Jasmine + Nobody Sleeps Tonight, Chinese and Italian artists unite against the epidemic

“Jasmine” + “Nobody Sleeps Tonight”, Chinese and Italian artists unite against the epidemic
Recently, a music TV station “TOGETHER”, which was jointly initiated by China and Italy to replace opera artists and performed together, completed the recording work.The Chinese singers who participated in this recording came from the Central Opera House, the National Grand Theater and other art institutions. Almost everyone has played Karaf, Turandot or Liuer in various versions of Turandot.Among them, Chinese artists include conductors Lu Jia, Yang Yang, soprano singers Mo Hong, You Hongfei, Ruan Yuqun, Zhou Xiaolin, Chen Xiaoduo, tenor singer Li Shuang, Zhang Yingxi, Xue Haoyin, Wang Chuanyue, Han Junyu.Twelve artists from Italy participated in the recording, in addition to singers, conductors, art critics and music reporters, the largest of which is over ninety years old.The theme of “TOGETHER” is rearranged by the famous Chinese aria “Jasmine” and the famous aria “Tonight No One Sleeps” in the Italian composer Puccini’s opera “Turandot”.The main creative team is composed of top artists. Among them, the Chinese music producer Ma Jiuyue team acts as the music director, and the director Zheng Hao leads the team in filming and editing.”I believe that many people have seen small videos from Italy. Artists sing and play music on the balcony. The picture is very touching.This is an optimistic nation. Their interest in life and their passion for life are very encouraging to us.”Ma Jiuyue said that he chose” Turandot “only because it is a household name, and the opera itself also incorporates the elements of” Jasmine “.”The folk song” Jasmine “is a representative of the oriental beauty of China. It is in sharp contrast with the aria” Nobody Sleeps Tonight “and is perfectly integrated. It expresses the intention of knowing people’s emotional blending and mutual support in spirit.”The deputy director of the Central Opera House, Soprano Mohong believes that” Together “is a very beautiful creativity and motivation:” Italy is the birthplace of opera and the birthplace of the Renaissance. “The ancient Western civilization and China’s 5,000-year civilization are now fused together, expressing brotherly affection for each other.”Chinese conductors Lu Jia and Yang Yang also actively participated in this special recording.No theater, no actors, they followed the melody and rhythm of the music to the camera to complete their directing mission.Yang Yang said, “” Jasmine “and” Nobody Sleeps Tonight “are a pair of materials with the same origin and different interpretations. At the same time, the different musical understanding and expressions of the artist at the same time jointly showThe optimism of the epidemic.I believe this is also an inspiration for the Italian people.”Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Wu Longzhen proofreading Liu Jun