Skin care should choose the right shower gel

Skin care should choose the right shower gel

It is a desire of many people to have a skin that is like gelatin and lubricates like jade, but the skin of the individual is different. Experts say it is difficult to choose the bathing products that suit them.

  ”People’s skin is roughly classified, dry, oily, neutral and sensitive.

Experts say that most people belong to neutral skin. After washing for about half an hour, they can return to their original state. They don’t feel dry or greasy.

Daily bathing can be done with a weak acid shower gel.

  Dry skin people soon have a tight feeling after bathing, the recovery time is shortened, especially in autumn and winter, a layer of white dead skin will be lightly scratched, and it is easy to crack.

To moisturize and relieve itching when bathing, to maintain the skin.

  Oily skin due to increased secretion of sweat and sebum, easy to form dirt, resulting in pores, and even lead to acne, should choose cleaning-based bath products.

Do not use a bath towel to rub the skin oil to avoid damage to the skin. Use a sponge to remove the rich foam to clean the pores.

Especially the skin that is prone to skin ulcers such as the neck, buttocks, and retina.

  Sensitive skin is very delicate, even if it is slightly irritated, it will be red, so use less shower gel when bathing, or clean it with mild and sensitive Chinese herbal toiletries.

Also use a special soft brush or a soft sponge to clean the skin.

If it is caused by sun exposure, it is best to protect the skin with a bath towel or lotion before bathing.

  Experts suggest that the winter climate is dry, people have less activity, and there is not much sweating. The sebum film that protects the skin is relatively thin. Therefore, it is not necessary to bathe with shower gel and bath soap regularly. The water temperature should not be too hot, 1-2 times a week.It is appropriate.

Those who are fatter and those who have sebaceous glands secrete oily skin can increase the number of baths.

The secretion of sebaceous glands in the elderly is reduced, and it is necessary to take a bath less properly.

Bathing every day in summer, not every time you need to use shower gel, just wash off the sweat.

Excessive cleaning can easily cause discomfort such as itching.

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