Seeing the brighter and brighter light in my girlfriend’s eyes,Fernando feels getting worse,He hurriedly said:“But it may also be a quad。”

“You will know if this car is good?”Tow truck driver shrugged,But did not argue with Fernando,Just say:“Anyway, the test drive does not cost money。”
Fernando who was full of words just now,Suddenly blocked by a word from the tow truck driver:Yes,What’s the use of you saying here?Just go for a test drive and you won’t know,Anyway, the test drive does not cost money。
Sophia was tempted。
I heard that this car combines an off-road vehicle、Features of cars and wagons,Large space and passing ability of existing off-road vehicles,With the loading capacity of a station wagon,While still having the comfort of a car,She couldn’t help it anymore:At present, this Fiat has problems every three days500The impression left on her is too deep,And such a vehicle also has off-road vehicles、Cars featuring station wagons and cars,Exactly what she wanted。
“Quality,”Sophia couldn’t help but ask:“How is the quality of this car?”
“Hey,Miss,do you know,AMCThe car is a brand known for its quality?”The tow truck driver made a very exaggerated expression:“The Willis Jeep of American soldiers during World War II is nowAMCSubordinateJEEPproduced,The U.S. Army has just been equippedHMMWVThe military vehicles are also from their company,And they hired a quality management team from Dongying Honda and Dongying Toyota,Let Dongying people help them control product quality……To the quality of Dongying products,What else can you say?”
Does Dongying’s quality management team control the quality??
Thinking of the quality of those Dongying appliances,Although I haven’t seen this in personAMC“Urban nomads”,But I heardAMCThe products are controlled by the quality management team of Dongying,Sophia instantly improved the quality of this car a lot。
“and,”The tow truck driver continued:“If you don’t like this car,I think it looks a little weird,does not matter,The Americans also brought a small hatchback、A compact hatchback and a station wagon based on this compact hatchback,Three cars in total,Go have a look,There is always something you like……
Oh,correct,Forgot to tell you,Even that small hatchback,The body length is also close4Meter,Than this Fiat500Much bigger。

“what!”Wang Xiaoyun said incredulously,But then,But very happy,such,Then I won’t have a chance,Get Cheng’s heart。

“How can you do this!”Finished,Hug tighter,Qin Feng on the whole face,Looks very ambiguous。
“Youjiàn)people!I’m so good to you in vain,original,Turned out to be like this。”Fang Cheng suddenly woke up,original,I was fooled by others!
Staring at Qin Feng,I want to eat him。
This person,The woman who robbed him!
He wants to kill this man!
this moment,I can’t care about being scolded by my grandpa,Regardless of the consequences,He wants this person,dead。
“hiss。”Qin Feng has a headache,What and what!
What does this woman want to play?
Throw your hand away easily and get rid of Liu Shiwen’s hand,Said in a harsh tone:“I’m unlucky this time,Run into you,I’ll help you this time,But next time,You don’t want to use me anymore!”
He directly thought,Liu Shiwen wants to use him to settle this brother Cheng,Humph,I was fooled!
“Hey,Awu,come here,I need your help now。”
“But young master,I,master
not saying,Can’t you use the power at home??Rely on yourself……”

Hold your head with both hands,A long time later,Zhu Ziqing raised his head and asked,“Current situation,Can I understand it as,Shan You has no vital signs?”

