“Since you are ancient gods,Supernatural power,Why hide,Like a turtle?”

“Are you listening?I’m scolding you!”
Let Li Tianzhen yell,Even abuse,The big hand really shrank,No more sound,Li Tianzhen is getting angry,Just let go of the soul and hit the sky。
He wants to see what guys are hiding in this mysterious temple,do not forget,You so-called ancient gods live in Lao Tzu’s head,Don’t ask how you came,This is like a village in a city,Laozi is the prince,You tenants are very thick-skinned、Love takes advantage of social blind currents and low-level chaos,Refuse to accept the rent,Still so arrogant,How can there be such a truth in the world?
There was a billowing cloud above the sky,Large swathes of flash can be seen with the naked eye in the rolling clouds,Li Tianzhen faces proudly,Right hand,A dark golden knife appeared,His primordial spirit is also rising and getting bigger,Suddenly clicked,A thick purple electric glow fell fiercely,Unbiased is hitting Li Tianzhu’s soul,He whizzed and fell faster than he came,With a bang, I fell directly into the turbulent waves of the Sea of Vitality。
This blow looks fierce,But the actual damage to Li Tianzhen is extremely limited,The sea of vitality is originally his own vitality composition,Only good for the soul,No harm,And that purple lightning is also real,Suspected of releasing water,The purpose is to prevent,Not kill,If it’s really broken,Don’t say it’s Li Tianzhi,Even the palm print smashed to pieces。
Reluctantly climbed from the sea of vitality to the shore,Li Tianzhen is already exhausted,Although there is no major trauma on his body,But very embarrassed,And the mood is extremely lonely,That flash of lightning can be said to have severely damaged his mind and will,I can’t even take a single blow,What are you talking about looking for rent??
Li Tianzhen is disgusted now,Anyone with magical powers and great power jumps out inexplicably,He is the so-called God of War Li Xiucheng,I have to talk about what I’m hiding,But what is all this for,Always in circles in the clouds,Who has seen the so-called God of War be so useless?
Maybe both worlds are scams,It’s all chaotic and disorderly time and space,So where is the real world?Where did i come from?What will become like this after going through?Li Tianzhen lying on the bank holding his head,Numerous pictures emerge,Chaotic,The scenes of the two worlds are intertwined and twisted,Conflict collision,Constantly being blown into powder。
These countless powders,Seems to be attracted by an invisible magnetic force,Reunited slowly,Regroup、Interweave、distortion、collision,Over and over,Tirelessly over and over again,at last,The powder seems to be fried,Trivial,Even the pupil of true vision can hardly tell,But they are still evolving violently,Constant division。
But the more intense,Reflecting to Li Tianzhen’s perception, it became more and more silent,Finally calm in my mind,But all around it is hazy,As if being in the early morning mist,Li Tianzhen can no longer distinguish whether the scene in front of him is real or illusion。
He tried to move his mind,The mist suddenly began to tumbling and transpiring crazily,Countless tiny particles are orderly combination at an unimaginable speed,A light spot appeared soon,This light spot is accumulating and extending in two directions quickly,After a dazzling light flashed,Li Tianzhen looked at him in disbelief,A big golden spear appeared impressively,The gun body is several feet long,mighty、Rough,The octagonal gun tip alone is more than one meter long,Exuding extremely brutal murderous aura。
The spear just took shape,The tip of the gun roared,The whole gun body began to spin rapidly,Buzz,The spear suddenly turned into a golden streamer and rose into the sky,Soon disappeared in the depths of the hazy mist,It didn’t take long to hear the thunder-like sound above the sky continuously for a long time。
It can be like this?Li Tianzhi was surprised and unspeakable,I just thought about it,The picture in my mind is holding a spear in my hand,Rush to the sky,The scene of piercing the door of the ancient temple where the dark clouds are rolling。
Chapter VIII Jiuying escape
Above the sky,Dark clouds break open,Cotai Wandao,The gate of the most majestic and tall ancient temple is pierced through a huge hole,A black flame disappeared at the entrance of the cave,Then four or five streamers flew out from the gate,Spread around,The speed is staggering。

