[Can wolfberry be basked in the sun]_How to sun_How to sun

[Can wolfberry be basked in the sun]_How to sun_How to sun

Most families buy a lot of wolfberry, so if they ca n’t finish eating, they will put it at home, but they do n’t know how to keep it properly.

It seems to be a pity to throw away the wolfberry after a little tide, so some people want to expose the wolfberry to the sun, and the extra moisture in the wolfberry body will be dried out.Sun exposure?

Too much sugar, sugar absorbs moisture in vertical weather. It is recommended that sealed storage of wolfberry can be dried in the picking and drying of wolfberry. Pay attention to the following 7 aspects.

First, it is not appropriate to pick students.

After falling, the Chinese wolfberry gradually develops into a green young fruit, and then the fruit develops and becomes an orange fruit. At this time, the flesh is still hard.

Then the fruit gradually turns bright red.

Loose pedicles and soft flesh, this is the best time to pick medlars.

If you pick early, pick orange fruit, and goji berries will turn into yellow peel after drying, which will affect the quality and grade of goji berries.

Second, it should not be wet.

Lycium barbarum should not be picked in the morning when there is dew or when the rain is not dry.

If the wet fruit is picked, the fruit surface will not dry for a long time, and it is easy to be contaminated by bacteria. The dried fruit will be dark in color.

Third, should not be hurt.

When picking goji berries, you must pick and handle them gently. Containers containing goji berries should use pots, buckets, baskets, baskets, etc., not plastic bags, etc., to prevent squeezing or collision during transportation.

It will turn black after drying due to bump, crush, crush, fall, stab wound, etc.

Fourth, should not be exposed.

After sunrise, the fruits can be air-dried. The low-light and low-temperature gradually reach the high-light and high-temperature, so that the dried fruit is bright red.

If exposed in the hot noon, the fruit color is easy to turn black.

Fifth, it should not be left for long.

The picked wolfberries should be aired or dried in time, and should not be kept for a long time.

The freshly picked Chinese wolfberry has strong breathing and is prone to fever and sweating. If it is left for a long time, the dried fruit color is dull.

Six, it should not be flipped.

In the drying process of wolfberry, the meat is injured after turning, and it turns black after drying.

Therefore, it is not advisable to turn the medlars in the middle after they are aired.

Seven, not fumigation.

Wolfberry fruit should not be fumigated with sulfur. Although the fruit is fresh after being fumigated with sulfur, it is easy to be contaminated.

Eight, unbearable.

After drying the wolfberry fruit, pick out the pedicles, fruit handles, black spots, yellow peels, shaped fruits and other impurities while drying, and then pack them in grades and store them in a ventilated and dry place to prevent insects from dying, dampeningMildew.

How does wolfberry dry?

Drying in the sun is a small-scale process.

A large number of processing methods are dried.

Spread the fresh medlar fruit on the sunbed, layer by layer.

Push the drying furnace in and out.

Save time and labor.