When Zhu Ziqing spoke,The tone reveals endless exhaustion。
No one answered Zhu Ziqing,This is the final answer everyone gave。
Zhu Ziqing looked up at Shu Tiance,As the head of the dragon group,Zhu Ziqing needs an explanation for himself when such a thing happens。
“This is my decision mistake,The support for those children is not in place,I accept all punishment!”
Shu Tiance sighed,To Zhu Ziqing。
Qu Tianyi also stood with Shu Tiance,Everyone has a slightly different position,But everyone’s purpose is the same,When facing outsiders,Tianshu and Zhongqu still belong to the same team after all,Are all members of the Dragon Group。
Zhu Ziqing waved his hand,Signaling that I didn’t mean to pursue anyone,Then I also signaled that the other members of the dragon group could also sit down。
“What should you do or what!I didn’t mean to blame anyone,I just want to make sure,Is my brother really dead!”
Talking,Zhu Ziqing couldn’t help but red eyes,The voice seems to be holding back something。
Still no one answered Zhu Ziqing’s question,No one gave Zhu Ziqing an accurate answer。
In the end, it was Zhu Ziqing who broke the quiet atmosphere first.。
“Dragon One and Dragon Two,Continue to perform your current mission;As for Dragon Three and Dragon Four,Put down your work as far as possible,Then tune in to respond……”
Zhu Ziqing paused while speaking,Then he looked at Shu Tiance and asked:“There should be no problem at fifty or sixty.?”
Slightly shook his head,Dragon Five and Dragon Six should be no problem from the current situation,But Long Shi’s condition is obviously not very good,But Shu Tiance pressed the news down。
Nodded,This is the best news I heard tonight。
“What are you doing??”
Zhu Ziqing seems to have thought of something,I asked when I looked at Shu Tiance。
“He is in Heguo,I wanted to support those little guys,did not expect……”
Qu Tianyi gave a dry smile,Some words are too late to say anything now。

“Of course you know!Isn’t it just a picture??Map to the bottom,Stabbed。”That little brother really read this comic book,Speak well。

Zhu Xiaoguang nodded,Keep saying:“You are talking about the second half,Do you know how Jing Ke got the chance to meet King Qin??He took the head of Fan Yuqi, the rebel general of Qin,Plus the picture,Only qualified to see King Qin。”
Speaking of which,Chen Jiannan’s eyes light up,Smiled:“You want to borrow my head?”
Zhu Xiaoguang smiled and nodded:“Yes indeed!If I take the initiative to contact Jiang Qizhi,Say i know where you are,Guess he will believe it?”
This remark,Chen Jiannan’s little brothers all glared at Zhu Xiaoguang,I thought he wanted to sell Brother Nan’s intelligence。
Chen Jiannan looked straight,Shook his head:“No way!Then you are too dangerous。”
Chen Jiannan is not considering his own safety,But what Zhu Xiaoguang did,Would put himself in danger。
Zhu Xiaoguang smiled bitterly:“You all know,I’m just a small person in Jiang Qizhi’s eyes,He won’t be so defensive。Moreover,It’s you guys,I just lead the snake out of the hole。Have a high chance of success。
Chen Jiannan narrowed his eyes,Thought for a while,Still shook his head:“No way!I can’t catch you,You are Lu Menglin’s classmate,If he comes back in the future,Know i do,He won’t forgive me。”
in fact,Why doesn’t Chen Jiannan know,If you follow Zhu Xiaoguang’s method,Can indeed be close to Jiang Qizhi,But one can’t handle it well,Zhu Xiaoguang got trapped easily by himself。
“Nange,Let me tell you that!I also think Jiang Qizhi’s bastard is not pleasing to the eye,I just don’t have the ability to clean him up,Let’s take care of him,To give this bad breath for everyone。If you don’t want,I’ll do it myself!Big deal fight with him!
Besides,I also want to make a deal with you,I’ll help you fix Jiang Qizhi this time,Next time you have to do something for me。”Zhu Xiaoguang finally said frankly。


Compared to fighting in person,Budo president Kanhachiro wants more prestige,Because of his powerful martial arts,It’s no longer necessary to prove it。

