Yoga Detox Slimming To Be A Lady

Yoga Detox Slimming To Be A Lady

Recently, do you often get constipated, tired or even dry mouth?

Be careful, this means that you should develop the right lifestyle and exercise habits to help your body detox!


hzh {display: none; }  说到最有效的排毒方式,就是透过正常的饮食与运动,帮助身体排便与排汗。Modern people are prone to “poo” due to abnormal diet, and they do not like sports. In the long run, the body will inevitably accumulate excessive toxins.

  Go home from work every day. May also take 5-10 minutes to do 5 strokes detox yoga.

Although it is hard work, I believe that perseverance will not only become more energetic day by day, but also become more and more daunting!

  STEP1: Sit on the chair, hold your left knee with your left hand, inhale, extend your right hand backwards, open your five fingers, look at your middle finger, maintain 5 breaths, lift your hands up and back to the original position.

  STEP2: First sit in the chair 1/3 position, put your hands on the chair, then inhale, leave your butt out of the chair, support your body with both hands, and tilt your head back.

  STEP3: Maintain 5 breaths and slowly return to the original position.

  STEP4: Then relax your body, bend down and maintain 5 breaths, then return to the sitting position.

  STEP5: Finally, blocking the position of the index finger and the tiger’s mouth can help suppress appetite.

How to shorten your baby’s ill-time

How to shorten your baby’s “ill-time”

It’s time for your baby to go to kindergarten in September.
Crying, refusing to eat, and refusing to sleep, etc., caused all kinds of discomfort symptoms in the park, which made her mother feel helpless and distressed.
How can I shorten this “anxiety time”?
How to maintain your baby’s nutritional balance during this special period?
  Symptoms of discomfort when entering the park. Since birth, the baby has been living in the family.
Entering kindergarten is a new environment. The baby must establish new habits and cultivate interactions with strangers (children, teachers).
Because they are young, they do not have enough self-regulation ability, and leave their familiar family members. The child is afraid of changes and is nervous, which is manifested in crying, refusing to sleep, refusing to sleep, and even having controllable toiletPull on the pants again.
  In addition, due to the great changes in mood, the baby does not eat or eats very little, which can easily lead to imbalanced nutritional intake and decreased immunity.
In addition, for the first time in a collective life, children play and work in the same room, increasing the chance of children being attacked by pathogens. Once an individual child becomes ill, a competitor with poor resistance will be the first to be infected.
  Nutrition protection is the most important. As the normal psychological performance of young children, mothers should not worry too much. They should firmly believe that after adapting to collective life, the baby will grow happier and healthier.
  For new entrants, nutritional security is the most important, so as to help calmly spend this “anxious time”.
On the one hand, you can prepare a meal for tired and hungry babies after class; on the other hand, you can also supplement the children with some special nutrients for children, such as Abbott ‘s Golden Ansu, to provide children with comprehensive and balanced nutritionIt will not “occupy” the child’s appetite, affect appetite, but also improve resistance.
For babies who are new to the school, they can have both nutrition and resistance.
  Quickly adapt to the three steps. Each child’s ability to adapt is different, and the period of admission to the school varies.
Three simple tips can help your baby adapt quickly to a new life.
  Pre-entry: Cultivate your baby to eat regularly with a spoon, drink water from a cup, use a potty to urinate and bark, take a nap on time, and use language to express needs.
  Approaching the park: About two months before entering the park, let the baby gradually adapt to the kindergarten’s schedule.
Take your baby for a walk in the kindergarten to get familiar with the environment.
  After entering the park: Do not go to kindergarten because your baby is crying (this is especially important for the elderly at home).
You can talk with your baby about the interesting things in the kindergarten, praise him or her for their progress, and increase the baby’s interest in going to the kindergarten.

