Aladdin?Do you treat him as a child??Don’t say he won’t go to the movies with her,Even go,Don’t know how to read fairy tales?

From Lu Xin’s ear“Dududu”Hang up,Yun and Brother hung up her phone again,Mad at her!
Huo Yunhe didn’t care about the call just now,He can’t control other people’s emotions,What can be done is not ambiguous。
Out of the office,Casual glance,Seeing that the employees are working hard,While satisfied,Also a bit sad,Just about to walk,I discovered that there was no one at the desk outside the special assistance office。
Tut tut,This miscellaneous girl is saying she abides by her duty,Or she knows the current affairs?
The corners of the slightly raised mouth show a mocking smile,When going through the special assistance office,Knock on the door,Attract everyone’s attention,Nod slightly,Go out first。
A little cheer came from behind,And the sound of a crackling seat moving。
Huo Yunhe took the president’s exclusive elevator to the parking lot on the first floor,Press the car key,A car light flashed not far away,Maybach welcomes its owner。
boarding,start up,The low-key luxury car unhurriedly moved out,It’s smooth and not a bit exciting-Speed of love,Make people anxious。
He does things vigorously,Can drive,When is it mild,Especially when crossing an intersection,Many people hate waiting for the red light,Many people rely on good technology,Go grab the yellow light for those seconds,But what he believes in is rather waiting,The notion of not grabbing a second。
Even if you encounter deliberate provocation,Also put it indifferently,Never mind,Such a Buddhist style,It’s hard to associate him with the man with cruel arms in the mall。
Waiting for the red light,There is a western restaurant on the street,A couple sitting by the window,Girl smiles like a flower,Boys affectionate models,Don’t know what was said,Girl bowed her head,Shy face is very touching。
Not a short distance,He could see so clearly,Secretly,This is a normal date,He and that strange girl are a farce!
suddenly,Huo Yunhe was surprised that he thought of that vulgar woman again,Today is the second time I think of her,Get sick yourself!
Breathe out slowly,The red light has turned green,Drive quickly,Don’t mess up!

Ok,Jack·Welch’s meaning is very clear,The Ministry of Defense is unlikely to changeAMCSubordinateAM GeneralCompany productionHMMVdecision,But it cannot be ruled out that certain officials of the Ministry of Defense used this、Profit for yourself——This situation is indeed possible,And unavoidable。

Chen Geng recognized Jack·Welch’s statement,So he nodded slightly,Asked:“So what are you going to do?”
“the first,Make a public statement、Explain to the public,One is to tell the peopleHMMVwill haveAMCAn independent subsidiary of AutomotiveAM GeneralResponsible for production,At the same time, introduce users to the publicAM GeneralThe reputation and satisfaction of the products produced;The second is to introduce to the public in detail the production of military vehicles、The acceptance process is different from that of civil vehicle production,Let the people rest assured with these two points……As long as the people are okay,A few dogs barking twice in the media is nothing at all。”
“well,What about the second,Do you work for the Ministry of Defense??”
Jack·Welch did not speak,Just shrugged,That means very clear:of course!Except for those in key positions、The officials who can influence this matter continue to stand firmlyAMCHere,What else can we do?
Look at jack·Welch also rolled,Chen Geng thought for a while,Said:“such,I’m making a public statement here。”
Jack·Welch remained silent,Just looking at Chen Geng curiously,But I don’t think so:statement?Do you think a statement can solve the problem?
Only Rosemary,After Chen Geng said these words, she looked at Chen Geng with piercing eyes,Based on the knowledge of my boss,She is keenly aware that maybe the boss is going to play a big one again,Big big one。
She feels right!
Face jack·Welch’s disapproval,Chen Geng turned to look at Rosemary:“This statement does not end withAMCCompany orAM GeneralIssued in the name of the company,But in my own name,To the effect,Thanks to the U.S. government and military for choosing my design‘hummer’Program as a new generation of U.S. militaryHMMVmilitary vehicle,then,To show my gratitude,I am willing to increase the net income of this project every year5%Set up a veteran foundation……”
Set up a veteran foundation?!