And at the moment,Obviously it’s time to reap the results。Kanhachiro can humiliate his opponents,Openly molested their beauty leader,Anyway, losers are not qualified to resist。
Facing Kanhachiro’s molesting,Cao Wen seems very passive,The opponent came with victory,She looked helpless,I can’t play by myself?And it may not win!
but,Her students have no daring to fight,At least not among sophomores。
now,Cao Wen is very conflicted,She knows very well,If Beibu University wants to save face,There is only one way,Is to let freshman He Bu play。
He Bu can slash Major Maosen,The strength is definitely not weak,It’s just that He Bu can beat the sumo wrestler on the stage,Cao Wen didn’t know it in her heart。
After all, He Bu is strong,It’s just a freshman,The opponent’s actual combat experience is obviously much richer than him,Variety of power use skills,And will never underestimate the enemy like Mao Sen,So Cao Wen is not sure,Let He Bu play this time,Will it hurt him?。
“Ugh,Forget it!Big deal wait another year!”Cao Wen hesitated so much,The predominant mind is getting weaker and weaker,She can’t bet on the future of her students,I had to sigh in my heart。
“Wei Xiaoxing,You go up and fix him!”at this time,In the camp of Beibu University,Suddenly there was a very uncomfortable voice saying。
It’s Teacher Lu,His old man finally turned his attention to the duel,And said with a smile。
When I heard this sound,Wei Xiaoxing was taken aback for a moment,He was a little surprised,Also a little proud。
“Team head,Did you call the wrong person?I go?Haha!Just kidding!”Wei Xiaoxing points to the tip of his nose,Asked with a smile。
All the Beibu students present have the same ideas as him,One after another, they looked at their teacher Lu。
“Just ask you to go,Why is there so much nonsense?”Lu Menglin stared at Wei Xiaoxing,Exasperated。
Wei Xiaoxing finally knows now,The teacher didn’t call the wrong person,No joking,I really want to play myself。
Chapter seven hundred and ninety five Strange trick
“what?Let Wei Xiaoxing play?Isn’t that a food delivery??”A freshman martial arts student whispered。
“Did he offend Teacher Lu??This is not a gift,This is for him to die!”Another freshman martial arts student stunned。
“Ha ha!It seems that this is not just a question,Still a proposition!Who said Wei Xiaoxing is always squinting,Cheap mouth,This time he should be punished。”

“And now the Americans and Japanese are jumping out to fight for hegemony over the international gold market,In fact, it is to overthrow the old order of the international gold market established by the British royal family,To establish their new order。”

“I understand!”Qiao Tianyu finally figured out the current situation。
“In other words,Now we want to get this496Accurate data for a single transaction,Find out how much gold the HSBC Bank and Jianying Organization in the United States have eaten,Can only be obtained from the British royal family!”
“Yes,Does that mean。”Raman nodded and said。
“In that case,Then let’s go directly to the British royal family for data,The British royal family should stand in the same trench with us now,They certainly don’t want the Americans and Japanese to subvert the order of the international gold market they established.?”Qiao Tianyu suggested。
“It’s useless。”Raman shook his head,Said helplessly。
“**that6500Tons of gold missing,The British royal family must have known,They must have seen the data,But why they haven’t heard anything,Not to remind us?”
“Yes indeed?why?”Michelle asked curiously。
“Oh oh,I understand!”Raman reminded me,Qiao Tianyu suddenly realized。
“To use U.S. military bases overseas,Must pass through the United States**agree,Illustrate America**Already involved6500Here comes the disappearance of tons of gold。”Qiao Tianyu explained。
“And the British royal family dared not say anything after suffering such a big dumb loss,Can only show the United States**Has already given a note to the British royal family,Or promise to exchange other political or economic benefits for the British royal family,The British royal family closed their mouths,No more!”
“Correct,Does that mean!”Raman nodded approvingly,“young people,Your mind is turning fast enough,Admire the old!”
“Ashamed ashamed。”Qiao Tianyu shook his head embarrassedly,Then said,“Old man,I finally understand that you were so happy to hear that they are the KGB union。”
“If i guess right,You want them to help us fix this496Accurate data for a single transaction?”
“indeed so。”Raman nodded and said,“Now the British royal family definitely can’t count on it,United Kingdom**Only the order of America is,Sure not to offend the United States,So next we can only rely on ourselves,Alone!”
“The international gold trading system is responsible for security and defense by the British MI6,And the British MI6 is the world’s third largest intelligence organization,To grab transaction data from MI6,It can only be the CIA and the Russian KGB!”
“no problem!”Michelle immediately patted her towering chest and promised。
First0260chapter Who bullied lily?