This picture,Composed of seventeen ancient swords,And every ancient sword is a sword used by the Sect Master of the Sword Sect of Yaoshan,After they return to the dust,He made his sword into a meteor sword,Used to protect the sword sect of Yaoshan。

Nan Lingsha visited Yaoshan Jianzong,And the scene where she stayed the longest was not the gossip boulder,It’s just these years,A sword that can radiate infinite body lock and soul power!
She drew it。
Painted on the ground。
It seems to have copied the sword formation of the sword sect of Yaoshan here。
Although it is far from being compared with the real sword meteor array,But it has already begun to show its charm and power!
Tremble,Seventeen Sovereign Ancient Swords Revealed from the Earth Painting,They are like seventeen peerless powerhouses,The whole body exudes a chilling majesty。
The first ancient sword,The sword is huge,It flew high,Plunged into the ground again。
The earth instantly resembles a lake,Ripples appeared,When,A huge sinking force was exerted on the shoulders of Yunzhonghe,Yunzhonghe let out a soft drink,Relying on his own sword and Qihong to resist it。
But soon the second ancient sword,Slim blade,It falls from the clouds,Leaning into the ground not far from the river in the clouds。
In an instant,An invisible mountain,Pressed on the back of the cloud river,Let Yunzhonghe’s body bend straight down,Almost fell directly into the mud!
The third ancient sword winds around the polar spin,Its blade has teeth,As it spins,The air began to stir violently,Yunzhonghe feels himself in a tsunami vortex,I fainted and wanted to vomit。
The fourth ancient sword reappears,Yunzhonghe knelt to the ground,My knees seem to be broken,There was a terrifying sound of bone cracking。
And Yunzhonghe is also stubborn,I didn’t yell out。
He is pale,Look painful,A pair of eyes stared at this painter Nan Lingsha unwillingly。
“Sword Fall,I can only draw four swords……but,You already lost。”Nan Lingsha is coming,Said to Yunzhonghe。
Yunzhonghe looked at her。
Found her cheek、Neck、There is not even a drop of sweat on the fair and perfect skin。


First1907chapter Robbed
“brother!Time is almost up,let us go!”The woman’s voice floated from behind。
Wang Youcai was frightened,He was really surprised。He never expected,There is still a woman among the robbers sitting behind him。
Just listen to which old voice said in a low voice:“Drive!Go straight and turn left,High speed。Sent us to our destination,You can come back。If you want to make small moves,Then you have to die”
“Dare not,I just drive well”The driver was so scared that he stuttered。But his car drove relatively smoothly。
Pingdu at this time,Looks peaceful。Through the glass on the car window,Pedestrians on the road are at ease,From time to time there are young men and women chasing and playing。But no one knows,In this seemingly quiet place,But someone was controlled in the car。
My pocket trembles,A call came in。The sound of music,The back row immediately responded。What old voice said again:“Take out the phone”
Honestly, Wang Youcai took out the phone and handed it over,In the moment of passing,Wang Youcai found,At least three people in the back row。
“Wang Ge!Why haven’t you come back?I’m going to sleep”Xu Lihong’s ecstasy voice came on the phone。Wang Youcai surprised,Xu Lihong’s call was actually connected,I was pressed hands-free。
These people are really bold,Don’t you be afraid of him yelling?Just when Wang Youcai thought like this,The knife on his neck is attached again。Wang Youcai felt terribly cold。
“Brother Wang won’t be back tonight,He just stayed overnight with me,Clothes are taken off”Woman sitting in the back,Said to the phone in an extremely seductive voice。
Xu Lihong on the phone is obviously not prepared,She didn’t know what to say for a while,Actually stopped。The woman here suddenly smiled and said:“All right,Don’t wait,We are beautiful!”The woman laughed and put the power on。
When I heard this woman talking,Wang Youcai knew,This woman is not a good bird。But also,Capable,How many are good people?
As soon as the car drove out of Pingdu,Drove towards the highway。Who in the back row suddenly asked:“From here to the highway exit,About how long”
Wang Youcai listened,I immediately understood that these people should not be locals,Otherwise, I won’t ask such questions in the car。He immediately said:“About an hour”
“Bastard!Who are you lying?Is there such a far highway exit?”Who in the back row yelled,Shaking the knife on Wang Youcai’s neck。
There is a saying that is not often said“Again and again,Not over and over again”When Wang Youcai first discovered that there was a knife on his neck,His legs were frightened。But when I felt the coldness of the knife for the second time,He is not so scared the first time。

