Wang Teng smiled and said nothing。

in fact,some things,There is not much need to be so blunt。
After all, the next words,To deal with,Can handle it naturally。
Unsolvable,No matter how much you continue,Actually the final result,Still the same。
and so,For such things,Wang Teng’s whole person’s heart,Even more eager to try。
“All right,Now words,Don’t say so much for now。”
“Since you really have so much confidence in your own strength,Then hurry up,I am waiting for you!”
Looks at Wang Teng,These things,In fact, it’s completely on the bright side。
As for the next,What way do you need to solve。
Just these,In fact, it’s not easy already。
And looking at it all,Actually for these,Wang Teng’s heart,It’s quite clear。
After watching for a while,Actually from now on,At this moment,Wang Teng sighed。
“Some people,Just inexplicable confidence。”
“but,These people don’t hit the south wall and don’t look back,Since you are so,Then come on。”
Anyway,For Wang Teng,Actually knowing it doesn’t matter much。
at best,Just have fun with these people,These things,Wang Teng already knows it well。
Just here,Zhao Sikang in front of us,Even gritted his teeth。
“Humph,Either you die or I die today!”
Zhao Sikang’s words are finished,Speed up,Coming to Wang Teng。

Why will it be so calm?。

Even the lake,Laozi lost a stone,Will it be 漪 and sound??
Is it not right in treatment??
Zhou Ye looks to the horse seal,I only see the old man in front of the face and have been gasping.。
“I listen to the Supreme。”Zhou Ye went to take a stethoscope of the bed in front of the bed,I immediately listened to the double lungs of the horse seal.。
This listen,I found that the dry and wet odds of the lungs in both sides are still。
It seems that heart failure symptoms。
This wet Rogy plus breathing difficulties,ThenbnpAs well as it is,How to see is a heart failure?。
Heart super-blooded score is also very low。
Zhou Ye thinks that his diagnosis is not wrong.。
Why don’t you use diuretic drugs without any reactions??The antihypertensive effect is also very unambiguous。
Zhou Ye is also confused about this,He comforted the wife after the horse,The stomach came out of the ward,Walking in the galler,He wants to want to go but still can’t understand。
He rushed to Professor Li,Professor Li is the superiors of Dr. Wu。Zhou Ye I thought about this old head.:“teacher,it’s me,The appearance of horse seal here,I have some response.,Come over。”“it is good,Which room he is in??”Professor Li agreed。
Professor Li from Li,He just came out from the operating room,The surgical clothing has not taken off and rushed over.。Professor Li went to the hospital bed before the horse:“What is the current situation?”。“The original state is actually not bad.,After eating fruit,Suddenly began to get bigger,Blood pressure has also begun to rise。”Zhou Ye closed his eyes carefully to think about the situation at the time.。
“what?He ate fruit?”Professor Li exposed a surprised look。
“it’s me,I don’t know if he can’t eat fruit, thinking about adding a nutrition, cut an apple to eat.”Mo’s wife is born,Her eyes are unable to,Hand tightly grab the corner,Low head,Like a child who is wrong。
“He is like this after eating fruit.?Then there is no cough when he is eating.?”Professor Li did not continue to ask Mr. Mr. Mr.,But turning the head to Mr. Chen’s direction。
“should not,At that time, the family members did not observe the abnormalities in any misunderstanding when they were fed.。”Mr. Chen immediately understood the meaning of Professor Li.,So hurry to answer。
Professor Li listened to the silence,Mr. Mo lies in lying on the bed,After thinking about thinking,I personally listen to the patient’s heart。
“How is his liquid in liquid??Take me with the liquid in these days.。”Professor Li asked calm。
