Physical pain for a long time is a psychological pain

Physical pain for a long time is a psychological pain

Every one of us has experienced pain, and everyone who speaks pain has their own complaints.

The human body is slightly painful from head to toe caused by different causes. The most common ones are headache, shoulder pain, limb pain, chest pain, abdominal pain, low back pain, etc. No matter what age, male or female, it is always difficult in the past.Fortunately.

  Pain is not a bad thing, it makes people realize that it is timely to find the cause and prevent it from happening.

The pain of complications is one of the manifestations of physical diseases. It can often be relieved by treating physical diseases. The chronic pain is complicated and requires professional examination and treatment by doctors.

The pain of long-term cure is often related to psychology and emotion. The following describes some special pains, which can be called “psychological pain.”


Illusion delusional pain: Due to abnormal psychological factors, patients can detect other people’s unsatisfactory pain, touch, etc., or consciously have physical factors such as radio waves, etc., causing him frequent chest pain, multiple pains, discomfort, etc.Various examinations have no organic distortions, and patients are convinced that there is a problem somewhere in the body that cannot be explained and changed by facts.


Worried about sexual pain: mood swings, fidgeting, excessive sensitivity to various stimuli around, such as small noise, alarm sounds, or noisy environment, or hearing other people’s noises, fighting sounds, etc. will feel some discomfort or pain in the body, evenThere is a sense of death.


Hysteria: It has special personality characteristics: self-centered, easy to accept hints, rich in performance color, emotional performance is easy to rise and fall.

The pain can be manifested in various forms of the body everywhere, and even the appearance of blindness or sputum pain does not conform to the anatomical distribution of the nervous system is the point of identification.


Depression: People with depression have various types of pain, and because of the increased pain, they may mask depression.

The manifestation of this type of patient is somatic, that is, recessive depression, long-term suffering from various psychological and social factors, such as unsatisfactory work, poor economic environment, major blows or setbacks, love, marriage, familyFailure, etc., has been in a state of depression for a long time, there is no normal expression and catharsis, and it is often difficult to cope with real life, but the heart is very painful.

Long time often manifests as physical discomfort, such as headache, chest pain, general discomfort, etc., often seeing with pain, if not carefully identified, it is easy to cause misdiagnosis.

  These pain patients do not work with ordinary painkillers. They must be given psychotherapy according to the characteristics of the patient’s psychological symptoms. If necessary, antipsychotics, anti-anxiety, antidepressants can relieve mental symptoms, treat fear, and depression can achieve “pain relief.”Effect.

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