Qin Xiaomin saw Huang Yuhong,He hurriedly stood up and said:“Hello Sister Huang!You can bring it here yourself,Really embarrassed”

“Yo!Vice Mayor Qin!Haven’t seen me for more than two years,Why are you getting more and more beautiful,I really envy people”Huang Yuhong laughed,I put the big lunch box in my hand on the table。
Xia Jian asked with a smile:“So you two know each other too?This world is really too small”
“understanding!So acquainted。When did Vice Mayor Qin leave Donglin Township,My Donglin Hotel has just opened,She takes care of me。So we have known each other a long time ago”Huang Yuhong was talking,While putting two dishes cooked in the lunch box on the table。Don’t have a bottle of wine。
Xia Jian hesitated and said:Since everyone is acquaintance,Then sit down and have two drinks together!“
“Not right!You are all big leaders sitting and talking about things,It’s not good for me to be a flat-headed citizen“Huang Yuhong said modestly。
Feng Xiaowei, who has not spoken, spoke now,She said lukewarm:“Sit down and talk together,You are our sister-in-law Aqing from Donglin Township“
“You’re welcome,Sit down!“Secretary Wang said,Gently pulled a handful of topaz red clothes。Xia Jianchong and Huang Yuhong nodded,Motioned her to sit on the bench beside Secretary Wang。
Added a wine glass and a pair of chopsticks。Huang Yuhong is in business,She started to toast as soon as she sat down,She has a special level of respect for this wine,You can’t drink。
When she arrives at Xia Jian,,After Xia Jian poured the drink,Then he laughed and said:“Boss yellow!Since everyone is friends,I still have to say something first。My Xia Jian may not be able to leave Donglin Township for a while,So we’re public,Private is private。No unclear relationship“
“what!There is still an unclear relationship between the two of you?Normal!Although our boss Huang said he is a half-aged milf,But she still has her charm。In Donglin Township, it’s also a great beauty。And your Xia Xiang elder is young and promising,People are not bad。Currently unmarried,So it’s not an exaggeration that something happened between you“
Feng Xiaowei uses Jiujin,I said this in front of so many people。Huang Yuhong is a woman after all,Her face will inevitably change slightly。
“Really,Never drink。I drank a lot today,Talk drunk,I will help you to rest“Qin Xiaomin said,Help Feng Xiaowei and leave。Feng Xiaowei still doesn’t want to leave,But Qin Xiaomin took her out forcibly。
Huang Yuhong glanced at Xia Jian a little embarrassedly and asked:“Chief Xia didn’t understand what he said just now,Please express。What’s private?”
“This is simple,Let me explain to you。You are in business,All efforts must be rewarded,So it’s best not to do things like this。If we need,Naturally send someone。And you don’t have to go out in person,Just send a waiter over“Secretary Wang explained to Huang Yuhong for Xia Jian。
Huang Yuhong smiled and said:“It turns out that Chief Xia is afraid that I will provoke you?”
“wrong!Not sticky,But it’s awesome。There was nothing wrong,But when someone said,This thing came out。For everyone to be like friends,You must not work less for the money,And try to avoid suspicion,The food and wine delivered later counts as mine,I’ll give it to you“Xia Jian really took out his wallet。

There should be no problem!

“dad,You look at me like this……What means?”
Call finished,Fang Yu feels his father’s eyes……
“Xiaoyu!That Mr. Zang is so rich……You ask him to borrow a car,Shouldn’t be difficult!”
Fang Deyun said solemnly。
“Row,I find someone to pick them up!”
Fang Yu rubbed his temples。
Know this,No matter what。
Called Mingzun,Fang Yuzheng wants to talk,Mingzun asked:“Doctor Fang,My old friend woke up!”
“So fast?Earlier than I expected……Now my side,Something a little bit……I want to ask Mr. Zang for a favor!”
Fang Yu hesitated。
“Doctor Fang, you are welcome,As long as the problem is not big……Zang Yun would agree!”
Ming Zun said seriously。