“Chuhou,Chu Lan seems to see you?”

at this time,Old Tian saw Zhang Chulan who was looking at him and others with a surprised look not far away,Said with a smile,Simultaneously,Beckoned to Zhang Chulan。
“Sister Baoer,I believe what you said before,There are people who look exactly like me,Just the clothes are different,That guy is dressed in ancient clothes,Looks less handsome than me,But it’s also outstanding。”
far away,Zhang Chulan inadvertently saw a guy who looked exactly like her,Wearing ancient clothes,Surprised,He feels that these two days are the two most surprised days in his life,All kinds of things beyond my own knowledge happen one after another。
“Zhang Chulan,Are you sure to go?There is a strange power near those three guys,Seems to reduce one’s sense of existence,Look at these people next to you,Are discussing the previous scene。”
Baby Feng said calmly,If she didn’t perceive people well,I won’t notice this inconsistency,therefore,Seeing Zhang Chulan seems to want to go,So I directly told what I found just now。
“Maybe that guy is weird,but,It looks exactly like me for no reason,Always ask why,Maybe he is my father’s illegitimate child outside。”
Zhang Chulan said with a smile,Then walked towards the guy with the same face。
“No problem,It’s nice to see me in this world before I leave。”
Chuhou Zhang Chulan said with a smile,He wants to persuade himself in this world not to be like that,The enemy is a bunch of old guys,Judging by his current strength,I can’t beat it。
“Zhang Chulan,How did you stay with baby feng?”
After ten breaths,Zhang Chulan and Feng Baobao walked in front of the three,Chuhou Zhang Chulan said with a smile,Looking at Bao Bao without mood swings,Very mysterious。
“who are you?How does it look exactly like mine?”
Zhang Chulan looked at the three people in front of him,Asked,He only found out when he got close,This man who looks exactly like himself is like the mysterious strong man who fought against the heavenly master last night。

See this scene,Everyone exclaimed,This kind of iron-cut weapon,Even modern technology can’t make it,But things can be done for a thousand years,This can’t help but make everyone feel that this will be an artifact。

all of a sudden,There are a dozen bidders,The weapon of Tang Xuanzong was quickly called for a price of 50 million.。
Shangwu also saw the scene just now,Can’t help but say:“Master Qin,This dagger should be a real fairy, right,Can easily cut iron,I have never seen such a powerful dagger。”
“Did a good job,Power also,But not that great,Can cut iron,That is the limit of that dagger。”
Qin Feng shook his head,This power,It’s still useful if placed under Mr. Da,But once you reach the level of Mr.,Can control the infuriating gas,It’s not what this weapon can hurt,So this thing is worthless to Qin Feng。
“Mr. Qin,Isn’t it great to be able to cut the iron block??”
Shangwu can’t accept Qin Feng’s words,In his opinion,Even if those cultivators are great,But it can’t do this level?And if there is a dagger that can cut iron like mud as a weapon,Isn’t it even more powerful??”
Qin Feng patiently explained it to him,Shangwu came to understand after listening,Nodded。
“Hey,Or Mr. Qin’s vision,But Mr. Qin,If you take the blood-refining pills,Is it better to use that dagger??”
Look at him looking forward,Qin Feng is not good to continue to beat him,Say again,With martial aptitude,It’s the end to reach the Xiantian realm with the blood refining pills。
This strength,If it matches the dagger,But it can take advantage of the acquired realm,Not useless。
“This is,This weapon is worthless if I use it,But it fits in your hand。”
With Qin Feng’s words,Shangwu immediately made up his mind,Raise the number plate:“Two billion!”

Yan Jun smiled at Xiang Chen again,I hope he can remember more moments before the coma。

“I vaguely remember a dark shadow,But I fainted without seeing clearly,After all, I was beaten badly!”
Xiang Chen pointed to his right rib,Where are the traces of the joint efforts of Cang Fuxue and Sun Songtang。
Everyone nodded,Judging from the knife wound on Sun Songtang’s body,It should be the enemy who killed Sun Songtang,This matter has a certain inference in everyone’s mind,The reason why I still have hope for Xiang Chen’s clue,I just want to prove my inference。Besides, during the time when Xiang Chen was in a coma,Xiang Chen, who has not ruled out the suspicion, has not been searched,Just got nothing,In the end, I forgot to take Xiang Chen’s handcuffs.,When everyone remembers this,Xiang Chen has woken up。
“You didn’t see the dark shadow clearly?”
Other people appeared after hearing that I was unconscious,When Han Yuxiang looked towards Xiang Chen, his spirit came instantly,Like a curious baby。
“See clearly,It’s spiderman!”
See the look of Korean Xiang,Xiang Chen snorted angrily。
See it,Everyone knows to avoid,As for the unresolved handcuffs,Let Korean Xiang solve this problem!After all, the relationship between the police and the public also needs a balance between yin and yang。
Everyone left silently,When Yan Jun is leaving,I threw a slightly ambiguous look at Xiang Chen,Then followed Xing Rufeng and Chu Tianqiao back out。
The same faint smile at Yan Jun,Just raise his hand to see you by Xiang Chen,not convenient。
“Officer Han,Don’t you plan to spare me, an innocent good citizen??”
Xiang Chen shook his arm vigorously,The handcuffs on the wrist made a clanging noise,It’s Xiang Chen’s silent protest。
“Fart spiderman!Say you killed Sun Songtang?”