“Patients have little urine today,Even if the drug gives him the need for diuretic, it is not obvious.。”Mr. Chen took the report to Professor Li and Professor Li.,Side answered。
Professor Li carefully looked at the report,Suddenly understand how it is。He walked to the old Mo bedside, a quilt,His abdomen。Look carefully,Press the hand,Then I looked down at the urine bag.。Professor Li has changed it.。
“Do you have inspected his bladder??”Professor Li and Mr. Chen。
“Not yet……”Mr. Chen,Hand straight cold sweat,finally understood,Just finished, all are busy,Actually only take care of the patient’s heart and lung,I forget the abdomen。
“You go to carefully observe the patient’s abdomen,Then slammed his bladder。”Professor Li,Mr. Chen gave a position。
Mr. Chen hit the scalp and opened the quilt of the old Mo.:“I rely on!What’s happening here?”Mr. Chen, I don’t know, I don’t know.。
I saw the abdomen of the old Mo.。Mr. Chen stretched out of his bladder part of his bladder.。
“You tap!Don’t kill the bladder of others.!”Professor Li stands on a look。
“啥,bladder?Is there a bladder in the abdomen??The original bladder can be so big?That is why ah?Is it that urinary retention??Why do you have urinary retention??This is not a urete.?”Mr. Chen grabs the head,Professor Li Li。
Professor Li also looked at him,Laugh,Ignore him。Mr. Chen also touched the upper abdomen of the old Mo and knocked it on it with his hand.。It can be seen that it is visible to the turbidity.,The lower abdomen should be liquid。
Is it true that the urine in the bladder cannot smoothly remove urinary retention phenomenon in vitro??Mr. Chen looked at the abdomen of the old Mo,I looked at my hand again.,He can’t believe it。
“I just observed,The patient’s urete has a sediment。And the discharged is very turbidity of numerous urine,Under this circumstance, the patient’s urete is extremely easy to block.,If he is really blocked,Don’t come out,This is not the urinary retention.?”Professor Li looked at Mr. Chen, a petrochemical,Continue to say:“Patients have accessible these days2000lUrine,How is there only300lWoolen cloth,Such obvious questions, you didn’t know。look,He is all dead.!”
Mr. Chen thinks:“Yes,Although the old Mo, because of his hello to say,But the urine can also feel uncomfortable.。He is because the uterus is difficult to suffer.,These phenomena have been said,I just do it.,Actually,Go attention to his heart and lung problem……”Mr. Chen’s hair,Suddenly speaking to yourself。
As the saying goes well,Living people can’t let urine death。Mr. Chen almost makes the old to death.,For urination,Old people call,Because the urination is the old sweat,Because the urine is old, it has risen.!Do you can’t talk?,He wants to speak, definitely:“Are you heart failure?,What are you a mediocrity?,Laozi wants to pee,No urine,You and I said my myocardial infarction!”
As the saying goes well,Living people can’t let urine death。Mr. Chen almost makes the old to death.,For urination,Old people call,Because the urination is the old sweat,Because the urine is old, it has risen.!Do you can’t talk?,He wants to speak, definitely:“Are you heart failure?,What are you a mediocrity?,Laozi wants to pee,No urine,You and I said my myocardial infarction!
Zhou Yeo slowly walked to the pre-bed of the horse seal,He carefully observed the variation of various instruments before the bed.。
“Some blood pressure is a bit higher。”The wife of the horse is pointed to the blood pressure on the monitor.。
really,As she said,Horse seal is still very high,The heart rate is also very fast,There is no way to improve。

The closed eyes of Chen San heard the deep love of his thoughts,I hit a chill,Unbelievable,Surprises:“Winter and winter,You are winter winter?”