Women’s white-collar workers suffer from emotional cold

Women’s white-collar workers suffer from “emotional cold”

The continuous rain and rain caused urban women to suffer from “emotional colds”.
The reporter learned from the Zhongda Hospital affiliated to Southeast University that the neuropsychological clinic of the hospital can accept more than ten patients with “emotional cold” every day.
  Depression patients increase in rainy days According to Dr. Mu Xiaodong, a psychological outpatient at the hospital, it was thought that patients on rainy days would be relatively reduced, but more than 40 such patients could be seen every day for the past two days.
And the ratio of women to men is 4: 1.
The age group is mainly concentrated in 25-45 years old.
The main manifestations are depression and anxiety symptoms, and even severe suicidal thoughts.
  In addition to the recurrence of depression in patients with previous depressions, there are not a few new patients with depression.
Ms. Li, 22, has been working well in a company and has been very good at learning and working actively. However, she has recently experienced a downturn in mood, lazy work, and the work assigned by the leaders cannot be completed in time.
After the consultation, Ms. Li stated that she had no mental illness due to the recent weather changes, and felt that doing things could not help her spirit, she was not interested in some things, and she did not eat well and could not sleep.
The doctor diagnosed Miss Li as suffering from seasonal depression, known as “emotional cold.”
  The pineal gland is the “culprit” Dr. Yu analyzed that the cause was mainly related to the recent lack of sunshine and rain.
Dr. Mu told reporters that there is a “third eye” between our eyes, which is medically called the pineal gland. This pineal gland can secrete a melatonin.
Melatonin secretion is restricted by light.
When exposed to strong light, the secretion of melatonin decreases; in the dark, the secretion of melatonin increases.
When the human body has a lot of melatonin, it will inhibit the hormones that control the body’s cell activity and excitement, resulting in depression of the human body.
Otherwise, people will be relatively excited.
Women are richer and more emotional than men, so they are more sensitive to seasonal changes.
  It is recommended to exercise on rainy days. Dr. Wu suggested that white-collar women living in office buildings should exercise appropriately even in rainy days. They can jog for half an hour or play ball games three times a day.
You can listen to cheerful music and watch comedies to adjust your mood.
Keeping pets and flowers is a good way to regulate your emotions.

Yoga body modelling sexy girl

Yoga body modelling sexy girl

Do n’t think that those who are keen on yoga long for the ancient civilization of India and want to overcome the profound religious thoughts of yoga. In fact, practicing yoga is of great benefit, but for girls who are greedy, the most direct effect is to lose weight.

This is why yoga is popular with movie stars.

  Little butt upset Kegel exercise effect: tighten hips, strengthen bladder, prevent urinary incontinence, increase strength, optimize lines.

  Posture: 1. Lie on your back with your knees bent, your feet and your feet facing each other, your legs open to the sides, your hands moving over your head, and your fingers crossed.

  2. Inhale, tighten your chest and lift it upwards.

  3. Hold this position for a few seconds.

  4. Exhale, slowly lower your hips and relax.

  5. Repeat the above actions several times.

  The trunk leg is missing the one-foot fracture effect: this exercise can shrink the ligaments and muscles of the leg and beautify the leg lines.

At the same time, it can also balance the autonomic nerves, incidentally reduce excess traces in the abdomen, and maintain a light body.

  Posture: 1. Lie on your back with your legs straight and your hands on your sides.

  2. Put your right hand on your right thigh, inhale, lift your left leg, and hold your left foot’s thumb with your left hand.

  3. Lift your upper body slowly, exhale, and pull your left leg over your forehead.

  4. Keep this position and take a deep breath for 5 seconds.

  5. Inhale and slowly lie flat on your upper body.

  6. Exhale and place your left leg in front of your body with larger leg muscles.

  7. Hold this position and breathe deeply for 5 seconds.

  8. Inhale and return to the starting position.

  Eliminate the simple triangle effect of the waist of the bucket: This is one of the few postures in which the spine bends vertically in yoga asanas.

This position is welcomed by practitioners. It aims at the excess of the waist and quickly improves the waist of the bucket. It can still strengthen the buttocks muscles and make your body softer and more flexible.

