The healthy life of the elderly needs to be four slow_1

The healthy life of the elderly needs to be “four slow”

The health of the elderly is the greatest happiness of the children, and the elderly need to pay special attention in their later years.
So what do people need to pay attention to in a healthy life?
here we come to find out.
  Slowly getting up When the old man is changed from a lying position to a standing position or from a squatting position to a standing position, the movement should be slow and should not be fast, avoiding dizziness to fainting or causing other problems.
  Slow meals The elderly are incomplete, and the secretion of digestive juices such as saliva, gastric juice, pancreatic juice and bile is reduced, which is prone to indigestion.
Therefore, the elderly should eat slowly and digest to help digestion.
  Slow walking After the elderly, the bones and joints show degenerative changes, stiff ligaments, often pain in the lower back and legs, and visual loss, the central nervous system is slow to respond to the outside world. In case of emergency, it is difficult to maintain balance and stability.
Therefore, the elderly should walk slowly and slowly.
  慢排便  不少患有冠心病高血压等,当蹲下用力排便时,腹内压力增高,人体下部血管受到挤压,使流向脑部的血液猛增,就会导致血压骤然升高,可能会Induced cerebral hemorrhage or coronary heart disease.
Therefore, the elderly are cheaper and take a better seat.

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