“Lanhuacui!”Wu Yuanjia yelled first。

Ou Sheng asked:“Did something good??”
“Miss Ou is lucky,Cui came out for the first time……”
I didn’t wait for Wu Yuanjia to finish,Ou Sheng said proudly to Ruan Tian:“You said that my boyfriend’s bet was wrong,This is not out。I just said that you fat black guy is a lie!”
Ruan Tian is also a veteran of stone betting,Ou Sheng was so shocked that he was completely temperless,Let him explain。
It’s right to open orchid cui,Can also sell for some money。
But An Nan’s gambling market has developed,It’s not like Myanmar is already ruined,It’s normal that you can get five yuan in ten yuan.,It’s not a technical content at all。
“Little girl,It’s green。But you orchid cui is worthless,You spent more than nine thousand stones,This little bit of orchid cui is a long bracelet,Only sell for 1,000 yuan at most!”
“You black fat guy wants to lie to me again,There are so cheap jade bracelets!”
Ruan Tian really didn’t lie this time,It’s just that he’s talking about the price of An Nan jadeite,Although Lanhuacui is worthless,It’s not a problem to sell two to three thousand in China。
Ruan Tianjian can’t make sense of Ou Sheng,Seeing she was so obsessed with Chen Xiu next to her,Thought to myself:“Why don’t I suppress this kid,So that she doesn’t have any worship in her heart,I will show off my wealth when the time comes,She’s not falling for me!Women all over the world are the same,There is no money to make trouble!”
Ruan Tian said to Chen Xiu:“Little brother,See you are also a bet on stone,How about we play a bet?”
Chen Xiu’s eyes,Ruan Tian is not as good as a coal boss in Shanxi,Deliberately entertain him,Said with a smile:“How do you want to read?”
“We pick five rough stones from here,Regardless of price,One hour limit,Time is up,If all my stones are opened and worth five million,Yours is only worth a million,You lose me 4 million。”
Ruan Tian raised his head even more,Said proudly:“how about it,Dare to bet!”
“it is good!”
It’s fine to be free anyway,Chen Xiu is also looking for some fun,It’s okay to destroy the arrogance of this An Nan local tyrant。
“but……We must find a person of high morals to appraise the Chinese,Don’t let the stone you drive out is only worth ten thousand,Insist one million。It’s hard to judge whether you win or lose!”

Hu Mazi and Guo Baojun saw the two fight faster and faster,I can’t get in at all,Secretly surprised,Hu Mazi even said:“The breath of this kid is just a top-notch master,Distance and She Lotte are evenly matched,Really strange!”

1124 Punch to the flesh
Guo Baojun shook his head and said:“Not evenly split,She Letian can’t support it anymore!”
She Letian and Chen Xiu fight hundreds of moves,Cause internal injury is gradually incapable,Chen Xiu almost hit his abdomen with a palm。
“Junior,Don’t deceive too much!
You don’t die,I can’t sleep well!
what,Immortal body!”
She Letian looked terrified,I don’t know where I offended such a difficult opponent,But don’t go into details,The people in the rivers and lakes weren’t you who killed me,I kill you。She Letian yelled,All of a sudden,Become golden,Looks like a metal man。At the moment the body changes color,His whole body is like a stone,Straight towards Chen Xiu!
In mid-air,She Letian’s aura has faintly locked Zhang Ye,Then his hand、foot、body、head,Simultaneous wave,Attacked Chen Xiu at the same time,That look,It’s like a rock burst suddenly,That momentum,It’s like countless rocks rolling down a mountain,It’s like 10,000 horses are galloping fast!
“What kind of weird trick is this?!”Chen Xiu was shocked,Replied secretly:“right now,Only fight with him!”
Hu Li, who can’t get his hands on the side, is knowledgeable,Shouted:“Senior Chen,Don’t fight with him,He is taking advantage of the half-step innate realm,Bring Reiki into the Body,Invulnerable!”
“Turned out to be like this!”
“I want to see if it’s his golden body,Still my copper skin is hard!”
After the mastery of Yijin forging bones,Chen Xiu’s tendons、meat、bone、The blood medicine has been tempered twice,The same is copper skin and iron bone、Invulnerable。
Chen Xiu thought,The true energy in the body keeps flowing all over the body,Even more power rushes into the throat,Can’t help but roar out with a howling。
suddenly,He heard the sound of crackling joints,The sound is crisp and loud,And getting more and more urgent,In the end, it rang like a storm,Even the howling was blocked in an instant。
Chen Xiu’s body has skyrocketed more than before,Muscles in the chest and arms,It’s more convex,It looks black and bright like cast iron,Being like a giant。
The crowd watching the game screamed out:“This……What is this,too……horrible!”
Seeing that Panshi’s offense is about to fall on him,Chen Xiu embraced with both palms,It’s still the trick in Qingyun Sanshou, the sea is boundless。