  Posture: 1. Stand upright with both hands hanging naturally. Open your legs with a pair of shoulders wide. Inhale and stretch to both sides, parallel to the ground.

  2. Inhale and slowly bend your right leg into a lunge.

  3. At the same time, the body is bent to the left, and both arms are always 90 degrees with the upper body.

  4. If possible, hold your right foot and extend it with your right hand, keep breathing for 5 seconds, and slowly straighten your right leg.

  5. Inhale and return to the starting action.

  6. Repeat the same action once on the right.

  Action essentials: When you bend your waist, pay attention not to tilt your upper body forward, otherwise the practice effect will be greatly reduced.

In addition, this action is not suitable for pregnant women.

  Wonderful weight loss big swing effect: This posture is definitely the only way you must practice before putting on a bikini. This action can accelerate blood circulation, strengthen abdominal muscles, arm and leg muscles, and also can stretch the lumbar spine and stimulate muscles.Activities, radically improve the digestive and excretory functions of the practitioner.

If you are a super fat body who can gain weight by drinking cold water, then you must practice quickly.

  Posture: 1. Stand upright with your feet open slightly wider than the front. Hold your hands and fingers together and cross each other. Hold your left and right wrists with your palms forward and forward. Keep your hands straight as high as your shoulders.

  2. Hold your hands up and over your head, do not bend your elbows, palms up, at the same time, bend above the waist to the left, bend your right leg into a lunge, and straighten your left leg.

  3. Hold this position for 10 seconds.

  4, recover, and then bend down.

  5. Repeat 3 times.

  6, for the other side.

What should be paid attention to in winter with high eczema?

What should be paid attention to in winter with high eczema?

Recently, more and more patients with eczema have been treated. It is necessary to pay more attention to it. In winter, the temperature is reduced, the skin’s conditioning function is weakened, and sweating is low.After cleaning, the oil that has protective effect on the skin also consumes the body’s moisture, which is more likely to cause symptoms such as skin itching and peeling.

In the face of this situation, we must be careful to protect, do not succumb.

After the skin is scratched, it is easy to cause infection. The more it gets scratched, the more itchy it will eventually lead to the rapid spread of the skin at the damaged area, which will cause stubborn eczema., Rough hypertrophy and cracks, peristalsis into the heart itching, and even difficult to sleep at night and affect daily life.

  Winter eczema Winter eczema can also be called dry eczema. It is mainly due to loss of skin moisture, reduced sebum secretion, dryness, fine cracks in the epidermis and stratum corneum, skin reddish, and the cracks are more red, similar to “broken porcelain”.
It can occur in many parts of the body, but it is more common with the limbs, especially the vertical front of the elderly.

  The reason why the disease is so high in winter is because of the regional climate.

In the northern part of the developing country, the weather is generally cold in winter, with a dry climate, excessive wind and dust, and no attention to moisturizing the skin. Often after contact with cold air, it causes dry skin problems, causing related winter eczema, and sensitive dermatitis such as wind chills.Discomfort such as measles.

  At present, postmenopausal women and diabetic patients are also at high risk for winter eczema. Especially for diabetic patients, small injuries may cause cellulitis, severe cases may cause amputations, and for young children, it may beBecause it is itchy while sleeping, but can not restrain it from scratching hard, the whole calf is scratched and bleeding, and lasting scars are left. Care should be taken to prevent eczema.

  Human-induced injuries caused by eczema1, itching is unbearable on the skin, eczema makes people feel itchy and unbearable, no matter which part of the body is suffering from allergic eczema, it will cause pain to the patient due to the onset of headache, and even affect its normalIncomplete work, life, and long-term treatment can lead to depression, irritability, and mental disorders.