I immediately responded without hesitation,Let them not pretend to be grandson,Don’t follow this,Engage in those shameful sneaks。

They and I scolded on the Internet!
My fans and those who like meVWe all ended up joining this scolding battle,Invisibly increased the popularity of my Weibo!
My fans and comrades,Super powerful,Soon the grandson did nothing。
They are all gone!
My Weibo has been reposted by the official blogs of major media and institutions!
The heat quickly expands and multiplies in more amazing ways!
Soon someone called my phone,I just start recording!
“You are that Ge Jianhui?”
The voice on the phone is very arrogant,It should be Liu Sihai。
“Yes,I am Ge Jianhui. What’s wrong??who are you,What’s up with me?”I’m not too welcome。
“Do you want to die?,If you don’t want to die, delete the stuff on your Weibo,Otherwise, you won’t see the sun tomorrow!”
There are many people on Liu Sihai’s cursing,All kinds of fierce。

In fact, Qiao Tianyu’s instruction is extremely targeted,According to before“Hawkeye”Analysis data of the monitoring system,LTCMHold approximately260100 million U.S. dollar three-year long positions in Treasury bonds,Qiao Tianyu suppresses US three-year Treasury bonds,price drop,LTCMWill face no small loss!

“Roger that!”Acting trader Henry acted immediately,Execute instructions immediately。
For a time,Up to1000The three-year U.S. Treasury bond sold at billions of dollars was smashed into the Treasury market,Affected by this, the price of three-year Treasury bonds immediately fell sharply,For a timeLTCMOf three-year U.S. Treasury bond positions suffered huge losses。
“finally come!”
At this moment,Located in GreenwichLTCMThe headquarters immediately detected Qiao Tianyu’s card,But when that“Five kings”When I saw Qiao Tianyu hit the U.S. Treasury market in his first hand,The nervous expressions on everyone’s faces disappeared suddenly。
“John,See you!”The other four people looked lightly at having“Father of Wall Street Bond Arbitrage”Meriweather。
To know,Meriwether is the vice president and head of the bond department of Salomon Brothers, the largest investment bank on Wall Street.,Is the most senior on Wall Street、Also the most professional bond market trader,Haven’t failed in the past 30 years,He is the most feared God of War in the world bond market!
Unexpectedly, Qiao Tianyu would attack the U.S. Treasury market as soon as he came up.,Directly followLTCMMeriwether,Isn’t this seeking a dead end??
“Really new born calves are not afraid of tigers!”
Meriwether sneered,Habitually look towards the digital arbitrage model,And the digital arbitrage model was also released instantly“Suggested instructions”,It’s no different from what Meriwether thought,Meriweather immediately issued a response order。
“U.S. Treasury Market!Five-Year Treasury Bond,90One hundred million U.S. dollars,50Leverage,eat!”
I said before,LTCMKnown for building risk-free arbitrage investment portfolios,Dislike exposure to risk positions,So they are holding260100 million US dollars of three-year Treasury bonds while long positions,To hedge this long position risk,They sold about720Five-year treasury bonds。
So when Qiao Tianyu issued an order to suppress the three-year U.S. Treasury bond,,Bond trading guru Meriweather adopts the opposite strategy,Use five-year Treasury bonds to hedge this loss,LTCMA good call inside。
But because the three-year treasury bond and the five-year treasury bond have different sensitivity to the market,To hedge this risk,This transaction allowsLTCMPaid more70Billion dollars。
butLTCMThe total amount of investment funds is several times the zero fund,Very wealthy,Don’t care about this little money!
But at this moment,Qiao Tianyu on the other side of the earth is not in a hurry,Issue today’s second instruction immediately。

“Foreign exchange market!Japanese Yen Spot,50One hundred million U.S. dollars,50Leverage,Sell!”