Even if you don’t believe them,But he still believes that the system will not pit him。

“You say you,Hey,”Head Xiao looked helpless,Although I don’t want to give these three people to Qin Hao,But he still has to obey orders unconditionally。
“Take it,Take it,You gotta fuck me,”Head Xiao is in a bad mood。
“Qin Hao,We go out first,He is not in a good mood at this time,”Gong Gong Jian understands the leader Xiao。
All the baby bumps in the regiment were dug away,It’s strange that he can be happy。
After the three people walked out of the camp,Gong Gong Jian laughed,Said to Qin Hao。
“I haven’t seen him angry for a long time,Kind of interesting,”Gong Gong Jian suddenly laughed。
This scene makes Qin Hao a little embarrassed,Qin Hao reacted,Facing the bow and arrow。
“Those three people seem to be familiar to you,Why do you say they say baby bumps?”
“And why are they in their current positions?”
Qin Hao is curious,Want to make things clear,Otherwise, he feels sloppy in his heart。
“These things will not be clear for a while,all in all,They were not just the elites in our group,It’s also a baby bump in the entire military area。”
“But because of violation of military discipline,Then it was assigned from the previous place,Until now。”

They just got in the car,Ali started the car,A hurriedly turned around and drove away from the wrong place。From Li Sen’s company。Lu Wanting took a breath and said:“Please go to Nanjiang Hotel on Changshui Road”

“It’s better not to go back now,Wait till evening”Xia Jian said worriedly。Li Sen,When to beware,Have to beware one or two。
Lu Wanting sighed and said:“Take things,I’ll go to the train station,Leave now”
“fair enough,Li Sen is a hob meat”Xia Jian finished,So Ali drove to the hotel where Lu Wanting was staying。
Arrived downstairs of the hotel,Or Ali sitting in the car and waiting,Xia Jian accompanied Lu Wanting upstairs。Said to take things,It’s actually a small bag。
To confuse people,Under Xia Jian’s instruction,Lu Wanting didn’t even check out,I just sent my room card to the front desk temporarily。
After getting in the car,Ali drove directly to the train station。on the car,Lu Wanting said bitterly:“Thank you brother,I almost hung myself up this time asking for money。from now on,This kind of business can be considered a golden basin to wash our hands”
“it is good!What I want is your words。Do legitimate business,Earn less and do less,If something similar happens,Can also go through legal procedures”Xia Jian let out a long breath。Thinking about last night,It feels like a dream。
The car arrived at the train station soon,Lu Wanting said to Ali when she got off the car:“thank you!Thank you Mr. Luo,I won’t return her clothes。When she has time to come to Bucheon,,I will definitely treat”
“Nothing!Be careful on the road,I’ll tell you what you mean”Ali smiled and said。
Ali speaks gracefully and generously,Doing things well,And she herself looks pure and pure,If no one said,No one would treat her as a nanny。
Lu Wanting pulls the car door,Let go。She crossed the square of the train station,Kept going into the waiting room,But she didn’t look back。
Xia Jian knew,When did Lu Wanting leave?,He knows this well。Ali glanced at Xia Jian and asked:“We are going back,Still wait”
“Did you notice anything unusual on the way here?,Like a car following us”Xia Jian asked softly。

“Strange,Li Zhen didn’t catch him like this?”

