So-called big master,Nothing!

Chu Deirers even suspected,Is Murongbo,But look at it carefully.,Do not figure out,Some like……
Zhao ignorant?
God Hou personally came to the Qing court?
Do you spell this??
“Arrow、Arrow!”Danung has also panicked at this time.,Anyway, this person is no hostage,Direct call。
But I saw this ghost,Put the true gas out,Surrounded by his arrow,There are three feet in the nearly three feet.,The card is in the triumphant!
Tight the ghost face, shake the cloak,The arrows around it have reflected back,Suddenly, I scream,See the front guard,Cut the wheat……
Although the people in the rivers and lakes,All understand,Strong master can not compete for the army,It’s really in the thousands of people.,No one has come back,but……This“Ghost”Strength,Obviously, hundreds of defeat can block,Even if there is a strong bow!!
Chu Deirers even in him,Have seen it《Jiuyin Zhenjing》of“Snake travery”——After a wave of killing,I only see the rabbit,Shuttle of the ghosts,It’s all that Danlong and Kang。
Doron is good, it is the prostitute,The stream of comparable seas is almost almost,But in the hand of the ghost,It is like a child。
“go!”A dullness is not like human voice,From the ghost face,Obviously the other party does not want to expose the sound。
This series of colleges have been made,Other Qing court guards can not dare to do。
Danlon and Kang Prince can also be a big game,However, these guards can not have so many ideas.。
It is obviously what it will be found in the sea.,But not exposed,It’s just that both parties will withdraw away.……
It is very likely that Zhao ignorant ghost face is,Chu Deiren did not dare to follow,Take the opportunity to mix it into other Royal Guards,Placent to leave——Just let the nearest little red!
Xiaohong will fly after all,And can fly better than the Gosh Eagle,As long as the little red does not fall to the sneak attack,Zhao ignored even if it didn’t find it.……
Worship the news,Safe,All military and horses in Beijing are moving。
Tiger is going to escape from the North Gate,But was stopped,Go to the West Gate……
Eight Banners have a guard in Beijing,Royal flag、Inlaid-inlaid Beijing-Guangzhou,It is in the north of Huangcheng,Tiger is originally designed to be a brother of the yellow flag.。
But worship,Two yellow flags are royal,After the prison,The yellow flag is likely to be fast and easy。
Therefore, he wants to go to Ximen.——Huangcheng west is the two red flag,Flag of the red flag, is a relative letter,Even if you want to clear the party,Will not so fast and。
more importantly,Two white flags are in the east,Know that I escaped,Two white flags are certainly most excited,The opportunity to take off the west can escape.!
As long as you can leave,Worship is very big,Can contact the old department、Renewal,If you can’t say it, you will be able to counterattack in Beijing.,At least you can kill off,Put these waste,Close、No foundation,Many night they have to be overturned by the Han people,Maybe you have an opportunity to have a fisherman。
Go out,The contradiction between the worship and the heavens and the world broke out,The world will be quickly,only……More ideas now,Although people who are disgusted,But after thinking, it is necessary to fight in Beijing.,I didn’t kill them for a moment.——Although these people hate,Strong is very confident、Good use!
Unlucky,And Zhu Bo has been directly corrected by Mao Dongzhu,Dead no sound。
After learning,Worship can only be temporarily awkward in Beijing,Tiger is active,Take the initiative to go to the Huang Ying,Call for knowing the priest。
But Tihu,Worship, I want to slaughter the small eunuch、When I sent it to the emperor,It was originally thought to be“friend”、Before you are still going to bargain,Research on the knife and ghosts of chaos anyway,But suddenly shot……
Chapter 473 Gather in life and death

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