Bai Lu folded her hands together to cover her thin lips,So that I won’t be exclaimed。Bai Lu is not only surprised that Xiangyang’s fight is clean and tidy,Also shocked by such a thing,Why would I be involved,To know before that,She avoids it。

Seeing Xiangyang picking three and completely gaining the upper hand,Bai Lu has forgotten to avoid。
Zhu Xinting roared,Swearing,There is indeed a bit of bluffing,But still cannot change the fate of being beaten by Xiangyang。
And Zhu Shiyao saw her roommate being bullied,I naturally feel that I can’t stay out of it。The Chinese saying that double fists are hard to beat four hands makes Zhu Shiyao feel that one more person can help Xiangyang,More power,But when she was stopped by Xiao Xiaoxiao desperately,Then I watched the scorching sun with Zhu Xinting.,Just the posture of Wu Song fighting the tiger,Zhu Shiyao dare to conclude,Before Xiangyang is exhausted,She won’t fall into a disadvantage!
“Don’t be impulsive,Not to mention Xiangyang will not lose,You will only let others watch the jokes now.!”
Xiao Xiaoxiao gave Zhu Shiyao a glance,This tiger girl is scary with big breasts,But it is indeed a little less brain。
“Then you can’t watch Xiangyang being bullied by others!”
Zhu Shiyao whispered,But in exchange for Xiao Xiaoxiao’s bigger eyes。
“Big sister,If you have time,Worry about me,I almost dislocated my arm to stop you!”
Xiao Xiaoxiao moved her arms gently,Dislocation is a bit exaggerated,But just to stop Zhu Shiyao who wanted to rush up,Xiao Xiaoxiao was indeed almost taken over by Zhu Shiyao。
“Take a look for yourself,How can Xiangyang be bullied now?!Then you are thinking,Have already started,Isn’t this going to the instructor??Rather than rushing to the icing on the cake,It’s better to think about how to raise Xiangyang to minimize the punishment!”
Xiao Xiaoxiao is a little impatient,But still patiently explained to Zhu Shiyao。Simultaneously,Xiao Xiaoxiao became more curious about Xiangyang,Wore the most expensive clothes,Also fought the most brutal fight,What is the origin of this girl??
After listening to Xiao Xiaoxiao’s explanation,Zhu Shiyao only noticed,A lot of people watching the excitement around have gathered。Zhu Shiyao realized that,It looks like Xiangyang is in trouble again!
In school days,Girls fighting is always big news,And such news is always what excites boys most。
When Zhu Xinting and Xiang Yang quarreled,Someone started watching,Unconsciously,Zhu Shiyao paid attention to her surroundings,At least hundreds of people!
“Worthy of being the most beautiful bedroom in Wanghai University,They made the two news today!”
There are already quiet discussions in the crowd,But Zhu Shiyao looked around,But I can’t find the source of this sound。

The dignified eldest of the Murong family,Talent excellence,I have already entered the questioning gods a long time ago,She won’t be able to kill these guys?

Really can’t kill!
“Actually I have been thinking about one thing,Why do you live as the real her!”Xia Chenglong walked and said,“Whether it’s a smile,Or take a trip,It seems exactly like the woman in my head,This kind of ability gives you the courage to show up!”
The woman didn’t answer Xia Chenglong’s words,Just listening while walking。
“The formation here can trap Tu Cancan and those guys without illusion,But can’t hold me,That’s why they thought of this way!”
In fact, at the moment Xia Chenglong absorbed the aura here,Some of his memories have been completely copied,He copied his thoughts。
So after recovering from his injury, he found two strong enough people in his mind。
One is a woman who can hold his feelings,The other is the person they are going to meet next。
Xia Chenglong has kept his mind independent and clear since entering here,He is also thinking about how to get out of here。
I didn’t know before because it was not strong enough,So he doesn’t make any moves,But waiting,Wait until another person dares to appear in front of you。
it’s good now,The mechanism here can make people grow unlimited,Those who reach the end can only stay at the end forever,And he can have rapid development,Reach a new peak。
“I am who I am,Not what you said!”Murong Qianxue frowned and retorted。
“OK,Then you can attack them as much as you like。”
Xia Chenglong didn’t panic at all。
Murong Qianxue raises his hand,The ice sword that is ready to be released becomes a life-saving sentence,The original powerful martial arts did not make any movement when facing those in the distance。
impossible,Why is this?
Why is such a huge force ineffective,This shouldn’t happen。
Xia Chenglong smiled,And shook his head。
“You feel good about yourself,Actually wishful thinking,What i said,Your attack is impossible for anyone but me to work。”
This is a kind of common destiny!