“Don’t be too anxious,Some things need to be done slowly……”

“Xiaotong,You misunderstood me。”Li Tianchou was silent for a moment,Continue,“Venting and violence do not solve the problem,Maybe leave completely,Is the wise choice。”
This time it’s Xiao Song’s turn to be silent,Although she doesn’t know the origin of the fallout between Qi Baozhu and Peng Weihua,But it’s clear that there must be something dirty that irritated Li Tianzhi,Otherwise, how can you fight against Ryoko??
But the suggestion to leave Yuxing completely still made her unacceptable,For Song Xiaotong,Yuxing is more than just a home,Is also Uncle Geng’s ideal,It is also a kind of spiritual sustenance of everyone for many years,She thinks Li Tianzhen has become too realistic,Why can’t I think of myself as a true member of Yuxing?,At least don’t give up lightly?
“Is the purchase list ready??”
“also……not yet。”
“Oh,It doesn’t matter。too late,go to bed early。”Li Tianzhi quickly hung up,Talking more is not helpful,Things can’t come,Xiao Song needs to realize it by himself。
Early next morning,Li Tianzhen bought breakfast nearby and went to see Xiao Song,Unexpectedly, no one responded after knocking on the door for a long time,So he took out his cell phone and called Xiao Song。
“Hey。”Xiao Song’s voice sounds weak。
“Where did you go early in the morning?I’m at your door。”
“Go to the headquarters to do something,Back to Caijiayuan tomorrow,So some questions need to be explained。”
“Oh,Alright then。”Li Tianzhen felt the strangeness of Xiao Song,But didn’t take it to heart,“Buy something,Send your message back to me,I am free today。”
Li Tianzhi who hung up had to go back to the hotel,One person wiped out two breakfasts。Although the belly is full,But my heart is empty,Have to find something to do,So that I can stop thinking about it,So I called Qi Baozhu,Asked a few car rental companies in Fushan,Then left the hotel。
In the Imagination Bar on Xiangshan Road,Peng Weihua、Ryoko、Zhang Wen、Broad beans and bed bugs are sitting together and talking,Not very good atmosphere,And Ryoko was covered with gauze in several joints,Looks very embarrassed。
Wen Hui walked around anxiously,Although the bar hasn’t opened yet,But he was afraid that Li Tianzhen would come in suddenly。to be frank,He doesn’t want to get involved with these people,But Li Tianzhen’s tough attitude and seemingly commanding notice,Still makes him very depressed。
“I still said that,Not reluctant,Who wants to go,I am not going。”Peng Weihua lights a cigarette,Tap the table with your fingers,A look of hatred。
“Haven’t been back for a long time,Let’s go see uncle,If he doesn’t exist, can’t it??”Broad Bean Persuade。
“Nonsense!A Hua said, don’t force it,You are willing to go。”Ryoko stared at Broad Bean very dissatisfied,“This beat,I have nothing to do with him anymore,Nothing is useless。”

“you。。。Impossible to beat me!”Yun Xiaofeng roared,Light blade flashes around,Use the last bit of strength to wave it out。