Zhu Huiwei couldn’t help but shine,Quavered:“Could it be Haibao’s anti-kill……”
But when it comes to this, he can’t imagine,When they ran away, they saw Li Zhen had pierced Zhang Haibao’s neck with their fangs.,This will kill Li Zhen,Too far beyond imagination。
Zhu Huiwei jumped to the top of the tree,Leaping quickly in the direction of when you came,Chen Xiu was taken aback,Try my best to chase。
“Why are you running back?”
“I want to go back and see if Haibao is alive or dead。”
“Too dangerous,In case you run into Li Zhen,We won’t have a chance to escape!”
“If you are afraid, go first,I go back by myself!”
Zhu Huiwei runs faster,Chen Xiu lived on the treetop,The back of watching Zhu Huiwei leave,Thought to myself:“Pipe him,I don’t owe them anything anyway,I still don’t participate in this muddy water!”
He turned around to show his unwillingness,Look back again,Zhu Huiwei was surprised but gradually became a small spot。
“by,Just help him one more time,Give back the favors that taught me light work!”
Chen Xiu is chasing Zhu Huiwei’s left back,Only then ran out of two、Three kilometers,But seeing Zhu Huiwei fly back madly。
“Why are you back again?”
Zhu Huiwei’s face is pale at this time,I took him and ran wildly,Even more tremblingly:“run……Run fast……”
“Li Zhen is here?”
“Ten times scarier than Li Zhen!”
Chen Xiu couldn’t help but glance back curiously as he ran wildly,A red voice came from behind,The speed is beyond his imagination,Every step is closing the distance between them。
“This……This speed……He who?”

“In this case,You are not afraid?”

“What’s so scary?I grew up like this,Used to it。”Shi Mu Luo squeezed a bitter smile,“If he really is a serious person,I don’t have to worry about it every day,I always worry,One day he will disappear without a word,Never come back。”
“……If i tell you,I am really helping him……What would you think。”
“If you are really helping him,Please protect him,It’s enough for him to return home completely every day。”Shi Muluo suddenly covered her mouth and laughed,“of course,You have to be careful with him。”
“Be careful?”Yu Zhe couldn’t figure out what Shi Muluo said。
“Be careful he eats you。”Shi Mu Luo smiled brighter,Reached out and scratched Yu Zhe’s chin,“I have told him,I am in love with you~He won’t scold me,But to you……But not necessarily~”
Yu Zhe can only hook his mouth,Helplessly touched Shi Mu Luo’s head,He is going to re-examine the girl in front of him,On her,Seems to exude a mysterious temperament,This temperament really has a fatal attraction to him。
Chapter Twenty Eight Cross-border commission
Seven o’clock in the evening,Maureen carrying a purse,Knocked on Yu Zhe’s door。
“Morin?”Yu Zhe didn’t expect Ma Lin to come,Suspiciously opened the door to a small gap。
“Let’s talk?”Maureen stared at Yu Zhe in front of him,No ups and downs in tone,As if it has fallen to freezing point。
Yu Zhe’s Abdomen,Where is this to talk about,Maureen’s tone clearly carried“Killing intent”,But he opened the door to him honestly。
Once in the door,Maureen can’t care about anything else,Throw things on the coffee table,And sat on the sofa,Lighted a cigarette,I smoked silently there。
Yu Zhe dare not say anything,I can only sit on the side of Maureen,Watching him silently。

Sa Sa is sure。

“You have been fired!Not used for work tomorrow……”
Teng Peng looked at the silly Salsa,Shook his head。
Such employees,What is it for!
“And you,The air conditioner is almost the same……get out!”
Teng Peng coldly shouted。
“Sorry……I failed to help you!”Sa Sa looks at Fang Yu,I am so sorry。
“Nothing,It has nothing to do with you!”
Fang Yu comforted。
Got up!
Since I’m leaving,Fang Yu doesn’t plan to come back。
Yongyun Group,The location of its real estate,Probably more than here。
Fang Yu just came to the door,I saw Li Yan rushing over。
“Mr. Fang……Sorry,There is a slight traffic jam on the road!”
Li Yan is breathless,Slowly。
“Don’t worry……I’m going to go anyway!”Fang Yu said calmly。
Li Yan stunned。
Sasa next to me was surprised,This pretty sister,Where she seems to have seen?