After speaking, Qiao Tianyu shook his head quickly,It’s emptied the memory,Then he turned his attention to solving the current dilemma。

“Anyway,nowadays‘Diplomatic bond’Is indeed the best way to contain America,but‘Diplomatic bond’All frozen by the U.S. Treasury Department,Want to reset‘Diplomatic bond’Get it,There is only one way left。”Qiao Tianyu analyzed。
“That is to giveDBLPBond payment,And then get it back from the U.S. Treasury Department‘Diplomatic bond’!”
“Yes,so far,There is only one way!”Wu Minghao nodded and said。
“But this trick is not easy,2Trillion dollars,Who is willing to be taken advantage of2Trillions of dollars to pay for others?”
“Moreover,2Trillion dollars is too much,Most people can’t even think about it,Not to mention spending so much money!”
“2Trillion dollars is indeed too much,But then again,Want to redeem those‘Diplomatic bond’,Also don’t need2Trillion dollars!”
“what?What do you mean?”Wu Minghao was shocked by Qiao Tianyu again,Can’t wait to ask quickly。
“Mr. Wu,Do you think,this year5In a secret meeting in Manhattan,Only half of the investment institutions chose to reckless,Do not intend to continue to repayDBLPBond maturity,right?”Qiao Tianyu asked。
“Yes,What’s wrong?”Wu Minghao asked puzzledly。
“That means,At least half of the investment institutions are still capable and willing to repayDBLPBond maturity。”Qiao Tianyu continued to explain。
“Then if you ask those investment institutions that are willing to repay the maturing bonds to jointly repay the debts,They should respond to your call。”
“That means that in total2Half of the trillion dollars has been resolved,Repayment by investment institutions willing to repay the debt,So the real solution is for us,Actually it is1Trillion dollars,Instead of2Trillion dollars!”
“Oh oh,This is the truth!”After listening to Qiao Tianyu’s explanation,Wu Minghao nodded vigorously。

Seeing Qiao Tianyu’s sad face,Qiao Daye also knows that Qiao Tianyu is in trouble,But as Qiao Tianyu’s uncle,At the critical moment, GEODIS knew he had to stand up。

So I saw Geo Da Ye get up from the sofa,Take a big step to Xu Jiahao,Reaching out and grabbing Xu Jiahao’s collar,Take Xu Jiahao from the sofa“Mention slip”Up。
“Xu Jiahao,I wonder if you the fucking undercover from the Americans and British?!”Geodaye shouted at Xu Jiahao。
“Listen to what you said just now,Again, there is no flaw in the pound exchange rate prevention and control system,Again‘Diplomatic bond’Never touch,According to you,All of us should go home and sleep,What else to save Mr. Wu Wenjie!”
“Wu.Mr. Wu Wenjie?”When I heard the name Wu Wenjie,Xu Jiahao excited his whole body,Staring at Qiaodaye with round eyes。
“Daye,I suddenly remembered something,But I have to confirm with you first,Mr. Wu Wenjie you just mentioned,Was it just Wu Wenjie, the ace trader of Megatron on Wall Street in the 70s and 80s??”
“Yes indeed,How.what happened?”Seeing Xu Jiahao’s unusual reaction,Geordaye turned his head and glanced at Qiao Tianyu beside him,Hesitatingly asked。
“That’s right!”After confirming that it is indeed Mr. Jie,Xu Jiahao said excitedly,“Tianyu,Daye,I have a very important thing to show you,Hope it can help you!”
After that, Xu Jiahao patted Qiao Daye’s hand,Geodaye quickly let go,Xu Jiahao ran back to the bedroom of the suite,Soon he walked back with an envelope with a crumpled cover in his hand。
“Tianyu,Daye,Look what this is?”Xu Jiahao held the one and shook it in front of Qiao Tianyu and Qiao Daye,Asked proudly。
“Xu Jiahao,What’s going on?You have a fart quickly!”Geodaye can’t wait to ask。
“Hehe,See you in a hurry!”Xu Jiahao smiled and shook his head,Then explained。
“I explained to you this morning,I am at1990Was kidnapped in the first half of the year。”

Shangguanyan stopped her mouth quickly,really,The corners of the old lady’s mouth and nose have overflowed with blood。