“you,Must die!”Fuming whispered,The arrow next to me was shot out instantly,Light Blade and Water Arrow collide,The light blade shattered instantly,Rushing forward towards Yun Xiaofeng。
“Block me!”Yun Xiaofeng roared,A light shield appeared in front of him,But the shield at the moment looks very illusory,If yes if no。
“boom!”The light shield shattered,A huge force instantly filled Yun Xiaofeng’s mind,Small water arrows have such a weight,Just because he is Xuan Zhongshui。
The water arrows kept hitting Yun Xiaofeng’s body,once,twice,The remaining three water arrows penetrate directly through Yun Xiaofeng’s body,Yun Xiao’s mouth opens slightly,Kneeling slowly on the ground,Without eyes。
Fuming slowly walked to Yunxiaofeng kneeling on the ground,The lightning in the hand is wrapped in Fuming’s right hand,Watching Ye Fuming approaching step by step,The feeling of death appeared in Yun Xiaofeng’s mind。
“I said,you will die!”Fuming’s right hand is approaching Yun Xiaofeng’s heart。
“Ha ha ha,I didn’t lose unjustly,Hahahahaha,I really didn’t think I could see a monster with dual attributes,It’s incredible!”Yun Xiaofeng has no regrets,I just feel worth it。
Looking at Yun Xiaofeng indifferently,Right hand hard,The right hand directly penetrated Yun Xiaofeng’s heart,Yun Xiaofeng snorted,Fell to the ground,Gradually turned into a stone shining purple。
“A combat technique that works for you has been detected‘Glory’‘Sword of light’‘God’s Light Trial’Whether to absorb records!”
Fuming raised an eyebrow“Actually still have this function?”
“Please choose yes or no”
“Yes”joke,Why don’t you absorb such good things?,Speaking of which I haven’t used light attributes yet。
A ray of light floated from the stone in front of me,Floated into Fuming’s body“Absorbed,You can view learning at any time!”
Fuming with a smile“Wait then,The most important thing is to treat Lingxi’s injury first”
Fuming looking at the blood on the right hand,Frown,Use water to wash the palms,Trot and walked to Ling Xi’s body,Use water properties to heal Lingxi。
“Kid,This girl。。。”Long Yuan suddenly appeared,The tone is very solemn。
Wu Ling and Long Yuan appeared on Fuming’s shoulders respectively,Looking at Ling Xi who is sleeping in front of me with dignified eyes,But there is a hint of excitement and uncertainty in my eyes。
“What happen to you guys?”Fuming is very strange how they both reacted。
Long Yuan got up,And Wu Ling looked at each other,Double nod,A power that Fuming had never seen appeared in his own body and instilled in Lingxi’s body。

That cave,He tried to enter no less than 10,000 times,But it was the outermost obstacle that stopped him to death。

That is, nearly ten thousand years ago,He only accidentally entered twice in many attempts,Harvested a lot of treasures。
but,It’s accidental under certain laws,If it wasn’t for Dongyou Zhenxian who discovered this secret,He may spend countless years,Finally, completely crack the law of entering the cave。
but,The practitioner in front of you,Obviously I haven’t survived the tribulation,But with the mental strength of the fourth realm,And easily entered the cave。
“Is it true that Winter You?wrong,Don’t say winter travel is true,Even the Emperor of Heaven is not qualified to recruit a powerful presence in the fourth state of mind。”
“If he is the archer,Fourth level,Just one piece,I have to be seriously injured。If he is from Dongyou Zhenxian’s side,Together is enough to crush me,Don’t need to fight me like this。”
“Nothing,Wait for this person to come out,Have a good talk with him,Even if I share this cave with him,It’s better than Dongfu’s falling into the hands of that hypocritical fellow Dongyou Zhenxian。”
“Dongfu,Now it is definitely one of the places I left!”
Li Ming stood in the dark palace,And the deepest part of the hall is a huge statue。
Head snake body,Statue of Zhongshan Candle Dragon。
And on the left and right of the hall,Two streams of water flow around the statue out of thin air,At the same time, rows of magic weapons are suspended in the water。
This piece of magic,The surface shines with amazing aura,Powerful energy fluctuations spread out。
The weakest magic weapon,It’s a fairy-level magic weapon that is comparable to the pure sun lower-grade magic weapon.。
The strongest magic weapon,It is a spiritual treasure of innate best quality。
In the cave,Did not retain the magical powers,After all, Li Ming’s memory in this area will come from memory over time。
What remains,Everything is a magic weapon。
of course,This Dongfu itself is also a pure Yang Dongfu magic weapon!
“Eighteen magic weapons,I refined or exchanged it back then。”

Seeing‘Tianzhenwei’lost heavily,An old man in black suddenly jumped out of a hole facing southwest,Hand-held knife,Go straight to the octagonal stone platform like a black line,Amazing speed,Along the way, two Zhang family magicians surrounded,Was thrown by his hand,It’s a knife,Very sharp,Obviously the cultivation base is much higher,This person is the old man named Jing,Also‘Tianzhenwei’Temporary commander,When it’s critical,So he had to take the life of Zhang Baogen。

