“Hey,Trouble for a!What are you?,Use this old suit,Are you in archaeological??”

Extremely characteristic female sound came from behind,Liao Wenjie,Dark road is good,If you have this sound line, it is a beautiful woman.,God has not too favored to her.。
God did not live up to Liao Wenjie’s expectation,Not only a big beauty,Still a born,Duck cap coves long hair in brown big waves,Delicate,Eyentality,Yin Tao small mouth to apply a fatal red lip。
Beauty wearing gray windbreaker,Inside a red suction leather,Leather boots over the knee,Leg curve,It is no more than one chest.,Let people think about the quality of leather clothes。
Such a good leather,Why is the zipper not fried??
Liao Wenjie professional levelLSPPrecise vision,This beauty appearance、figure、Impractive temperament,Yujie template。
By comparison,The real vacation, Maori, has become a township.,Attractive suddenly 50%。
“Oh,It turned out to be a big handsome guy!”
Women’s red lips,Standing in front of Liao Wenjie,Before she recovered,Take this, do you have different people.,Liao Wenjie this face,His tips are not called the old set,It is full of luxurious retro trends.。
Liao Wenjie:(one`′one)
I smelled a familiar feeling on the woman.,Not a hook perfume,Internal breath。
If he didn’t guess the wrong,This is a non-crushed。
Clever,He also slag,Maybe you can chat with this topic for a night.。
“handsome guy,Don’t you plan to drink a cup??”
“Just drink a cup?”
“Greedy guy,My sister is still working.,Can’t squander too long。”
“Clever,I also have a tricky thing to handle,And my name is called‘University’!”
“Like,Sister’s name is called‘Tricky’。”
Speaking of which,The two smiles,Since everyone is busy,Sorctive sections of drinking,Direct treatment of tricky business。
‘Maorland’I dull and looked at the dog’s men and women.,Lended it to the wall of the hotel,Half,Hello to catch up with two people。
“Long leg sister,You said that there is a foothold nearby,There is also an acquaintance, Mr. is waiting……”
“Let him wait!”x2
Hotel suite,‘Maorland’Bite the sheets,Dog men’s men and women in the heart,These two people have long long and have a good bag.,Come to a more than one。
Besides,Maori is too bad,Long leg sister hooks finger,Her boyfriend Koi’s new one will play a lot of hot,Toss it until now。
Girl is indignant,Bathroom next door room,Two figures snuggled in the bathtub。
Liao Wenjie’s carcass,Red wine glass next to it,Gently:“Say,I still don’t know your name for your long-legged sister.?”
“Not two peaks,Occupation is a lawyer。”
“Not two peaks……”
Liao Wenjie frowns,Staring at the woman’s delicate red lips,Sight is not controlled,Peerless:“Familiar name,I seem to have heard it.。”
“My sister is a very famous lawyer.,Hear very normal,how about you,what’s your name?”
“Kuo New One!”
“Familiar name,I seem to have heard it.。”

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