Teacher, sisters, respect more than ten years.,The four eyes are relatively all the words of thousands of words.,However, the occasion is wrong.,totally unexpected,Goodbye for many years,Will be this posture。
“Qingqing,Put the truth,I know that you are still the kind of kind.,Kidnapped children are not your will”
“enough,This point does not need many words,I am not forcing,A voluntary。”
Chen San complicated to watch Chen Dong,After receiving the eye,Long hair shadow cover:“Qing Qing has long died.,My name is Chen San。”
“You two,Pay attention to your prisoner’s identity,I have agreed to let you play a lot of love??”
Liao Jie interrupted,Behind the two red lines,One side, one, two affectionate heads。
Chapter 455 It’s you
Rotate,Red line ghost hand down three heads,Three women’s lips,What are you doing?。
“how,Is it clear??”
Red line ghosts detained Chen Dong and Chen Qi’s neck,Liao Jie looks to Chen San,Narrow:“I want to talk again.,Can you live over tonight?,Look at your performance。”
“Chen San,Say it,I’m dying!”
Chen Qi is difficult to open,She feels that Liao Jie is serious.,The neck is coming soon.。
Short psychological struggle,Chen San voice:“you promise,As long as I tell the truth,You put them two。”
“no problem,This is a big peace of mind.。”
Liao Jie nodded,Conscientiously:“I may have such a shortcomings like this.,But I never cheated a woman!”
Speaking of which,He is in order to show sincerity,Remove the red line of the two female neck。
Chen Dong:“”
She testifies,When Liao Jie is lie,Never take a woman as a woman。
“What do you want to know?”
“Where is Chen Gonggong?,Why can’t you catch so many babies??”
“Just said Chen Qi,Chen Gonggong is a madman,She said yes.,Chen Gonggong has a mouthful”
China is not an emperor。
This sentence, Chen Gong often hangs in the mouth,He gave people a lifetime,Slavery,Even afraid of martial arts,I am difficult to find the enemy in the world.,He still insists on finding a master。
More than ten years ago,Chen Gonggong caught a group of teenage girls,Cultivate a martial arts high but cold blood ruthless tool,At the same time,Use poisonous needle to control a batch of martial arts and practitioners in Hong Kong Island。
Big me,He can’t help but,Toolman commanding Chen San,Crazy stealing baby with emperor,I caught the 18 boys in a week.。
Emperor’s life seems to be a bit bad street,But this is not a focus,The focus is when the next full-time,Chen Gonggong will choose an emperor in all babies。
leftover,Either death,Either cultivated into a new generation of tools。
“It turned out to be like this。”

slowly,Looking at all of this。

Now,Wang Teng’s whole person thinks more and more directly,。
“All right,I won’t talk about other things for now,But at least these things,How to solve it。”
“Let’s not talk about anything else,But at least here,Such a problem,I think,Actually we should wait and talk。”
at the same time,Wei Yunquan,His brow furrowed slightly,Displeased。
“This kid,How did you do it?”
When Wei Yunquan’s words are finished,Those around,Suddenly don’t know,Should say something。
After all such a thing,In fact, it’s completely on the bright side。
As for how to deal with it,Let’s not talk about so much for now。
It’s here,Wei Yunquan said:“and many more,This kid said,Have a good talk with me!”
“I think,He must have a lot of thoughts in his head,But it’s a pity,It’s useless for me。”
slowly,When Wei Yunquan’s words are finished,Those around,Nodded again and again。
Such a thing,Others can see it completely。
But now look,Other people think it’s funny。
“Haha,Who said no,Toss till now,is that useful?”
“Actually, I really don’t say this,Actually it’s useless at all。”
“I won’t talk about other things for now,But at least here,Such a thing,In fact, it’s completely on the bright side。”
When those people around,I didn’t forget to say here。
in fact,Wei Yunquan’s heart,Think so too。

Liao Wenjie sighed,A big pair of two people,Then it turned out the blanket in the wardrobe,Ready to sleep tonight。