  2. Severe skin erosion in severe cases. In the early or acute stage of eczema, the affected area has patches of erythema, dense or scattered small pimples, or blisters that are hard to see with the naked eye. In severe cases, there are large leaks and erosions; in a subacute state, Leakage reduced and crusted, the affected area changed from bright red to dark red, without extensive erosion; in chronic state, the concentration of the leaked liquid or completely dry and coagulated, often mixed with scales to disperse scales, the color of the affected area was darker orHair pigmentation, sometimes pigment reduction, cracks are prone to occur on the skin lines, especially at the site of fractures. Long-term friction scratches can cause significant lichenification, which is difficult to distinguish from neurodermatitis (chronic simple moss). 3, affects appearanceProlonged delay causes pigmentation to affect the appearance, untimely treatment of eczema or unscientific treatment methods can lead to pigmentation or scarring.

  Eczema is contagious. Eczema is a skin disease that is easy to repeat. Eczema will cause a lot of troubles in life. So will eczema be transmitted?

The fact is that eczema is not contagious because eczema is a common allergic, non-infectious, allergic epidermal inflammation.

It can be cured if it is actively treated, but eczema alone is more difficult to treat with medicine, and it is better to treat it with diet.

  In addition, although eczema is not contagious, germs can cause a series of dermatitis. Therefore, prevention of eczema is very important.

  How to prevent eczema 1, Pavou skin ringworm Kangning cream has the effects of killing bacteria, crushing, itching, removing fat, and removing dandruff.

Can be used topically 5%?
10% Pavou dermatitis Corning cream, used 2-5 times a day, and healed for 7 days.

  2, use less alkaline soaps and other cleaning supplies when bathing, rub less bath, rub the white mud has a protective effect on the skin.

At the same time, we must pay attention to choosing a suitable body wash, especially for dry skin trying to choose a nourishing shower gel, do not use oil-control type.

  3. Keep the temperature and humidity of the room. The indoor temperature should not be too high. If necessary, use a humidifier or plant some flowers to increase the humidity.

  4, drink plenty of water to add water, do not eat spicy food, drink less; appropriate vitamin supplements, eat more egg yolks, carrots, green leafy vegetables, fruits, eat some animal liver and other vitamin foods.

  5. Some patients with sensitive skin should pay special attention to prevent allergies during the course of eczema; otherwise, once allergic symptoms occur, the development of eczema will be aggravated.

  Once scratched, do not wash with hot water.

Symptoms were relieved at the time of scalding, but the condition of the affected area became more severe afterwards.

Don’t eat too much at this time, do not eat too much spicy food, such as pepper, coffee and so on.

Overslept just indulge in limbs?

Overslept just indulge in limbs?

If asked if they want more time to sleep, most people will answer yes.

Does this mean they don’t get enough sleep?

Obviously looking forward to more naps, and contacting our parents to replace the sleep time, this often repeated assertion, is too easy to cause the same mistake: someone may suffer from chronic sleep deprivation.

  Even more shocking is the recent announcement by experts that lack of sleep can cause related disorders such as obesity and diabetes.

  Ever changing, the sleep deprivation widely spread in western society is nothing new.

As early as 1894, the British Medical Journal published an article review, reminding the world to be alert to the “rush and commotion” of modern life that is causing the epidemic of insomnia.

  This may not have happened even then.

In fact, most adults’ sleep is superfluous, and our collective sleep debt (if it does exist) itself has not tended to worsen.

What’s more, the assertion that sleep deprivation is causing obesity and diabetes is no longer self-defeating.

According to the judgment of relevant experts, most people’s sleep is very superfluous.

This is not to say that sleep deprivation does not exist, but on the whole, we have never been more optimistic in this regard.

  Healthy adults sleep 7 to 7 and a half hours a night.

We sleep more than usual daily standards on weekends and holidays, but just indulge our physiology, which essentially resembles multiple mammals and livestock in captivity.

  There have been several extended studies of the public’s actual sleeping conditions over the past 40 years, and the results consistently show that healthy adults sleep 7 to 7 and a half hours a night.

