“Yes!Your person in charge,Say I rub the air conditioner……And fired her!”

Fang Yu said。
Li Yan is very embarrassed。
If I let President Hu know,。
All these people have to be fired!
“Really going?”Li Yan feels embarrassed。
If Fang Yu leaves today。
She has to be criticized too!
“I don’t like blowing air conditioning anymore,It’s good outside……You have to deal with things,Just deal with it first!”Fang Yu pondered。
Pulling Salsa and sitting down on the bench next to it。
“I will take care of it!”
Li Yan nodded。
Then walked in!
“There will be no problem?”
Sasha worried。
“Nothing……It’s just a small thing!”
Fang Yu slowly said。
In the hall。
Teng Peng sees Li Yan’s arrival,Quickly walked over flatteringly。

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