Don’t want to go,But when I was a child, I saw the shadow left by the god carver.,Throw two beautiful women,I always feel that my heart is not practical.。
“Ager,Thank you tonight.。”
Just when Liao Wenjie is ready to close the bedroom door,Tang Judi suddenly opened。
“Click one’s tongue,I will know that you are not drunk.,Fortunately, I just didn’t come.,Otherwise it is miserable.。”
“Ager,Don’t be black yourself,You are a good man。”
Tang Judi opened his eyes,No dishes, ceiling,Think of yourself and the king of a fragile marriage,Self-department laughs。
“Jude sister,Men are animals,I naturally no exception,Just you both have a wine odor,I feel hard to swear.。”
“You have to say this,I will take a shower now.。”
“ok,This is what you said,But today is a bit late.,Change again。”Liao WenjieokGesture,Gently bring the door。
Darkness,Tang Judi looked at the closed door,Long time silent。
Chapter 62 Ancestral craft
the next day,Cheng Jing fan is confused, I haven’t wake up,Tang Judi see time,Anyway, it is late.,This class is not over.,Grand hand, a direct holiday。
She is a boss,She said。
Although Tang Judi is very,But Liao Jie did not refute,I even think that there is less a day.,It should be put more than a few days.。
He helped bought two breakfasts.,First say goodbye,I didn’t do my hidden homework last night.,I have to make up today.。
Road,Liao Jie played a phone call,No one heard,I don’t know how to get it over.。
“His business,It should not be a problem”
Liao Jie,The front foot just put down the big brother,After the feet, Wu Luo said again.。
Calculate time,Wu Luo is also over in neon holidays.,Liao Jie picks the eyebrows,It is estimated that this call may be related to his prediction.。
“Ager,You are not in the company?”
“Do not,I am on my way home,I am getting home soon.。”
“You don’t go to work today.?”
“Um,Today’s holiday。”
“How do you change a company?,Still all the holiday?”
Wu Luozhen spit,Immediately said:“Then don’t walk at home.,I drive to Mi Gao to find you.。”
“what happened,So anxious,Is it a plane on the plane??”
“same,You go home to open TV,There are reports above。”
“Interview with live,The cause of this hijacker event,It is a prisoner that specializes in returning to Hong Kong.”
Liao Jie shoated,Open TV looks like hot news,The hijacking incident is bad,Causing a wide focus of society。The most refined thing is,The prisoner’s party will not only bring a pistol on a plane.,There is also a thunder,Very shameful。
The fact is in front of you,The plane takes off from neon,An inspection out so big loophole,How to explain again, it looks pale weakness。
Follow,Switch to Neon,Three rows of people in person,The collective apologize against the camera。
Ancestral craft。
Voice ring,Is Wu Luozhen and Mi Gae,There is also a male in the peers,Just showing face on TV,Shan this police exploration on neon。
“Ashi,A high,Also this”

Wang Youcai panicked,He hurriedly pushed Ma Hongfang away and said:“Don’t don’t!broad daylight,It’s not good to be seen by others”

“Humph!Do you despise me now”Ma Hongfang is crying,Looks pitiful。
Wang Youcai shook his head and said:“No。Have you encountered any difficulties?Talk if you need help”Wang Youcai and Ma Hongfang have had more dealings,So what does she want,He can still guess a little。
He and Ma Hongfang can get together,He was a little bit bad at the time,But this woman needs something,Like he just said。Cold war between him and husband,The flesh needs a man’s comfort,I also need Wang Youcai’s assistance in life。So their relationship is nothing more。
Ma Hongfang glanced at Wang Youcai,Took a long breath and said:“My husband and I are completely separated this time。Because what you promised him didn’t happen,So he became angry。Sold the house for one and half。But I have no place to live now”
“nonsense!Rich and no place to live?”Wang Youcai fixed his eyes on Ma Hongfang,I’m afraid he will lie。
Ma Hongfang sighed and said:“The money from selling the house will be credited to my account after half a month,But what do I do this half a month?No money to rent,My parents dare not go back”
“Damn!This is a bit difficult。My house in Pingdu was sold and paid back。Now working in a small village in Baishui Town,The situation is not too optimistic”Wang Youcai deliberately said that he was downright。
Unexpectedly, Ma Hongfang rolled her eyes and said:“I just saw you bought a lot of things,Or take me into the mountain!You don’t lose anyway”Ma Hongfang’s meaning is very simple and clear。But Wang Youcai hesitated。
“You still not happy?Is someone occupying the nest??”Ma Hongfang’s somewhat charming eyes scurrying on Wang Youcai,Wang Youcai can’t hold it anymore。Now is an opportunity,Yao Chunni is not here,Liu Ying can’t control him either,Take Ma Hongfang over,One can solve Ma Hongfang’s difficulties,This can also solve some of your own problems。
Wang Youcai is moving,He counted the time silently。Can be other than Ma Hongfang,Wang Youcai doesn’t want to take her into the mountains。So I lowered my head,Actually cried:“You men are all liars,After tricking people into giving you,I’ve turned my face and didn’t recognize people now”
“Is not,I’m married”Wang Youcai was anxious,I said this by the way。
Ma Hongfang raised his head,The rain is like a pear blossom。Wang Youcai’s heart began to shake,If he doesn’t seize such a good opportunity,Isn’t he inferior to animals。
“Humph!You are so nonsense,I asked you,You never married after divorce。Even if it is over,Are you the one who brought your wife with you?”Ma Hongfang word by word,However, Wang Youcai’s analysis of words and sentences is very correct。