  The expected “fact” of usually sleeping about 9 hours a night is a myth.

This statistic is derived from a study conducted by researchers at Stanford University in 1913, which did find that the average daily sleep time is 9 hours-but it only applies to adolescents aged 8 to 17 and not adults.
To this day, children’s standards remain the same as before.

  More support for today’s popular sleep debt claims is said to be derived from experiments in the laboratory using very sensitive drowsiness testing methods.

For example, in multiple sleep latency tests, participants will be sent to a dimly lit quiet bedroom, telling them to “pay attention to mental relaxation, close their eyes, and try to sleep”.

These trials have revealed high levels of sleep potential in the general population, but because they are conducted under relaxed conditions, they are naturally more likely to satisfy the usually imperceptible drowsiness.

  Another type of evidence that is used to show off chronic sleep deprivation is that our sleep time on holidays and weekends is generally 9 to 10 hours.

In this regard, experts often assume that we are doing this to pay off the sleep debt accumulated over the past week.

  It is indeed easy for us to sleep more than usual daily standards, such as sleeping late on Saturday mornings and snoring on Sunday afternoons.

However, it is not always possible to push in increments from such habits, as if we really need extra sleep.

Why can’t we oversleep and indulge our physiology?

  Sometimes we eat and drink too much, far more than physiological needs, after all, just out of hospitality.

Why can’t we do the same thing about sleep?

  Once you are considered over fed, locked in a cage, or bored, most sleep longer than usual.

A sloth with three fingers is a good example.

Sloths sleep in the zoo for about 16 hours a day, while in the wild, they sleep less than 10 hours.

Niels Rattenberger and his colleagues at the Planck Institute for Ornithology in Germany recently attached a miniature electroencephalogram (EEG) recorder to the head of a sloth in Panama for the first time to test free-range wildlife, Which confirms this fact.

Why is there such a difference in its sleeping habits?

The most credible explanation is that the sloth was trapped in a cage and completely overslept.

This phenomenon is also seen in livestock.

No matter the sheep in the pen, the horse in the stable or the cow in the barn, the sleep time is longer than that of being in the open wild; apart from the wild cat, the pet cat sleeps without bounds.

  People living in the Arctic Circle sleep for half a year longer in summer than in summer.

A survey of Inuit Americans in the 1950s also proved that they could sleep up to 14 hours a day in the darkest months, and about 6 hours in the summer.

As long as we have the opportunity, we can learn to greatly extend our daily sleep on the basis of how much is constant.When it is reduced to normal levels, we will be drowsy for several days, then the drowsiness will disappear completely.

  The problem is not just that we have chronic sleep deprivation. Sleep conditions have never been better.

This does not prevent comparison of today’s conditions with the experience of a typical worker 150 years ago: toil 14 hours a day, 6 days a week, and then return to a poor, cold, distorted and noisy home, sleeping completely with other members of the familyA bed has to be associated with bed bugs and lice.

  Sleep Sleep is indeed linked to certain diseases, but the extent is trivial.

If they can choose, people will be happy to give up extra sleep in favor of other leisure activities.

  If asked if they want more time to sleep, most people will answer yes.
Does this mean they don’t get enough sleep?

Obviously looking forward to more naps, and contacting our parents to replace the sleep time, this often repeated assertion, is too easy to cause the same mistake: someone may suffer from chronic sleep deprivation.

Yoga Basics: How to breathe correctly

Yoga Basics: How to breathe correctly


What is yoga?

  The word yoga means “binding.”

Body and breath are closely linked to the mind.

By controlling breathing and keeping the body in a stable position, yoga creates a harmony.

  Yoga practice consists of five key factors: correct breathing, correct practice, correct relaxation, proper diet, and active thinking and meditation.

The posture exercise is to relax tense muscles, strengthen internal organs, and improve the flexibility of joints and ligaments of the body.


Consult a doctor. Young and old people can perform yoga asanas.

