3 medicated recipes for treating gastric ulcers

3 medicated recipes for treating gastric ulcers

After all, gastric ulcer is that some tissues in the stomach have lost their protection or barrier, and boots have suffered stomach damage. The purpose of treatment is to adjust the function of the stomach.

3 medicated recipes for treating gastric ulcer are now recommended.

  Stomach ulcer medicated recipe one: peach kernel pork belly porridge raw materials and production method: peach kernel (peeled tip), 10g each place of birth, cooked pork belly slices, 50g each rice, the right amount.

Cut the belly slices thinly; take twice the water and fry the juice, add pork belly, and cook the rice into porridge. Season and serve when cooked, 1 dose daily.

  Efficacy: can benefit qi and promote blood circulation, dissolve stasis and relieve pain.

  Medicinal diet for stomach ulcer recipe 2: bergamot congee porridge ingredients and preparation method: bergamot 10g, white lentils, barley rice, yam 30g each, pork belly soup and salt.

Decant the bergamot water, remove the residue, and separate the lentils, barley, yam, and pork belly soup, and cook into thin porridge. Season with salt and take 1 dose daily.

  Efficacy: can relieve fever and stomach, suitable for epigastric burning and pain, dry mouth, bitter mouth, upset and irritability, constipation, etc.

  Gastric ulcer medicated recipe Fang 3: Egg Sanqi stew ingredients and production method: one egg, honey 30ml, panax notoginseng powder 3g, beat the eggs into a bowl and stir, add panax notogins powder and mix well, simmer in water and add honeyfood.

  Efficacy: It can relieve liver and qi, and stomach and spleen, and is suitable for epigastric pain, vomiting, nausea and belching.

  However, considering that each patient’s body and condition are different, the prescription for gastric ulcer medicine is also different.

It is recommended that the stomach ulcer medicated side consult a doctor before taking it, and take it after obtaining the doctor’s consent.

  In addition to cooperating with medical staff for active treatment of gastric ulcers, self-care should also be done.

Must adhere to long-term medication, avoid mental stress, pay attention to the rules of life, not excessive fatigue, pay attention to climate change, pay attention to diet hygiene, and avoid drugs that damage the gastric mucosa, such as aspirin, dexamethasone, prednisone, indomethacin, etcThe gastric mucosa is irritating and can aggravate the condition of gastric ulcer. It should be avoided as much as possible.

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