Since replacing Tang Shiming,Brother Hao excited,I want to do a few things to stand up among my brothers,Show merit in front of Zhang Zhiqiang。He aimed his number one goal at Old Geng,This person is a big trouble in Brother Qiang’s eyes,Must be removed as soon as possible。

So he looks for Geng Laowu at all costs,After several fierce battles,Although Brother Hao has the upper hand,But I can’t eat the other person,Until a month ago, Geng Laowu suddenly lost his trace。
Brother Hao suddenly lost his direction,Send many brothers to inquire around, but no results。When he has nothing to do,An unexpected person gave him this desperate news——Geng Laowu’s exact foothold。
This person is Sun Guaizi,Brother Hao doesn’t doubt the authenticity of the news,I also know Sun’s sinister intentions。But he doesn’t care,As long as I can kill Geng Laowu,What’s wrong with being a gunman,There is a lot of time to go back and clean up this cripple。
It’s a pity that I got the news a little later,Even though he’s non-stop,But it was still slipped by Geng Laowu。Brother Hao is in a hurry,About to lose my temper,One of his younger brother suddenly shouted,“Howard,This cup of tea is still hot,I’m afraid they haven’t gone far。”
Brother Hao walked up to the little brother without saying a word,Reached out and touched the tea cup on the wooden table,There is indeed residual temperature。He closes his eyes and concentrates,Seems to be listening around,It seems to be lost in thought again,Everyone held their breath,Dare not disturb。After a while,Brother Hao sighed,“Let’s go back。Set fire to this house。”
“Boss,Work harder to catch up。”A little brother yelled from the side,I don’t know if it is deliberately showing merit or unwilling,But no one responded。
Brother Hao didn’t answer,Walk slowly to the gate of the yard and stop in shape,Gave an order,“set fire!”Went out。His worries still came from the news that Sun Jiaozi sold him,There is a content that Geng Laowu was seriously injured,Brother Hao doesn’t doubt the authenticity of the news,But then the opponent will fight back,Dying。
If it is in broad daylight,Or just attacked,Brother Hao is confident that he has a chance of winning by more than eight points,But risk chasing in the dark night,In the ravines where people are not familiar with,But he is not half sure。Although I am very anxious to take Geng Laowu,But playing life like this is not brave,Is silly。Brother Hao is horizontal,But the brain is not broken,So he decided to give up。
On a small hill in the distance,Li Tianchou, they just turned the hillside,I saw the fire in the old house,Everyone stopped the car,Watching the flames quietly without saying a word,Bald Hai suddenly shouted,“Fucking,gone。”
Huayun arrived at the gate of the county government at around eight in the morning,Accompanied by Shen Yingjie as usual,After she expressed her intention to the guard box at the door,The armed police soldier in the sentry box called and let him go。
Just walked into the lobby of the office building,A young man with a split hair is already waiting there,“Is it Mr. Hua from Pantech??”
“Yes,I am Hua Yun,Made an appointment with County Chief Tan。”Hua Yun nodded,It’s not surprising that the other party understands his identity,Because Tan Hongchun changed her name to Mr. Hua yesterday。
“please follow me,County Chief Tan is waiting for you。”Smiling,Inadvertently glanced at Shen Yingjie next to him,“May this be?”
“Oh,She is my colleague。”Hua Yun quickly explained。
Seeing the man who split up has a dilemma,Shen Yingjie quickly interjected,“I’m Mr. Hua’s attendant,Arrange wherever I want to sit for a while。”
“in this way,Please follow me。”Split up man relieved,Reached out and made a please gesture。
Soon I came to the county magistrate’s office on the third floor,“The county magistrate is inside,You go in。”After the separated man whispered, he took Shen Yingjie to the reception room。

