Morning reading|The best health is to eat on time

Morning reading|The best health is to eat on time

Haha’s best health is to eat white on time 11 In recent years, more and more people have begun to pay attention to health.

Even after 90, because of hair loss, back pain and other issues, you must also join the health army in advance, and live a life in a mug.

But what is health care?

I think Professor Zhang Qicheng’s sentence can be summarized: health is to cultivate healthy living habits.

The ancients said that there is a diet and a regular life.

In fact, the best health care is three meals a day, meals on time.

People who don’t eat on time first show up on their weight.

I have a friend who has worked for less than a year and is 30 pounds fat.

His original weight is in the normal range, and even a little thin.

I met in the first two days and saw his face round and even had a double chin.

I am half joking: You are looking for a good job, and you will be very moist when you look at life.

But when you get fat again, the beer belly will come out, you have to control.

He smiled and said: This is really impossible to control.

Work pressure is too great, often staying up late to work overtime.

Sometimes when you are hungry, you will order takeaway.

Developed to the back, do not hungry also began to take-out, and the point is more and more continuous, eating becomes a way of decompression.

Recently, my stomach is not good. I feel that I should have eaten on time, but when I get busy, I often forget the time.

When I was resting, I wanted to eat and drink, but I was too lazy. Sometimes I had to wait until I was hungry before I went to eat.

Counting, the last three meals a day were eaten on time, it was already a month ago.

If you don’t eat on time, your physical damage will be enough to see.

Eating more will make people fat, eat less, and also make people fat.

More and more friends, in order to have a good body, began to diet to lose weight.

As everyone knows, this body that transcends injury will accelerate obesity.

A university clinical public health department has done a study on diet.

The researchers followed up to 4,468 subjects for up to ten years.

After analyzing the data, it was found that among all subjects, women who were able to maintain weight stability within ten years accounted for 28.

6%, males accounted for 23%, and most people gained weight.

Men and women who are able to maintain weight stability for a long time have in common the rule of diet.

People with a dieting history are more likely to overeating.

No matter in the long-term or short-term, chaos is more harmful than good.

Therefore, the best way to lose weight is: scientific eating, three meals a day, eating on time.

2 How important is the diet?

Simply put, it can affect how long you live.

The diet is not normal, serious may die, this is not a joke!

In March of this year, a 22-year-old boy in Changsha, because he did not eat breakfast for a long time, his diet was irregular, he often drank alcohol, causing acute gastrointestinal bleeding, and his life was dying.

Mr. Li, 28, is often obese and eats a meal because of his entrepreneurship. He has a serious diet and eventually develops stomach cancer.

Ms. Zhou, 30, attended the party on the festival, and her irregular routine and overeating made her suffer from acute pneumonia.

You always think that you are young, you can live, it doesn’t matter if you indulge once, but your body is not as strong as you think.A research conducted by a research institute for biological laboratories pointed out that eating on time can maintain metabolic stability by regulating the biological clock.

To put it simply, it is a group of research subjects who eat at regular intervals. The body is getting better and better, and it is not easy to gain weight.

In the past, everyone has always believed that the circadian rhythm has a direct impact on maintaining healthy metabolism.

The research results of the institute show that the main role of the circadian clock is to produce a daily fasting rhythm, which is a consequence of eating disorders.

Therefore, a regular diet is directly linked to your health.

3 I have a friend who has lived an old age early.

At that time, everyone was twenty-five and six years old, young and playful, and often came out to eat up late at night.

In his impression, he rarely participated in such activities.

He starts at 7:00 every morning and sleeps at 10:00 in the evening. He occasionally has a job, sleeps at eleven o’clock, and takes a lunch break at noon, all year round.

Three meals a day, meals do not fall.

We all say that he lives like an old man.

Everyone feels that such a life has no meaning.

But I have seen him recently and have to say that he is the best of all.

Stepping into middle age, there will always be some unexpected changes.

Everyday busy work and socializing began to make you unable to do your best. There are old people, there is a small life pressure, and some people can’t afford it.

At this time, the body is like a fireworks scattered after the beautiful, a little weak.

When a group of friends entered the middle age, the body began to have problems of big and small.

Most people are either too thin, some have a hunchback, or have a big beer belly, as if they can’t stand up.

A young and strong friend started to have high blood pressure and high blood fat.

What impressed me the most is that a friend of the north of one meter eight, a few years ago, could squat on the wooden board and squat on the tenth floor of the refrigerator without gasping.

Recently, because of the “three highs” into the hospital.

I have to admit that a strong and healthy body will be defeated by an abnormal life for several years.

Only the friend who lives “boring” seems to have never changed.

Standing in the crowd, the body is tall and straight, the eyes are clear, and the spirit is very strong. There is no “greasy” of the middle-aged.

Those who start their old age first will enter old age later than others.

Eat on time, sleep on time, this is the best “preservative” for the body.

4 More and more young people join the health care army, and various health care methods are emerging.

A while ago, punk health was on the hot search.

The so-called punk health refers to the young and unique ways of health care: apply mask on the side of the night, drink and drink, squat on the knees, hot pot and herbal tea.

If you want to overeating and fearing to hurt your stomach, you can take a few healthy stomach and digestion tablets.

If you want to worry and hurt your body, then you will be crazy the next day.

In fact, health care, do not need to go to these side gates.

The real health should be in the simple daily drinking and eating.

Eat well, sleep on time, live a regular life, scientific health is king!

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