Test: What kind of decompression method are you suitable for?

Test: What kind of decompression method are you suitable for?

Lead: Do you think how hard you can’t seem to get any results?

Increasing pressure?

Today, Xiaobian took everyone to do two tests to see what hinders your success and what kind of decompression method is suitable for you.

  What is the reason for your success in the workplace? One afternoon, you received a gift without a signed sender. In this case, your response is closer to which one of the following answers.

  A, first confirm who the gift is, and then return to the absolute side politely.

  B, anyway, open it and take a look.

If it’s something you like, take it first.

  C, discuss with colleagues before making a decision.

  Analysis: A.

Due to the restraint of too sensitive moral concepts, there is the possibility of not being able to adapt. Presumably, parents have been strict in their discipline since childhood, and they dare not deviate.

But if you want to achieve success in your career, you must seek your own breakthrough in all aspects.

It is recommended that you slowly adjust yourself instead of suddenly making too much change.


Can polish the greedy mind.

The person who chooses this answer is, in a sense, a person who has a deep and persistent attachment to his personality.

In your opinion, success does not equal your position.

Therefore, it seems that I am not very energetic about work, but please don’t forget that there are many women, even after getting married and having children, still stick to the job.


Denotes dependence or avoidance of responsibility.

Those who choose this answer have the importance of refusing to grow up.

Because of the unwillingness to become an adult, unconsciously thinks that success is equal to being responsible for the job.

I suggest you risk taking a bet on your career.

May bring you unexpected excitement.

  Some kind of decompression method is best for you. You accept the invitation of your friends and go out to sea to play together.

The weather was very nice that day and you were in a good mood.

After fishing for a while at sea, I decided to take a break first.

So you dropped the anchor and planned to stay at sea for about two hours.

At this time, do you think you would choose where to rest?


Go to the top of the boat B.

Go to the bow of the bow.

Go inside the cabin D.

Go to the stern to analyze: choose A, it means that you care about the performance in front of others.

You can go to eat your favorite food or go shopping and buy things, etc., may change your mood.

In a good mood, your work will go very smoothly.

  Choose B. In the bottom of your heart, you always assign the idea of “want to travel to other places”.

I suggest you go abroad or bubble hot spring is also good.

If neither of these methods can be realized temporarily, then going to the sea is also a good way to relieve stress.
  Choose C. When you feel depressed or dim, you may wish to organize a dinner or go to K song.
After all your dissatisfaction is poured out in front of your friends, your stress will be eliminated a lot.

  Choosing D, you are quite exhausted mentally and physically, and you can’t do anything about it.

The best way for you to rest is to unplug your telephone line!

Put aside work or schoolwork for a while.

If nothing can make you calm down, I suggest you read a book or tape.

After two or three days like this, wait until you have a “feeling to do something” in your heart, and then resume your work.

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