Li Tianzhi is fast,But Kampot is not slow,Wait until he is away from the base,When the Fire Phoenix and Tortoise Python are called again,The breath of Kampot completely disappeared。

“bad。”Li Tianzhen stomped fiercely,It’s just such a small delay and missed opportunities,Still worry too much!
The battle in the base is over,But also thrilling,Ma Hongqing was shot several times,Can actually fly as usual,Finally killed by a battle puppet who suddenly appeared,Many participants in the base have witnessed this special fighter who is two meters tall,The fierce fruit is beyond imagination,Horrified for a while。
So various speculations came out,Normal,Think this person is a heavy elite newly selected by the superior,Similar to the legendary dragon group,To enrich the base defense force,After all these two days have been a lot of things;Sharp-eyed think,The tall warrior is related to the little black robot,Can’t tell why,I feel very similar;Even more skeptical rumors,Yesterday Gu Changfeng’s office was demolished by such special fighters。
Old Gu is in a mess,Kampot ran away,Ma Hongqing is dead,Even Li Tianzhen is missing,What evil did this commit early in the morning?In desperation, I went to the instructor again。
But what Old Gu didn’t know was,Li Tianzhen has encountered a life and death catastrophe at this moment,Originally planning to return to the base, he suddenly found that the space transport technique could not work,Shocked,He immediately found that his vitality could not be mobilized,Can’t help but sweat。
At this moment,The fire phoenix suddenly screamed into the air,A group of flames flew rapidly northwest to the far end,And the tortoise and python roared,Head into the ground,As the soil and rocks roll,Formed a straight line and went away quickly,Almost the same direction as the Fire Phoenix。
Urgent situation,Li Tianzhen suddenly felt a very familiar breath,The cold and decadent smell made him immediately think of‘Nirvana handkerchief’,Under the big hack,He runs wildly,While vigorously spurring the sea of vitality,But soon the eyelids swell,The eyeballs are also starting to dry,The whole vision is blurred,Immediately afterwards, his thinking and consciousness began to slow down,He is already shaking in action。
quickly,Li Tianzhen couldn’t support it,Fell to the ground with a plop,A tingling sensation everywhere in the body,Like thousands of ants biting,And this intense tingling sensation quickly concentrated on the brain,Soon it turned into a sting like a needle,in imagination、The invisible and invisible ant army began to eat his brain,And besieged his gods,This is an indescribable horror experience。
Colorful light field becomes dim and unclear,The sea of vitality is also dead,The mighty war puppets stopped moving,The whole body suddenly lost its look,Venerable Huo Xing tried several times,Can’t get in touch with Li Tianzhu’s spirituality。
And the gods watch these terrifying changes,Don’t know what happened,The sky is completely enveloped in dark smoke,The uncontrollable and reckless people rushed into the sky with a sudden burst of fire,But soon fell like a fashion,Not falling into the sea of vitality,Just hit it hard on the beach,Half dead。
Chapter VIII The third green leaf
Li Tianzhen is already in a semi-coma,Crazy stimulating vitality consumed too much of his mental power,Feeling in a trance that the willpower that supports his thinking is dissolving,The stubborn vitality in the colorful light field is also fading。
Suddenly,More severe pain hits,Li Tianzhen’s soul was bitten by something,Let his flesh spasm,Trembling,Although the Eye of Insight cannot be activated,But he saw those mouths full of evil and chaos,They keep saliva,Disgusting,Always arguing with each other endlessly,Seems to be fighting for the right to take a bite。
Those vicious voices are full of resentment、Also exhausted the dirtiest words and accents in the world,Countless ugly and dark things are accumulating rapidly,Then slammed into Li Tianzhu’s sacred space with a bang,They are polluting the source of the spirit power of the sea of vitality all the time,Make every struggle of Li Tianzhi become futile。
finally,The big mouth in the center has the upper hand,It laughs triumphantly,Scarlet tongue is like the most vicious snake,It’s covered with stinky mucus,The sharp teeth bite like jagged teeth,Fishy wind blowing,Li Tianzhen seems to have seen the call of death。
Silently,A ripple suddenly appeared in the deep blue space,An emerald green leaf appeared out of thin air,Leaves spinning,Full of vitality,It turns faster,Quickly merge with that charming blue,So the quiet deep blue began to throb,The seal of space also quietly opened。
Without warning,A golden sword flew out from the depths of space,It’s fast indescribable,Passed through like an aurora‘Nirvana handkerchief’The big mouth in the center,Then disappear without a trace。
The big mouth is open enough,But it seems hard to bite down anymore,That long, impatient tongue suddenly broke,Then there were cracks around the big mouth,The crack is getting bigger,Finally crashed,entire‘Nirvana handkerchief’All shocked,The countless mouths above began to scream crazy,Because there is a terrible big hole in the center of the handkerchief,In the middle of the big hole is a more terrifying dark void。
The evil screams and quarrels are actually full of fear,‘Nirvana handkerchief’Violent shaking and drifting,It floats left and right,Seems to be caught in a fierce struggle and struggle,But I can no longer firmly seal Li Tianzhu’s gods,The vitality that has been blocked for a long time flows in like a flood that bursts a bank,The dull sea of vitality immediately set off a huge wave,The colorful beam of light hummed brightly,Countless colorful runes flew out to those extremely annoying mouths。

