Look at his daughter beautiful,Liao Wenjie decided to listen to it,He touched a bottle of red wine from the body:“Mr. Hayen,Want to come to a cup of refreshing??”

“Can,But not this bottle。”
Hayenz shakes his head,Students in the yard announced today of today’s painting lesson,Treat people to go to the house and close the door,Leading Liao Wenjie came to the second floor。
See Hayantz from the cabinet a bottle of precious wine,Liao Wenjie decisively threw his bottle into the yard,Frontier shop,I don’t take it out and shame.。
“young people,I still don’t know your name.。”
“Liao Wenjie,From Hong Kong Island。”
Liao Wenjie took a red wine glass,Lift and Hayenz touched,And then drink,Nod to evaluate:“Very nice sleeping drug,Not only perfectly integrated into the sour of red wine,Pharmacokine is also very powerful,Ordinary people will not save people。”
Hayenz face slight change,Sitting in a chair。
“Mr. Hayen,Is this kind of beverage also have finished products??”
Liao Wenjie drunk two cups,Laugh:“if nothing else,Formula also,Do not misunderstand,I don’t do anything else.,That is, all the year round,Need some self-defense small props to deal with bad people。”
“who are you?”
“Liao Wenjie,From Hong Kong Island,Add a label,I am a boyfriend of your big daughter.。”
“I do not believe!”
Worsehead,Good heart talking to you,Who can’t stand?!
Liao Wenjie turned over white eyes,It is not necessary to see it in the shackle of sleeping his daughter.,Stroke from the body,Pick up,Select a few pieces of dressing hands。
“Real glass painting!!”
Hayenz out of mouth,It’s my wife’s name.,After a long time, I will react.,The photo is his big daughter to tears,There is a bit of similarity.。
“This is a photo album that tears,Because it is a girlfriend gift with boyfriend,Recommend me and her privacy,Some photos are not suitable to show,I don’t show you.。”
Liao Wenjie swayed the photo album,Tease:“how,More than 200 photos are enough to prove my identity.?”
The same as the vast majority of old fathers,Hayenz saw pigs arched in their own cabbage,The eyes are not good at instantly。
Liao Wenjie is cold,Squinted in your eyes。
Change other old fathers,He may be guilty,But Hayenz is not,Ten more than 20 years,Three sisters have never seen my father from birth.,This kind of person is not qualified to make him guilty。
Welcome the eyes of Liao Wenjie,And the disdain of it,Hayenz adheres to a moment to defeat,Drop surge,Can’t look for photos of tears。
“In addition to small tears,Do you have a photo of Xiaoyi and a little love??”
“How can there be……”
Liao Wenjie vomiting,And don’t say he is really,Even if there is,It is impossible to take it out.。
“I see,I believe you are a tearful boyfriend,Her smile will not make a fake。”
Hayenz tertiary photo,Happy smile is also like his wife.,It is only a smile that loves the love talent.。
I think that similar smiles have a lot of people.,He is not so cool again.。
“How about it,Want to call??”Liao Wenjie took out the phone again。
“Do not,I can not……”
Hayenz bitterly shakes his head:“I don’t know what it means to find here.,But trouble you hide my message,Don’t tell them three sisters,I don’t want to bring dangers to them.。”
“tell me the story。”
“You first promise, don’t tell them!”
“rest assured,I have come to Africa, they don’t know.。”

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