Of course,Qiao Tianyu’s instruction is aimed atLTCMHeld120100 million U.S. dollars in Japanese yen spot comes from,Want to suppress the yen exchange rate,LetLTCMLosses in long positions in yen。
“Roger that!”Henry Derling,Operate the operating system immediately,Shift to the foreign exchange market,Affected by this transaction,The yen index began to fall rapidly,LTCMOf yen long accounts start to lose money。
Seeing zero fund abandon the bond market,Move to the foreign exchange market,LTCMEven more cheers,Everyone at the scene thought that Qiao Tianyu just fired a shot,Was beaten by Meriwether。
And Meriwether believes in it,I thought I beat Qiao Tianyu away,Got up proudly and waved to everyone,Declare to everyone that you are the real bond market boss.
First0181chapter Hedging battle2
“I come!”Seeing Qiao Tianyu switch to the foreign exchange market,LTCM“Five kings”Rosenfeld in China stood up,He is the former head of Solomon Brothers trading department,Best at foreign exchange market transactions。
Same as Meriwether before,Rosenfeld also habitually looked down at the digital arbitrage model,When he saw the digital arbitrage model released“Suggested instructions”When it is exactly what he thinks,Also issued trading instructions immediately。
“Foreign exchange market!Pound spot,190One hundred million U.S. dollars,50Leverage,Sell!”
Similar to the treasury bond market just now,Held for hedging120100 million yen long position,LTCMAlso held up to456Billion dollar British pound spot。
At this time, Qiao Tianyu is suppressing the yen exchange rate,The best strategy is of course to use the British pound to hedge against the risk of a fall in the yen exchange rate.,Rosenfeld’s operation is indeed without any problems。
However, because the Japanese yen and the British pound have different sensitivity to the market,So to counter Qiao Tianyu’s attack,LTCMHave paid up to140Billion dollars in investment funds。

Xia Chenglong at this time naturally knew that his ordinary moves could not hurt the two people in front of him.,He summoned the Dragon Sword in his own hand,Infuse the zhenqi in your body into the dragon yin sword。

The Dragon Yin Sword made a faint roar,The Dragon Yin Sword at this time seems to imply that Xia Chenglong himself is ready。
At this time, the corner of Xia Chenglong’s mouth rose slightly,Whenever he holds the Dragon Yin Sword,At this time, he always has an inexplicable confidence and peace of mind。
And the two demons in front of Xia Chenglong,Saw this scene before me,At that time, it also showed a solemn meaning,There were some complicated expressions on his face,At this time, they rarely showed a little panic。
Chapter One Hundred and Three Enchanted
They never expected,On a small martial artist in the concentrating realm,Actually felt such a strong pressure。
But today’s Xia Chenglong’s strength is so powerful,It’s also unexpected,This is something that everyone present never expected。
So at this time everyone’s attention was on Xia Chenglong’s body,At this moment, the corners of his mouth are slightly raised,Evoked a playful smile。
At this time, Xia Chenglong swiped a sword slightly in front,This sword cut through the void directly,There is a faint sense of brokenness in the surrounding space。
Xia Chenglong’s sword at this time is basically as powerful as the one issued by the two of them just now.。
At this time, Xia Chenglong’s face is more or less unsustainable,Obviously this is contempt,The dignified Dragon King of China has been so despised by others。
Xia Chenglong’s eyes narrowed into a slit at this time,There was a slightly complicated look in the expression。
Those two people just flicked their sleeves gently,The sword awarded by Xia Chenglong with all his strength was immediately swung away。
Those two people looked at Xia Chenglong with a smile,There was a little mockery on his expression,The expression is full of indifference and disdain。

On the road,Qiangwei suddenly talked about Ami,Then curiously asked:“What’s wrong with Amei and Wang Shuai?See no one tonight,Ami looks worried when shopping during the day。”