Doctor Lu took a breath and said:“Thank you boss Wang!You must not have such thoughts。I know you are helping me,But my own son,I still know it。I can’t lend him any money,Otherwise I won’t pay the bill for him”

“understand!I listen to you”
Wang Youcai opened the car door and jumped down。
He has to go back to Doctor Lu’s house,See if Monkey Lu is there?He is going to sound the alarm for this bastard。
Wang Youcai gently pushed open the door of Doctor Lu’s house,Crept in。But the door of the upper room is locked,There is no figure of Lu Monkey at all。
It seems that this guy is not here,Since not,Then he won’t look for it,He has to go back to Chenzhuang quickly,Otherwise, stay in Pingdu for a long time,Hu Huiru will not let him go if she knows。
Wang Younan took a breath,Ran to the door of the small clinic,Say hello to Doctor Lu,Then get in the car and leave。He came out this time,It’s been several days,He has to prepare something to go back。
This time he didn’t make his own claim,But I called Liu Ying。Because the weather is getting hotter day by day,There are so many things。
Wang Youcai remembered what Liu Ying asked him to buy on the phone,Then I drove to the biggest supermarket in Pingdu。In his heart,The price of things bought in the supermarket is a bit higher,But it’s quite formal。
Got things ready,When I first drove the car to the entrance of Gonghe Alley,Suddenly, Wang Youcai saw Lu Monkey limping and walking inside。There is nowhere to be found,It won’t take any effort。
Wang Youcai hurriedly stepped on the brake,Then he slammed the horn twice。Monkey Lu is clever,He turned around,When you see that the person in the car is Wang Youcai,This guy shook his body and walked over。
“What’s up, boss Wang?”
Lu Monkey blinked his green bean-like eyes,Looked at Wang Youcai with disdain。
Wang Youcai parked the car,Then I walked in front of Lu Monkey,Smiled slightly:“You are so good,Healing at home,What are you doing here?”
“Wang Youcai!Don’t fucking get cheap and sell well。I was not beaten by your men,You remembered,This is endless”
When Lu Monkey said this,,There was a treacherous sneer in the eyes。
Wang Youcai suddenly took a step forward,Grabbed Lu Monkey by the collar and shouted:“You’re an old birthday star hanging himself for a long time, right?!I have told you this very clearly,If you still squirt,Then I blame Wang Youcai for being rude to you”