Shangguanyan’s face suddenly paled,what the hell is it?Why is it bleeding suddenly??
Eyes involuntarily looked at Xiao Fan,She remembers that Xiao Fan said,If artificial respiration is forced,It will cause blood choking。
Xiao Fan sighed,Said:“This condition of the elderly is pneumothorax obstruction,If she was forced to give her artificial respiration,Will compress the blood vessels in the lungs,Which leads to bleeding。”
“that,What should I do now?Is there any other way??”Shangguanyan asked anxiously。
She wanted to save people,But now it’s actually hurting people,This is what she doesn’t want to see anyway。
“Really didn’t expect,Was really right by that young man。”
“Yes,It seems we blamed him wrong。”
“If I just listened to him just now,This old lady won’t bleed!”
“I don’t know if this young man has any way to save her。”
“Yes,If there is no alternative,This old lady died too unjustly。”
Shangguanyan also regrets dying now,I regret not listening to Xiao Fan just now。
She now has an idea with the onlookers,The only hope is pinned on Xiao Fan,Look at Xiao Fan with expectant eyes。
Xiao Fan didn’t speak,One hand grabbed Shangguanyan’s chest。
Shangguanyan surprised,I immediately covered my chest and took two steps back,Asked gloomily:“What do you want?”
Xiao Fan saw Shang Guan Yan’s reaction,I know she misunderstood。
Xiao Fan is speechless,When is this,She still thinks of herself with such nasty thoughts。
“I just want to borrow the ballpoint pen on your clothes。”Xiao Fan said helplessly。
Shangguanyan looked down at her chest,Blush,I do have a ballpoint pen pinned to my chest。
I quickly took down the ballpoint pen and gave it to Xiao Fan,Don’t overdo it immediately,What was I thinking just now??

Not seeing,This is now fighting,The so-called arrow is on the string,Had to send。

The two looked at each other,I understood what the other party meant,At this time they summoned all their artifacts into their own hands,Forced his legs towards the sky and swept over。
Two people are also standing above the sky,Staring coldly at Xia Chenglong。
To say that these two people are really ruthless characters,Don’t talk nonsense, just start the fight,I didn’t even introduce myself,But this is also in line with these two personalities,Neat and clean,Man of few words!
At this time, Xia Chenglong saw two people stabbing towards him,The expression was suddenly tight at the time,There was a little solemnity flashing in his eyes。
To say that these two people are powerhouses in the concentrating state after all,Moreover, Demon Sage Jinglian has reached the cultivation base of the fourth layer,Even Houtu Demon Sage has reached the cultivation base of the Concentrating Spirit Realm Triple Heaven。
Powerful in the Mirror,Every difference,The strength is naturally different,So now two people,Fight with Xia Chenglong,This power is naturally overwhelming。
Pure Lotus Demon Saint and Thick Earth Demon Saint,Both use swords,The Demon Sage of Jinglian uses the Demon Lotus Sword,The Houtu Demon Sage uses the Houtu Sword,The power of heaven and earth carried on these two swords,Nature should not be underestimated。
Jinglian Demon Sage,Pour your magic power into the demon lotus sword,At this time, there was a faint demon white light from the demon lotus sword,There is a faint sign of shattering in the space around his sword,Slowly it was going to fall apart。
At this time, the thick earth demon saint,The thick soil sword used,When he poured his magic power into it,Faintly emitting a light yellow light。
Xia Chenglong looked at Demon Sage Jinglian and Demon Sage Houtu,He did feel it at this time,The tricky place for these two people,At this time, his expression suddenly tightened,There was a little solemn expression on his face。
These people are just looking at each other like this,No one did it first,I didn’t mean to get started first,The air here seems to be frozen at this moment。
Pure Lotus Demon Saint and Thick Earth Demon Saint,The two looked at each other,I understood what the other party meant,At this time, the two of them nodded gently。
At this time, Xia Chenglong watched the two people communicate there,It didn’t interrupt the two people,Just hug your chest,Looking down at the two people coldly,A dignified look flashed in his eyes,There was a little coldness on the expression。

“What’s going on with you?”Qin Feng is also interested,Feel that things are not completely out of control。

“Very troublesome,I just ended the five-piece meeting before。If there is no accident,Zhang family is going to move!”
The Chief Chief’s words just finished,Then I received a call。
“Hey,Ok,I know!”
The big chief frowned after hanging up the phone,“The Zhang family started to act,Order the arrest of the four major palace owners。That they are suspected of collecting black money。”
“Are the special forces people willing to let them go??”Qin Feng asked。
Big Chief Smiles,“Of course not willing,So the conflict happened。The rebel special forces are directly regarded as rebels。Turn a blind eye to official orders,Now outlaw their position,And arrested them。”
“This.So is the conflict with the official serious??”Qin Feng’s face is bitter。
Even Chu Xiao frowned slightly,Because he is also a member of the special forces,But now Zhang’s direct orders will basically hit all the special forces on the enemy’s side.。This is an insult to the members of the special forces。
But the members of the special forces are only part of the regular members,More people like Qin Feng who were recruited as a monk on the way。These members have no sense of belonging,Even doing things with some unconventional means。
In case of conflict,These people are a variable。It will even push the physique of the special forces to the path of destruction。
“The chief, you hurry up!Don’t you give an order to calm down??”Qin Feng felt that since he received the news,The head of the country
Head of state,Shouldn’t you do something?Although the special team was not created by Liang Guodong,But now he is indeed the beneficiary,Shouldn’t you do something for those teams??

