Cold fever, arrowroot, black tea

Cold fever, arrowroot, black tea

If you use the combination of arrowroot and black tea, it will be better to treat colds and fever.

This is because the arrowroot powder can eliminate the cold virus, and the antioxidant substances contained in the black tea can enhance the body’s resistance to the virus.

In addition, Ge pink tea is thicker, so it is not easy to cool, and it is still hot tea in the end.

Drinking hot drinks can warm all the internal organs, and long boots improve the function of each organ.

Due to the stress caused by work stress, the mood is tense, and drinking a little pink tea can help the body to relax.

  The white arrowroot powder is very similar to the almond cream. It must be boiled in order to fully dissolve it and become a translucent paste.

If the boiling water is not good, you can pour it into the pot and cook it a little.

After that, pour the pre-soaped black tea into the kudzu paste, stir well, and even add some boiling water if necessary.

Stir slowly until the arrowroot turns into a translucent shape, and the whole body becomes a black tea color and can be interchanged.

Participate in 1 cup before breakfast and before going to bed.

  If you feel that the taste is not good, you can add some rock sugar and lemon, not only can the tea be better, but also add a little vitamin to the body.

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