In addition to supplementing the ovaries, what is the way to prevent ovarian cancer?

In addition to supplementing the ovaries, what is the way to prevent ovarian cancer?

Nowadays, there are many reasons for ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer can cause great harm to women. To prevent prevention, it is necessary to understand what causes ovarian cancer.

Therefore, today is a look at the causes and prevention methods of ovarian cancer.

What is the cause of ovarian cancer?

1, genetic and family factors.

About 20%?
25% of patients with ovarian cancer have a family history.

The so-called familial ovarian cancer refers to a high incidence of per capita, mainly epithelial cancer, 5% of women with Pi-Jie syndrome?
14% develop ovarian cancer, and basal cell syndrome often coexists with ovarian fibers.

2, the role of hormones.

Exogenous estrogen may increase the risk of ovarian cancer, and progesterone is an antagonist of estrogen, which has a certain inhibitory effect on the occurrence and development of ovarian cancer. In addition, the follicle wall (FSH) can also promote the secretion and secretion of estrogen.Hormones work indirectly.

3, blood factors.

Some scholars have examined the blood type of patients with ovarian cancer and found that most of them are type A blood.

And type O blood is the least common among many patients.

Therefore, it turns out that ovarian cancer is also related to blood type.

4, environmental factors.

The incidence of ovarian cancer in the industry is high and may be related to high blood sugar levels in the diet.

5, age factor.

The incidence of ovarian cancer is also closely related to the age of the person. The incidence rate is peak at around 50 years old, and then the incidence rate decreases with age.

Therefore, women must check on time when they are around 50 years old.

6, other factors.

Such as X-ray irradiation, viral infection (mumps, colds, etc.), ethnic differences, eating habits (such as excessive intake of animals), chemical factors, etc. have a certain relationship with the incidence of ovarian cancer.

Effective methods to prevent ovarian cancer 1. Eat low-fat, high-oil foods.

A large number of deaths, especially animal feces, most of which are saturated fatty acids, are prone to ovarian cancer.

In addition, fried foods are also a cause of cancer, especially fried eggs.

2, add the right amount of coffee, green tea.

Both coffee and green tea have anti-oxidant polyphenols that reduce cancer.

3, pay attention to calcium supplementation.

Calcium can help women increase their ability to repair cells, so it is necessary to exceed enough calcium.

4, adult women are best not to use talcum powder.

The talcum powder contained in the talcum powder can be absorbed into the fallopian tube through the vagina and the cervix and adhered to the surface of the fallopian tube and ovary to induce cancer.

Related recommendations for the most basic diet of ovarian cancer suggest how ovarian cancer should be prevented

It is enough to do these five things daily!

Ovarian cancer is the first cancer of gynecological death!

It is recommended that women must watch!

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