Because Li Tianzhen insisted on finding two Jia Chou,Jing Tailai had to find,But the Silver Armor God General’s mind is not clear now,Stiff,Unspeakable,In desperation, went to the secret room on the side of the underground palace,The owner in the secret room is‘Tianzhenwei’True leader、Li Shijian’s eldest son Li Wushuang,The old man and Li Tianzhen were instructed to talk in detail。
A series of performances of Li Tianzhi after entering Wuming Mountain,Li Wushuang knows everything,After repeated observations, it was determined that Li Tianzhen was not a member of the Zhang family,And found that there is a certain relationship between the other party and the silver armor god general,So I have the idea of trial and cooperation,But the purpose and motivation are not pure,This is why Jing Tailai occasionally flickers and ambiguity when talking with Li Tianzhen。
Clinker,The two haven’t discussed why,But the situation in the underground palace changes suddenly。
The white robe old monster has eyes like electricity,Electric light blasts Jing Tailai like substance,The old man protects his face with a short knife,Stomping on one foot at the same time,Have words in your mouth,There was a muffled noise,Jing Tailai was bombed with a knife and flew out,But in mid-air turned into two identical old swordsmen,Just landed,Then one pounced on the white robe boss,One went straight to the octagonal stone platform。
Jing Tailai actually learned Jia Chou’s stunt,Puppetry,White robe boss sneered,The body shook and it skyrocketed instantly,Rose to several feet in an instant,At the same time the head becomes very huge,Actually stick out two mouthparts like steel hooks,Extremely sharp,And there are countless sharp claws protruding from the ribs on the left and right sides,More than half of them caught the old man rushing to the stone platform,It is actually a huge centipede。
“Knot arrow formation!”The old man drank in the air,The short knife in hand makes countless cuts,Ping-pong-pong-pong-pong claws on the opponent’s claws,As dense as popped beans,I cut thousands of knives in one breath,however,The old man was surprised to find that he didn’t hurt the other party any bit,The claws are like steel,The blade only left white marks on it,Soon disappeared without a trace,however,Sharp claw bent,With a fishy wind,Drew it to the old man。
Jing Tailai’s creepy,I can’t even think about it,Tiptoe to the ground,The body flew out against the ground in a strange shape,Can’t avoid that terrifying claw。
But the old man running towards the octagonal stone platform shunned it,Was poked by the other sharp claws of the big centipede,Nail the old man in the air like a steel fork,Shake with sharp claws,The old man’s body was torn apart,Extremely clean,This lore also severely damaged Jing Tailai who had just escaped.,Actually, the puppet is like his clone,It’s just more powerful than the clone,The puppet is destroyed,The body is also injured at the same time。
The big centipede stepped forward,I wanted to kill Jing Tailai in one fell swoop,The giant claws that were waving suddenly stopped,‘Tianzhenwei’We have already retreated far away,Bow and arrow,Aim at the octagonal stone platform in a ring,Zhang’s automatic firearms also have two or three misfires,The gunmen were pierced by sharp arrows。
‘Tianzhenwei’Well trained,Being together for years,Already have a good heart,It fits seamlessly,The initial confusion and damage were due to the lack of clear instructions,Jing Tailai made a significant difference when he appeared。But the big centipede stopped abruptly not because‘Tianzhenwei’The change,Instead, he sensed that the powerful ancient monster beast had appeared in the hall。
The masked man Zhang Zhiqiang who just ran away is stepping back to the center of the hall,A pair of young men and women walked out of the hole in front of him,Woman holding gun,The man has a steady pace,Slightly open right arm,A golden short knife seems to grow on the arm,Behind his head,There is a black halo,Exudes invisible ripples,Just like a living thing。
To surprise,Li Tianzhen had always suppressed his breath,But I didn’t expect to run into Zhang Zhiqiang in the narrow cave.,This guy was surprised to see Li Tianzhi,Immediately launched the escape technique,Luck is especially bad today,Even running away can run into an old enemy,He didn’t want to stay any longer,But the weirdness of the underground palace surprised him,Escape technique actually fails!
“Give Way!”Zhang Zhiqiang made a threat,At the same time, the breath of the body soars。
“What’s the situation in the underground palace?”Li Tianzhi not only refused,But hastened the pace,Seeing not far from the entrance,The three unicorns that have been suppressed hard can no longer be controlled,Just let it go,A round of black discs suddenly appeared in the back of Li Tianzhen’s head,Unleashing unparalleled coercion,Zhang Zhiqiang’s aura was immediately slackened,Retreat quickly in shock,I never thought it was only a day after,Li Tianzhen is already so powerful。
Three Qilin Beasts,Act only by preference,The smell of many powerful people in the underground palace ahead makes it excited,Its yin and yang love the soul,Dragon head eats blood,And the more mysterious third head,Never see the outline of the facial features,Like a black slate,But the most terrifying weapon,Like destruction,Three contradictory and evil heads in one,Very rare,This creation is only available under the chaotic rules of the prehistoric world。
Qi Ling didn’t want to release this beast,Even the soul of this thing,Also has the ability to destroy the world,Moreover, Li Tiansi’s current cultivation base can’t control this servant at all,But Qi Ling is very clear about what the lower palace is suppressing,Once the two big monsters appear,It’s not a unicorn beast,Had no choice but to do it,Use your own natal magic weapon Wanyuan star cluster to control the unicorn beast,So as not to cause a big mess,Also expect‘Lord of Seven Flames’Appreciate the mystery of fighting among the advanced,Maybe there will be unexpected feelings。
The huge centipede is a little frightened,Fighting underground is intractable,I’m afraid there will be hardly any results for a while,And the wild ancient beast suddenly appeared,It is not an opponent,So fierce,The whole body shrank suddenly,Swish and jump to the octagonal stone platform,Countless sharp claws inserted into his body,In an instant bright red blood rushes like a waterfall,All fell into the mouth of the small black altar beside Zhang Baogen。
The altar is built with layers of black unknown materials,Like a circular pagoda,No spire on the top floor,But a round opening,The dim color in the opening suddenly changed to blood red and bright,And make a buzzing roar,The blood flowed in and disappeared immediately,The opening seems like a bottomless pit,Greedy eating the blood of the white robe boss,Zhang Baogen got this strong support,The vague spell in the mouth immediately became compact and clear,The octagonal stone platform rang up by more than ten feet。
The second layer of the altar is inlaid with a circle of white jade fingers,There was a blood red light in an instant,There are seven full fingers,Evenly arranged in a circle,There is a larger neutral in the middle,Two pieces are still missing according to location,One in Zhang Zhiqiang’s hands,The other most important one is in the hands of Zhang Changting, the head of the Zhang family.。