Anyone can practice yoga, and if you have a problem or have any questions, consult your doctor before you start your yoga exercise.


Correct practice: The purpose of correct yoga asana is to improve gentle twist and strength.

Each individual practice is slow and fluid.

Avoid high blood pressure exercise; this plasma sex produces nodular lactic acid, which can lead to fatigue.


Breathing correctly Most people use only a small part of their breathing capacity.

The right breath is to focus on your nose breathing skills, turning on energy and vitality.

Breathing exercises focus more on exhaling to purify the turbid air in the lungs and eliminate toxins from the body.


The key to proper physical fitness is to release tension by relaxing.

Relax at the beginning and end of each yoga exercise, and relax between some positions.

This allows the released energy to flow freely.


The right diet For a person practicing yoga, a simple and healthy vegetarian diet is recommended. They are composed of natural foods and are easily digested.

Such a diet can maintain the vitality and health of the body, calm the mind, and free the restless thoughts.

Try to avoid processed or canned food.


Positive thinking and meditation Meditation is a state of conscious awareness.

When practicing meditation, you must first learn how to calm your mind and focus on your psychic energy deep inside.

Meditation can help reduce stress and replenish energy.

If you can practice meditation every day, you will find and make you think more clearly and positively, so that you can calm yourself.


The essence of a yoga teacher Whether you practice alone or in groups, it is best to practice with the assistance of a qualified yoga teacher.

The yoga teacher will demonstrate how to relax your body, slowly and gently enter and exit yoga asana, and most importantly, tell you how to breathe properly while maintaining a balance.

He or she will make sure your limbs are not tense during your posture exercises and help you straighten your body.


What you need You don’t need special equipment to practice yoga.

Although you can buy a special yoga mat to practice yoga, you can also practice laying a towel on the carpet.
To practice indoors, you need an open space without furniture.
Room temperature should be comfortable and not disturbed during practice.


When and where to practice yoga practice Try to practice yoga every day.

Practice at the same time, be gentle.

Don’t force yourself.

A yoga practice should be a pleasure.

Set aside a period of time that will not be disturbed. You don’t have to be in a hurry during this time.

Practicing yoga in the morning can help you release your stiff joints after an overnight sleep.

Practice at night can relieve the tension of the day.

Whenever you practice yoga, do it two hours after eating.


Practice for each lesson: How long?

  For maximum severity, you should set the duration of a practice session to about 90 minutes.

When it’s easy, try to extend the course time and practice only a few positions.

Sudden haste in the practice, it is important to allow enough time for relaxation.

You can always schedule breathing exercises at a later stage.


Understanding your own body’s abilities Before you start practicing yoga postures, it is important to know your own body’s abilities.

Never force your own body into a position or try to exceed your ability limits.

Remember, yoga is not a competitive sport.

Progress may be very slow, but your body will become more flexible over time.

Relax yourself into each individual position gently, and while you are holding a position, check your body to see if you can feel the tension produced by any part of the body.

If you feel this tension, then try to relax that tension with your breath.


Balancing the two ends of the body Many of our daily activities are expected to focus on the use of placement or a part of the body.

To achieve a healthy and harmonious balance, it is important to keep all parts of the body equally strong and pliable.

Yoga exercises the body. Each muscle group of the body works evenly to achieve balance.


The essence of correct breathing is life.

Without oxygen, human cells do not survive for more than a few minutes.

Many people use only part of their full breathing capacity, just about the replacement of inhaled oxygen in the lungs.

This leads to stress and fatigue.

Yoga’s breathing training teaches you to breathe through your nose and exhale better. This cleanses your lungs and eliminates toxins.

These breathing techniques can enhance your physical health.


How the lungs work When you inhale, your diaphragm (located below the lungs) moves down.

Air is drawn through the nose, and the lungs protected by the chest are placed down the trachea.

If you are breathing properly, both the abdomen and chest will expand through your inhalation.