In fact, Li Tianchou did the same,Be cautious,To prevent exposure。

Li Tianchou‘Jackdaw’Quite good,young、Absolute execution,And he’s very calm,The other party didn’t say where to raise supplies,He can’t ask,Something disciplinary,Know it well。
Thinking so,Li Tianchou actually fell asleep in a daze,His body is in a rapid recovery period,Already have fresh food and fresh water supplement,Sleep better,Faster recovery。
Another whole day,When Hu Dehai was stripped naked,As a white mouse for the second body test,Li Tianchou has woke up vigorously。
Turn on the watch,A lot of information flooded in,All from the instructor,The most important content is the approval of Li Tianchou’s plan for obtaining evidence,Secondly, he denied his application for destructive weapons,Mainly for plasticity*,This is also expected。
There is also a large file package,Open it,Is a lot of satellite images,The instructor did this very quickly,Multiple perspectives around Suri、Shooting in different proportions,very clearly。
The last important news is‘Doctors’Still disconnected,Most likely in danger。
Li Tianchou frowned,He knows exactly what this loss of connection means,To‘Doctors’The ability is so,I dare not imagine Yuan Hua and Guo Yaowu who have long lost contact。
Get rid of all distractions,Li Tianchou began to study the map,until‘Jackdaw’Back again。The other party brought back a bigger package this time,The whole person looks very haggard,The big bloodshot eyes are gone,The rather stylish blue sportswear is dirty and can be used as a mop,It seems that the other party is trekking all the way,No rest,I must have suffered。
No extra polite and long-winded,Li Tianchou quickly counted the supplies,Dark green camouflage tactical vest,Bulletproof neck guard、Goggles、Tactical pistol with silencer,Type 95 fully automatic assault rifle、82formula*、Field emergency medical kit、A lot of climbing ropes for mountaineering, etc.,It can be said that most of the individual equipment in the field has been‘Jackdaw’Collected。
There are also two matchbox-sized HD cameras,Already connected to the satellite encrypted channel,Ability to transfer data synchronously。This thing is too strange,Li Tianchou‘Jackdaw’Fiddling for a long time under the guidance of,Just put one on your chest,Another spare。
“You rest here,be careful。”Li Tianchou’s advice,Various weapons are inserted into the tactical vest that has been put on the body。
“When to act?me and you together。”‘Jackdaw’Although strong fighting spirit,But not reconciled to stay in this col。
“Right now。”Li Tianchou is busy checking equipment,I turned my head and saw‘Jackdaw’Very longing eyes,Again,“You take the time to rest,The terrain here is too complicated,I’ll explore the way first,When it’s useful to you。”
‘Jackdaw’Still speak,Li Tianchou waved his hand to stop the opponent,Then made a few big jumps,I feel that my muscles and stamina have returned to their peak state,Uncontrollable confidence doubled,This time he will give the other party a black tiger。
“Take a rest,keep in touch。and also,Don’t try to explore the secret road in the forest。”Li Tianchou left such a sentence,Flashed and disappeared into the darkness。
Midnight,Li Tianchou rushed through the steep mountains and forests,He didn’t go back the same way,But went straight to the valley where I was imprisoned,Plan to detour from there mo,And then near Suri。
Such a roundabout is time-consuming and labor-intensive,But it is based on his careful analysis and objective judgment of the map,He was convinced,A certain distance from the research base‘Nursery’Not too far,Not more than thirty miles。
Seen from satellite photos,The west and southwest of Suri are big mountains,No construction conditions,And its east is also big mountains and jungle,Only the north has the conditions,There is a small plain in the northeast called Chadok,Just 25 miles away from Suli,There are sparsely distributed factories。
The dense buildings on the satellite photos are in Caddok,Other places are relatively far away,And it seems like a coincidence,Such a geographic location,Its southeast faces Suri,And the far end of the northwest points directly to Mengke,What is the connection?