“you……”Although Ouyang Wuji knew that Wen Tianli was telling the truth,But even if he said the truth,So what can?Ouyang’s family is big,No matter how much trouble Ouyang Jianfeng caused outside,Ouyang Jianfeng thinks he is capable of helping him settle。

and so,For Ouyang Jianfeng’s various absurd behaviors,As long as it’s not too much,Ouyang Wuji opened one eye and closed the other。
On the one hand, can I be able to balance,It shows the strength of their Ouyang family,On the other hand, the Ouyang family has come to the generation of Ouyang Jianfeng,Just such a male,and so,The preference for him is naturally more than that of others。
Although Ouyang Wou-ki is concerned about the rumors about Ouyang Jianfeng,It’s just a legend。Like Wen Tianli dare to be in front of him,Express it so bluntly to myself,Ouyang Wuji had to admit,He is really the first one。
Wen Tianli smiled and watched the changes in Ouyang Wuji’s complexion,I don’t mean to care at all。
And he didn’t mean to pay attention,Even continued to speak:“and,I still know,With Ouyang your temper,I’m afraid I have promised your grandson to avenge him,Go and clean up the person who embarrassed him!”
“How would you know?”Ouyang Wuji asked in astonishment,If Wen Tianli’s words just criticizing his grandson are just hearsay,Then about I have to take care of that person,But it is absolutely impossible to spread。
this matter,Only their family members here know,So at this time,Ouyang Wuji has absolutely reason to suspect that Wen Tianli has reached into his home。
Chapter Two Hundred and Eighth Good for oneself
To this,Ouyang Wuji felt extremely shocked,He did not expect,Wen Tianli had already stretched out his magical hand to his own home without knowing it.!
“Ouyang,I told you,You don’t have to be so nervous,I don’t have the heart to deal with you Ouyang,I am here today just for the auction。”Wen Tianli emphasized again。
Ouyang Wuji is also an old fox after all,and so,Soon, I won’t be entangled in the question of whether or not it was bought.,After all, that matter is not in a hurry,I can completely after Wen Tianli is gone,Let’s investigate this matter。
at the moment,For Ouyang Wuji,The most important thing,There is nothing more than to quickly send away the plague god in front of you。
“and so,Boss Wen, are you going to stand up for that wild boy??”Ouyang Wuji has now changed his name to Wen Tianli from Master Wen to Boss Wen,Made it clear that he wanted to draw a line with him。
Wen Tianli just smiled at this indifferently,Then he said:“Wild boy?It’s a shame that your grandson said it,He is an existence that all of us cannot afford to offend,I can’t afford to offend,And you Ouyang,Even more offend。and so,I come today,Just to remind you,Hurry up and put away your thoughts about dealing with him,otherwise,Your Ouyang family will only speed up the speed of death!”
“a ha ha ha……”Ouyang Wuji couldn’t help laughing when he heard this,Then he said:“I said Boss Wen,This is a bit big for you,Such a wild boy we haven’t even seen,It’s so amazing by you,and,If my guess is good,You hate our Ouyang family too,If others have a chance to break our family,Shouldn’t you be happy to see it happen?Is there such a danger that will come to us as it is now??”
“Ouyang Wuji,I said,I will avenge our literary family,I will never fake my hands to others,and so,You better be acquainted with me。”Wen Tianli roared。
have to say,When Wen Tianli is not angry,,Really a gentleman,But the Ouyang family as a subsidiary family of the literary family,Of course, I can’t understand Wen Tianli better,Once he fires up,Then he can do everything。
and so,at this time,Ouyang Wuji’s face suddenly became ugly,And the momentum shown just now,Also under Wen Tianli’s strong aura,It’s not worth mentioning。
Wen Tianli saw Ouyang Wuji’s attitude soften,Just stand up and say:“Ouyang Wuji,If you don’t listen to my advice,I guarantee that your Ouyang family will disappear into this world within one day,If you think you can gamble,Then you can just fight him!words,I will stop here,Just listen to you!”