And in the settlement,As long as you can afford it,You can always buy this kind of information。。Of course, the premise is that this settlement has certain strength。

And the guides in the settlement,Actually they are all ground snakes,Many things are much more convenient through them。
“The three of you,Who knows where the intelligence is sold in the city。”Wright asked directly to the three who greeted us。
One of them didn’t open his mouth,Step back,Obviously not very familiar with the sales information。One said he knew the official staff of the settlement。And the third said,“grown ups,I know someone who sells intelligence。The price is cheaper than the official one,And more detailed。”
Wright naturally asked this third person to be his thought。
“I give you a thousand source stones,Give half deposit first,If you get information, then give the rest half。”
This middle god readily agrees。
“Two adults,Come with me。”This guide is very enthusiastic。Lead the way immediately。
“This guide,Indeed familiar with this city。”Wright sighed,This guide is taking Wright,Drilling the alley very familiarly,Keep going along some remote shortcuts。Just a moment,And came to an ordinary courtyard:“Arrived,Two adults,right here!”
Wright looked,This courtyard is nothing special at first glance。
“Open the door!”The wizard knocked on the door immediately。
quickly,Courtyard door open。A silver-haired old man came out,Took a glance,I laughed especially when I saw the guide:“So it’s Joseph,what happened?Another customer wants to buy information。”
“I need a copy,Information about all the powerhouses with five stars or more near the entire Lin Puppet City。”Wright says。
“Two,please come in。”The silver-haired old man can’t figure out the status of the two,After all, Wright of the middle god seems to be dominant,But the upper gods seem to follow。But he welcomed the two in。
The guide immediately looked at Wright,Wright smiled,Take out five bloodstones at random,Pass this guide。The guide took it immediately:“Master Xie,Then I’ll leave first。”
The silver-haired old man took a look,Smiled,“Two,please。”

