  However, it should be noted that when you have a cold and excessive menstrual flow, you should not eat Xiaoyao Pills.

Headache is swollen, irritable, or the eyes are prone to dryness, and people with poor sleep are also obsessed.

At the same time, when taking medicine, do not eat cold, cold food, otherwise it will not be worth the candle.