Contempt,The behavior is following Ding Kelan。

Ding Kelan invited him to the cafeteria for dinner,Walk to fitness。Huaxia Chinese
Suddenly I thought of the live video of the corporate canteen that was broadcast a few days ago,proposal。
“what?You want to take me to the cafeteria?Big pot of rice、Oil-free?nonono。”Lin Hai’s rejection from the inside out,All bad。
Ding Kelan was amused by his reflection,On the contrary, he has a nonchalant look,Introduce with interest,Our canteen is hot now。
Lin Hai looked at him confusedly。Ding Kelan forwarded the small video stored on the phone to Lin Hai,Let him see。Lin Haibian asked while watching:“What does this have to do with your cafeteria?”
“Look on。”Ding Kelan reminded him。
“Oh roar,Shenglan International Optoelectronics,Your canteen?”Lin Hai asked in surprise。
“Huh!”Tan Keran proudly stretched out the exclamation。
“The beauties in your company are pretty good,Anchor serving as a cooking method,I can finish it in the end。Looks delicious。”Lin Hai sighed,Swallowed a sip of salt water,Provoked appetite,Shouted:“I will taste this dish later,What’s it called,Stir-fried beef tendon,Vigor。”
Ding Kelan smiled and watched him make comments。
In the canteen,The cooks in the canteen are basically the same as Tian Lu’s,After serving it out,Lin Hai can’t wait to take a bite,Tasty,Praise thumbs up。
Ding Kelan asked him to try other dishes,ask him:“The canteen is not worse than the outside restaurant, right!”

I can’t stay here long in China,There must be an outstanding ability in the country、Have certain leadership and organizational skills,At the same time, managers who can coordinate with the various departments of the capital help themselves to stare at the domestic stall,But where can such a person go??

First142chapter Accidentally the first time
“Mr,You are……Still having a headache for the person in charge of this factory?”Seeing Chen Geng’s frown,Mirren helped Chen Geng press his head,Tentatively asked。
“Yes,”Chen Geng nodded subconsciously:“No suitable candidate。”
Actually, during this period of time, I asked Chen Geng about the candidate for the director、Even people who simply recommend themselves are not young or old。
Ordinary people don’t know how much oil and water there is in this factory director’s seat,But there is never a shortage of smart people in this world,Even if I still don’t know what kind of treatment Chen Geng will give the director of this factory,But one thing is certain,Chen Geng can’t stay in China for a long time,His foundation is in the United States,A year or two in the country is considered the best,I definitely want someone to help him watch this factory,This is a big factory where foreigners have invested millions of dollars,I heard that a year can create millions of dollars in foreign exchange for the country,Not to mention how good the big American boss can give,Even if it comes out from the corners,Enough to eat for myself。
But who is Chen Geng?A pair of eyes can see these guys’ bones,How can I not tell that these guys don’t have any good thoughts at all,still is“Do not dig the corner of socialism、Socialist wool is not white or white”of“It’s a bastard if you don’t take advantage”Thoughts?
Not to mention Xie Minsheng, a good old partner who cooperated before.,Chen Geng looks at these guys,How can I look at it?。
Paused,Chen Gengxiao asked:“how?You are going to try?”
“I’m not interested,”Mirren refused,Although Huaxia’s food is delicious,But fun、There are so few interesting things,Many places are not allowed to go,Far less comfortable in America、free、Rejected,Mirren asked Chen Geng in wonder:“boss,Since you can’t find a suitable manager,Why not open recruitment?”
“Open recruitment?impossible,”Chen Geng said casually:“The conditions here are not suitable……”
“Why not appropriate?”
My boss has been unable to find a suitable person to be responsible for the daily operation of this factory in China,Mirren knew about this,I also know that many people have recommended some candidates to the boss during this period,But the boss seems to be dissatisfied with these candidates。Mirren doesn’t know why the boss is dissatisfied with these people,But she has no way to understand why the boss seems helpless on this issue,But now I hear Chen Geng’s words,Mirren was not convinced:“How many talents you can reach now?I don’t know if China has a headhunting company,But you can publish job advertisements directly on TV or newspapers?Thus,Not only the choice of manager is not a problem,I think it’s not a problem for the entire management,It’s great that you can give a higher salary……”
Chen Genggang wants to say something“Who said that China can now publish TV and newspaper advertisements?”But this just came to my lips,He suddenly froze:Yes indeed,Who said that China cannot publish newspapers and TV advertisements in this era?
In the previous life, Runhua Industry was not only a frequent visitor to the advertising department of CCTV,Also has a long-term cooperative relationship with many large domestic media,Naturally, he is very clear about the development process and key nodes of the domestic advertising industry,Just before I came1979year1month4day,《Jinmen Daily》A banner advertisement for Jinmen Toothpaste Factory was published on。
This advertisement can be said to have created a precedent for commercial advertising in China after the founding of the People’s Republic of my country.,Jinmen Toothpaste Factory became the first business owner to publish a commercial advertisement,and《Jinmen Daily》And became the first media to publish commercial advertisements。