“do not know,May did not say,But everyone guessed that she and Wang Shuai must have quarreled,Seems very serious。Someone was very angry when they saw Amei walk away from Wang Shuai’s house that day,I haven’t let Wang Shuai’s bodyguard drive it,Walk out of the neighborhood。”Xiaoji didn’t feel the need to hide,I asked Chen Wenjin and Xiao Xiao in the front row again:“do you know?”
“Not clear,They don’t say,I didn’t ask。”Chen Wenjin answered like this,Xiao Xiao took the sentence:“Yes,Hard to ask。”
At the door of Xiaoji’s house,The tank got out,He will go back to see Wang Shuai later,I’m sorry to let Xiao Xiao send him over again。
Xiao Xiao drove Qiangwei home again,Qiangwei got out of the car,When the car turned around and drove out,Chen Wenjin found someone squatting in the bushes outside the community,Just say:“parking,Someone squatting over there。”
Xiao Xiao immediately stopped by the roadside,Turn off the lights,When two people get off,Seeing the figure squatting behind the grass stand up,Rushed out quickly,Stopped Qiangwei walking into the community。
“Hurry up and save her!”Xiao Xiao rushed in anxiously,Chen Wenjin ran ahead,Few steps,But seeing Qiangwei was shocked at first,Then it was quiet again,The person who rushed out didn’t mean to hurt her。
Chen Wenjin quickly dragged Xiao Xiao down,Whisper:“It should be Xiaohua。”
Xiao Xiao looked surprised,Nodded immediately,Learn from Chen Wenjin,Looked up,I saw that man and Qiangwei were walking among the flowers。
Chen Wenjin gestured,Whisper:“Curious??”
“Hmmm!”Xiao Xiao nodded repeatedly,At this time, I don’t care about eavesdropping.,So Chen Wenjin’s cat is in front of her waist,Xiao Xiao follows。
Two people move out of the close flowers,I heard the conversation between Qiangwei and Xiaohua。
They penetrate the gaps between the sparse branches and leaves,See Qiangwei sobbing sadly,Gently stroking several injuries on Xiaohua’s face that were not completely healed。“Blame me……Blame me for not having the courage,Afraid of being hurt by a leopard,Dare not tell the truth!Seeing him hit you like that,I、I、I……I’m so uncomfortable to die,but,I am especially afraid that he will fist at me too,I’m afraid he will cut my face……”
“do not talk,it’s not your fault!I said I will protect you,Macho,Said it must be done!”Xiaohua suffocated her stomach a long time ago,Then he confided in a soft voice:“in fact,I used to be very timid。When I was with Xiaoji,I will go wherever she says,I’ll do what he said,Sometimes I don’t like it,But dare not say;at home,My mother has the final say since childhood,I will eat whatever she asks me to eat,Actually I don’t like it at all,Afraid of her upset,I will also say it is delicious;in school,What am I doing my friend,Some things feel boring,But still because friends like it,Keep doing it with them。I never thought,I can be so brave!Really,Never thought that love can make me so brave and fearless!I really、I don’t know how much I like you,really do not know……”
“Sorry!”Qiangwei is crying,Holding Xiaohua,In that cry,Heart-piercing emotions,It’s worse than the cry of lovers who can’t be together in the movie、It’s even more worrying。“Sorry Xiaohua!I’m not as brave as you,I like you very much,really like。I like you at first sight,I think、Our personalities must be very similar,We are like people,People of the same kind who can understand each other at a glance!I、I wish I met you before I met Abao,but……Destiny is so ruthless,Seems to make people happy on purpose。I don’t have the courage to leave Abao now,I dare not even mention it,He can do everything!I’m afraid he will hurt me,More afraid of him hurting you!Forgive me for being timid,Forgive me for not being as strong and brave as you,But this is me,I’m such a timid person,I can only hope that Abao will like others one day,Break up with me……”
“I killed him!”In Xiaohua’s chest,An endless flame bursts up in a moment。
Xiao Xiao secretly frightened,Looking at Chen Wenjin involuntarily,But saw him shaking his head slightly,The calm gaze seemed to tell her not to worry,Nothing will happen。
Xiao Xiao couldn’t help but decide a lot,Followed by,I heard Qiangwei push Xiaohua away again,Angrily said:“I don’t like you thinking like this!How can you not cherish yourself so much?Are you going to equate your life with someone like Abao??in your heart,Do you think your life is to me,Is it that worthless??You killed him,Then pay for life?Or stay in jail for a lifetime,Let me wait for you forever full of guilt and pain?You love yourself so much?You love me so much?you like me,But ready to give me a painful life?”
“Do not、Is not!It’s not like this!”Xiaohua panicked,I don’t know how to comfort Qiangwei for a while,Said quickly:“I just don’t want you to be bullied by him,Don’t want you to suffer!”