The way the sky monkey looks at Leo,I secretly said the old silver coin but also worried,He can’t beat Leo at all,How to play this。

In fact, he didn’t know that in his heyday, he could put Leo on the ground with only three or four attacks.。
Leo’s flashing ability is higher than his gas burst ability,But the time interval is several times longer,If you continue to attack quickly,Leo is not an opponent at all。
The hesitant attack of the sky monkey hit Leo’s way.。
of course,Leo knew this, so he did it.,Otherwise dare to pretend to be forced,His head will be blown by a hammer in less than a minute。
“You talk less,If you have the ability, try attacking me!”It’s meaningless to be so stupid to consume the fruit power。
Can’t hit。
He doesn’t know Leo’s strength,He can’t see the Leo level,But now he can only take a fight。
I bet your attack is not strong!
“it is good!”Leo nodded,“Since you have this requirement,I’m as you wish!”
Leo finished,The silhouette disappears instantly。
Human eyes can’t react at this speed,It’s too late to react thousands of times faster。
Even the Sky Monkey has the fruit ability to do it。
Fortunately,He also has a look。

This makes two beautiful women who have a kiss.。

They even feel that they can not charge,After all, Ye Shuangzhou is not only handsome.,And more gold,The most important thing is to really let them feel comfortable.,They don’t have to pretend comfortably。
Afternoon,Ye Shuangzhou called his little girl,Then two came back to the emperor together。
Ye Shuangqiao naturally understood what he had to do this last night.,However, the only difference is that this little brother’s spirit seems very full.,Do not follow the previous,Going to sleep on the plane。
She even skepts that this little brother is just simple last night.。
“elder brother,Didn’t you go to a woman last night??”
“What is cough and cough??
Is the brother is the kind of person who is not clean??”
Suddenly, Shuanghuang, suddenly,Ye Shuangzhou is also a bit awkward。
“Hey, can you, I still don’t know??
I will go back to buy some new year.,Then I have finished the Spring Festival,Let’s go to Li with the wind.?”
I heard the leaves of Ye Double,Ye Shuangzhou is also thinking about it.。
After all, this vegetable effect is really too satisfied.。
If you live there,There is also Li Hui’s medicinal liquor.,Even good tea,Think about him feel beautiful。
“Hey-hey,This time later,After all, we went.,I can’t make people cooking for us to eat.,If we take yourself with a cook,I always feel weird,This is waiting for the completion of the year.,After all, it is too cold.,There is nothing to eat there.。”
“Who says I am going to eat a wild??
I like the environment there,There is also a constantly charming mountain,Do you remember that maple??
Li Hui Feng said that it is only one of them.,There are still a lot more than there.,Don’t you want to see??”
Ye Double,Ye Shuangzhou is frowning。
He suddenly felt that Li Rong’s plan seems to be much larger than he thinks.。
He earlier, Li Hui Feng contracting mountain, said the next step will develop tourism,Although I didn’t care,But this time I talk to Li Hui’s wine table,He knows that Li Hui is absolutely doing so。
If the maple forest is developed,Absolutely an explosive attraction,There are those mushrooms,It is also an attractive existence.。
“Hey-hey,I want it too,But we have our plans.,Just participated in the year meeting,And after the year, we still have to talk to the old chance.,After all, the other party is also a background.,We don’t talk,Maybe we think that we look down on him?。”
“Humph,elder brother,You have also begun to learn from big brother.,But can you learn the advantages of your brother?,It should not ignore it.,Platform to add him to two。”
Ye Shuangzhou listened to this, laughing。
“What do you say,After the year, let’s not walk away.?”
Seventy-eighth chapter meeting
“Don’t move without walking,We are also one of the shareholders.,And some of them are equal to you.,Otherwise do he operate so smoothly??”
“alright, alright,Don’t say this.,Later, less,This will be disgusted,I am sleeping first.,I am calling me.。”
Ye Shuangzhou feels that his little girl starts again.,Immediately hurry to hit the other party’s words。
Sleeping like a mold。
And Li Hui has already returned to the village.,At the same time, I took a circle to the county.。
Although Li Hui’s small county is not very developed,But this is near the Spring Festival,The county town is also the sea。

Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“You are our leader in Pingyang Town,The current situation in Pingyang Town is really not conducive to my work,So we must rectify vigorously。So people like Xiong Yongqiang are the first batch of rectification targets,I don’t care what background he has,In my hands,I will not tolerate“

“it is good!Pingyang Town, I wanted to move,But Ma Xiaofeng has been dragging,It seems that the crux lies in this。How about this!You let someone sort out the details of Xiong Yongqiang,Is his performance in Binh Duong Town。Since I moved him,Let him never look up once“Qin Xiaomin’s attitude on the phone is very tough。
Xia Jianyi listen,Ha ha smiled:“I understand,But you have to be mentally prepared,I have an operation,I’m afraid someone will call you,As long as you can stand it,I’ll use Xiong Yongzhen to operate,I Let the other deputy mayors be shocked“
Just hung up the phone,Tong Jie knocked on the door and brought a girl in。She smiled at Xia Jian and said:“Mayor Xia,Her name is Niu Li,Mayor Ma’s secretary。Due to differences in work with Ma Xiaofeng,So took a month off。I think you are here when you hire people,So I called her back“
“Oh!Niu Li, right?!Since you used to be Mayor Ma’s secretary,Then if you want,Come to be my secretary。I am a workaholic,Follow me,Will certainly offend a lot of people,You need to be prepared“Xia Jian is straight to the point,Straightforwardly said to Niu Li。
Listen to Niu Li,Said with a smile:“The mayor is not afraid,I’m not afraid,You just see me doing well“Niu Li has few words,But speaking skillfully,Xia Jian couldn’t help but looked at her from head to toe。
Tall figure,Her long hair like a black waterfall draped over her shoulders,Beautiful face,Two beautiful big eyes are piercing。I can see her heroism from her eyebrows。
“Mayor Xia,Everyone is here,Everyone is waiting for your meeting“Tong Jie reminded Xia Jian。
When Xia Jian saw Niu Li just now,A little distracted,He heard what Tong Jie said,So he quickly withdrew his flustered eyes,Smiled and said to Tong Jie:“from now on,I’ll leave all the errands to Niu Li。Are Deputy Mayor Zhao and Deputy Mayor Liu here??“
“Two of them!I’ve always found excuses not to attend the meeting held by the mayor,But today is an exception,I think they want to see how you deal with these people in the Family Planning Office“Tong Jie sighed and said。
What Xia Jian didn’t expect was,There are as many as 36 people in the small Pingyang Township,I heard that there are still two drivers who failed to attend the meeting,The guard and the back kitchen add up to more than forty。
Xia Jian glanced at all the participants,He sat unceremoniously beside Secretary Wang,This is his seat。
The conference was proposed by Xia Jian,So Secretary Wang is the party secretary,I just said a few official words symbolically,Then gave Xia Jian the right to speak。
Xia Jian is not polite,I just took the microphone and said:“I came here for work the first day,But on the first day I felt that most of the people here are messing around“