Chen Geng fixedly looked at Zhang Ying and Wang Dazhi,For a while,Just asked:“Deputy Secretary Zhang,Vice President Wang,You two,I must think that I am using this method to retaliate against your old Hafei employees?”

Chen Geng’s tone is very formal,Directly address the positions of the two,Zhang Ying and Wang Dazhi heard the words,Slightly stunned,Just hurriedly smiled:“Chairman, you misunderstood,Why do we think so……We mainly think,The current situation of COMAC,Such reforms are a little hasty……”
“Vice President Wang,”Chen Geng didn’t want to interrupt them,Asked:“What kind of company do you think COMAC is?”
Although I don’t understand why Chen Geng suddenly asked,But Wang Dazhi replied subconsciously:“Our COMAC Group is a Sino-foreign joint venture、Self-management、Self-financing joint-stock enterprise。”
“Yes,COMAC is a Sino-foreign joint-stock company,Self-management、Self-financing,”Chen Geng nods slightly:“In other words,We are not a purely Chinese state-owned enterprise,Do not enjoy government financial allocation,And there is no support given by the government,If the business runs well,Everyone is paid、With bonus、Have high benefits,But if the business is not good,Not to mention bonuses and benefits,It would be nice to be able to send out the salary,In extreme cases, it may even go bankrupt,am I right?”
“Then,You tell me,Since the establishment of COMAC,Has China Xia invested a dollar in COMAC??”
“last year,COMAC relies on the planes I imported and part of the funds I invested,Barely maintained financial balance,Then now,Tell me again,If I didn’t give the COMAC before,What will happen to the financial situation of COMAC now?More than 40,000 employees in the group,What will happen?”
Wang Dazhi was speechless。
“I am the chairman of China Commercial Aviation Aircraft Manufacturing Group,It is also the second largest shareholder of COMAC,”Chen Geng’s tone changed,Combined with:“The establishment of COMAC,I took out real money,As the chairman of the group and the second largest shareholder,I am responsible、Obligation to run the business better,This is not only in line with the group’s largest shareholder:The interests of China Aviation Industry Department,But also in my own interests,All the decisions i made,It is also based on making the business better、Make the future and prospects of the group brighter,and so,I mean you two understand?”
Wang Dazhi and Zhang Ying have indeed understood the meaning of Chen Geng’s words:Lao Tzu serves the food of more than 40,000 workers in the whole group,Racked my brain all day、Tried everything,Now you actually told me about my reform,Just because someone offended me?
What a joke?!
Think now,Wang Dazhi and Zhang Ying suddenly realized that their previous views were indeed naive,Like what Chairman Chen said,Open your eyes every day,There are more than 40,000 mouths waiting to be fed,Do you think I will command blindly for one of the nonsense mouths?
Can you find a more nonsense reason??
Chen Geng said it for this purpose,Zhang Ying and Wang Dazhi can no longer continue,If continue,What to say?Have to break the words,Say“We just feel that once this reform is implemented,I can’t live happily like this”Up?Say“We just thought about everything nowadays when Chen Geng is in front of you”Is it?Say“Even if your Chen Geng’s ideas are good,But it’s still too radical,Hastily implemented,I’m afraid everyone can’t accept it”Is it?
Leaving Chen Geng unhappy,Wang Dazhi and Zhang Ying, look at me、I see you,Both have a feeling in their hearts:No recruit。