Lin Qingwei is much better than they thought,Then just left。

But they also have some doubts in their hearts,Why is such a beautiful beauty lying in someone’s house??
“Thanks a few security guards,Have a meal together?”Qin Feng came right away,He is really hungry,Want to eat supper,I also want to meet some people by the way。
After all, there is no one I know here,That’s not so appropriate。
“Thank you,no need,We have a task to go back,If she comes to harass you,Then you can continue to call us。”Naturally those security guards cannot agree,This is a violation of discipline。
“Thanks security。”Qin Feng said very politely。
People carry people,People are so polite,He can’t die。
When they left,Qin Feng closed the door of the room。
Jiang Yan looked at Qin Feng with a sad expression:“Ugh,Is there really no way around this??”
“No way。”
Both are very vague,Didn’t make things so clear,But each other knows what the other is talking。
Jiang Yan also shook her head,Then went to rest,Because she also knows that she doesn’t have much time to grieve for others,Because she herself has time to work。
at the same time,Lin Qingwei, who returned to her car, also gave Lin Qianqian a call。
“I failed,Even if I said to give myself to him,And moral kidnapping him,He is not willing to help us,I don’t know what to do。”
Lin Qingwei said sadly,To save my grandpa,She is at all costs,Unfortunately, no matter what the situation is,She still can’t do those things。
“Ugh,If we take down all the sites in Qingshui Village,What will happen to him then?”Lin Xiqian also thought of a crazy thing。

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It’s just that they don’t know,Team Menglin in Las Vegas,Although he has won,But there is still a difficulty to pass。
Genius remembers this site address in one second:.。Mobile version read URL:m.
text Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Six Reinforcements
? MGM Grand705In the room,All the members of Team Menglin are here。
“There is also a team match,Do you think you still want to participate??”Lu Menglin asked with a smile。
Wang Xiaopang looked at the child,Then he looked at Jiang Jinghong,Wryly smiled:“Everything works!”
Lu Menglin has won the title of the world’s first person in the King of Fighters competition,Showed overwhelming strength to the world,If you play the team game again,Seems to be a bit bullying。

Talking late,Then soon!Liu Guofeng stepped forward,All over,Meet the giant snake with a brave and fearless attitude。

Facing such a huge creature,
Liu Guofeng did not hesitate to change his fighting skills in the general,Jumped up,People kick their legs in mid-air,Like a giant axe,The Tianling Gai that hit the giant snake with a leg。
The size difference between humans and snakes is too big,So he can only choose to attack the vitals,Under this full blow,Not only is there a strong burst of strength enough to open a stele,Also comes with serial electro-optics,Can form a strong paralysis effect。
It can be said,This is already the strongest blow Liu Guofeng can explode in his life。
boom!One leg fell on the head of a giant snake like a battle axe,Made a toothy crash。
But it’s a pity,Although Liu Guofeng’s strength is several times stronger,And also comes with electric shock effect,But facing this super mutant creature,Still a little immature。
Lightning flashes through the head of the giant snake,Seems to cause some trouble to it,But it shook its head sharply,He slammed Liu Guo straight out like a cannonball,Flying across the hall,Slammed into the opposite wall,Almost knocked out a personal pit。
Everyone was shocked,The power of this giant snake is too strong,Purely for brute force,It’s not a contest between species at all,It’s really nothing like。
Liu Guofeng has undergone the first mutation,Really powerful,He fought hard,So I pulled myself out of the wall,Clenched fist,Continue to work hard。
“stop!”Lu Menglin shouted loudly in time。
“Old Liu don’t be impulsive!”Carlo also shouted at the same time。
These two shouted,Liu Guofeng only relaxed slightly from the high tension of the battle.,Stop in place,The whole body still maintains the heroic fighting spirit,But didn’t continue to rush up。
The giant snake stopped steadily in mid-air,A big head facing everyone。
“My goodness!What the hell is that?”Xiaojie on the side finally saw the true face of this giant snake,Can’t help but exclaimed。
Everyone will take a look,All have a chill in my heart。