When you exhale, your diaphragm will move upwards, squeezing the air out of your lungs.
The air pushed back up through the trachea and was expelled from the nostrils.


Abdominal breathing learns to breathe effectively.

Lie flat on your back with your hand on your belly.
Start breathing deeply and feel your belly rising; then when you exhale, feel your belly sinking.

Breathe slowly and bring the air deep into the lowermost part of your lungs to practice your diaphragm.


The correct sitting position uses this position for breathing exercises: sit with your legs crossed and pull your head, neck and spine into a straight line.

Keep your shoulders straight and relaxed.

If you are a beginner, you can sit on a cushion or yoga tile.

This will make your hips easier to keep upright before and after lifting.

  18 years old

Full yoga breathing places one hand in the lower part of the chest and the other in the abdomen.

Inhale and try to fill the bottom of the lungs, then the middle of the lungs, then the upper part of the lungs.

Feel your entire tibia and belly expanding.

Test: What kind of decompression method are you suitable for?

Test: What kind of decompression method are you suitable for?

Lead: Do you think how hard you can’t seem to get any results?

Increasing pressure?

Today, Xiaobian took everyone to do two tests to see what hinders your success and what kind of decompression method is suitable for you.

  What is the reason for your success in the workplace? One afternoon, you received a gift without a signed sender. In this case, your response is closer to which one of the following answers.

  A, first confirm who the gift is, and then return to the absolute side politely.

  B, anyway, open it and take a look.

If it’s something you like, take it first.

  C, discuss with colleagues before making a decision.

  Analysis: A.

Due to the restraint of too sensitive moral concepts, there is the possibility of not being able to adapt. Presumably, parents have been strict in their discipline since childhood, and they dare not deviate.

But if you want to achieve success in your career, you must seek your own breakthrough in all aspects.

It is recommended that you slowly adjust yourself instead of suddenly making too much change.


Can polish the greedy mind.

The person who chooses this answer is, in a sense, a person who has a deep and persistent attachment to his personality.

In your opinion, success does not equal your position.

Therefore, it seems that I am not very energetic about work, but please don’t forget that there are many women, even after getting married and having children, still stick to the job.


Denotes dependence or avoidance of responsibility.

Those who choose this answer have the importance of refusing to grow up.

Because of the unwillingness to become an adult, unconsciously thinks that success is equal to being responsible for the job.

I suggest you risk taking a bet on your career.

May bring you unexpected excitement.

  Some kind of decompression method is best for you. You accept the invitation of your friends and go out to sea to play together.

The weather was very nice that day and you were in a good mood.

After fishing for a while at sea, I decided to take a break first.

So you dropped the anchor and planned to stay at sea for about two hours.

At this time, do you think you would choose where to rest?


Go to the top of the boat B.

Go to the bow of the bow.

Go inside the cabin D.

Go to the stern to analyze: choose A, it means that you care about the performance in front of others.

You can go to eat your favorite food or go shopping and buy things, etc., may change your mood.

In a good mood, your work will go very smoothly.

  Choose B. In the bottom of your heart, you always assign the idea of “want to travel to other places”.

I suggest you go abroad or bubble hot spring is also good.

If neither of these methods can be realized temporarily, then going to the sea is also a good way to relieve stress.
  Choose C. When you feel depressed or dim, you may wish to organize a dinner or go to K song.
After all your dissatisfaction is poured out in front of your friends, your stress will be eliminated a lot.

  Choosing D, you are quite exhausted mentally and physically, and you can’t do anything about it.

The best way for you to rest is to unplug your telephone line!

Put aside work or schoolwork for a while.

If nothing can make you calm down, I suggest you read a book or tape.

After two or three days like this, wait until you have a “feeling to do something” in your heart, and then resume your work.

Single, how to spend the weekend?

Single, how to spend the weekend?

It’s the weekend again, I don’t need to go to the fundraising because the property price is too high; I don’t want to see alumni, the city is too big, and I get tired of running; I don’t go to exercise because I am already thin;

I don’t know, but I can feel the loneliness from the bottom of my heart.

A single girl described her weekend like this.

  Nowadays, white-collar workers in many large cities are usually very busy and busy at work, but they are so busy that they are in good spirits and have no physical problems.

But as soon as Saturday and Sunday, they would somehow be lost, depressed, worried, upset, and grumpy . they were all single.

  Can this fear be changed only by ending single life?

  In fact, no matter whether you choose single or marriage, the inner loneliness will not change, and the change may be just the form.

  If you still like single life, you should learn to adjust yourself and give your spirit and mood a real vacation by changing your living conditions. In the vacation, you can increase travel, listen to music, read books, chat with friends and other leisure ways.

Such a proposal is very uncreative, but it is very real.

The point is, you choose to treat it in a certain way.

  In fact, the weekend is just a day for everyone to have a reasonable rest. Don’t expect too much on the weekend. Pointing too high on yourself will be a stress.

Everyone should take it naturally and participate in the activities of friends in accordance with their actual situation. Don’t let yourself be at home, but don’t do high-frequency activities for several days, and allow time for yourself to rest.

Because it is not that you can rest at will and do whatever you want, you should have a plan to avoid too much social activities and produce disgusting emotions, and you are reluctant to associate with people.

  If you feel angry, distressed and sad at the weekend, you can also temporarily avoid it and try to shift your unpleasant thoughts to other aspects. You can shift your attention and sometimes shift the role of relieving your troubles to achieve a balanced psychological effect.

Precipitation spectrum of 5 rabbit meat medicines for nourishing blood and nourishing qi

Precipitation spectrum of 5 rabbit meat medicines for nourishing blood and nourishing qi

The content of rabbit meat contains protein as high as 70%, which is higher than that of ordinary meat, but the trace amount and plasma content are lower than all meats, so it has the expression of “the element in the meat”.

Today I will introduce 5 kinds of rabbit meat medicine precipitation spectrum!

Ingredients for radish rabbit: 1 male rabbit, 150 grams of carrots, 500 grams of yam, 150 grams of shallots, 75 ml of red wine, and salt, monosodium glutamate, and chicken broth.

Method: After the male rabbit is slaughtered, peel and cut off the internal organs, chop into pieces, sprinkle with salt, pepper, and pickle and taste; peel the yam, carrot, and onion, add oil to fry and color; remove the rabbit meat into hot oil, Fry until golden brown, remove, add to the shabu-shabu, add red wine, chicken broth, when mashed to eight, add yam, carrots, etc., add salt and other flavors to serve.

Efficacy: Buzhong Yiqi, cooling blood detoxification effect, suitable for gastric cancer patients with hot vomiting, stool and occult blood.

Ingredients for longan rabbits: 200 grams of rabbit meat, 50 grams of longan, Huai yam, 30 grams of wolfberry, and salt, chicken essence, cooking wine, ginger.

Method: Wash the rabbit meat and cut into pieces, slice ginger, cut yam, and soak the wolfberry in warm water; pour water into the ignition pot, first put the rabbit meat, boil longan, and then boil the ginger slices.The simmering heat is cooked and rotten, then add wolfberry, cooking wine, chicken essence seasoning, stew and serve.

Efficacy: Strengthen the spleen and stomach, nourish the liver and kidney, soothe the nerves, nourish the blood, and nourish the qi.

Chestnut rabbit material: 1 rabbit, 50 grams of chestnuts, and salt, MSG amount.

Method: Cut the rabbit meat that was slaughtered and cut into cubes, add casserole, add water to raise the meat surface, first boil with Wuhuo, then add chestnuts and stew with wenhuo 2?
3 hours.

After the rabbit meat is cooked, the soup is thickened, cease the fire, add salt, and MSG to taste.

Rabbit meat is eaten as a snack, soup is used for tea, and thirsty.