Icebreaker director’s new drama staged three generations of chasing murder, Liu Mintao became a key figure

“Icebreaker” director’s new drama staged three generations of chasing murder, Liu Mintao became a key figure
The criminal investigation drama “Burning” starring Jing Chao and Zhang Jianing is officially scheduled to take off and land on Dongfang TV on May 28.The play involves a grievance between different families spanning three generations through a aging case that spans more than 30 years. It shows that the high spirit of justice (Jing Chao) has gone through hard work to find the truth and break through layers.The story weaving lies to make justice reappear in the world.The director of the play, Chen Yuxin, once wrote and screenplayed the 2019 hot-spot criminal investigation drama “Icebreaker”. In his view, “Burning” is not just a genre of police gangsters, but also a belief, original sin, and human nature.s story.”In this story, the three generations of police officers sacrificed time, marriage, health and even life for the truth.It ‘s the duty of the police to discover the truth and it ‘s their belief. This drama is to let people understand that belief is such a power-when you feel that you are worthy of your oath, your profession, your conscience and dignity, You will be fearless.”The play has been entangled in the fate of three families and three generations, creating a variety of portraits of different characters. Chen Yuxin said that this play is more about human nature, and it is necessary to let the characters lead the event rather thanThe event drives people, and the event is only the external cause of the transformation of human nature.”What we should pay more attention to is the pain and difficulty of humanity and soul when each character faces the choice of life, and the painful choice when he is standing in the abyss, so the suspense and legendary elements of the play are naturally brought out.”In terms of actors,” Burning “is played by Jing Chao and Zhang Jianing, two young actors who play the role of a bloody policeman and a clever successor of a family business. The number of lovers in the past will be contested in years.”Burning” is considered to be the three generations of grandparents and grandchildren, involving the story of multiple families in the pursuit of life, behind each family are hidden secrets that have been carefully covered for decades.Liu Mintao, who recently ranked as “Sister Circle Top Flow” in the excellent “Red High Heels”, this time played the mother of Gao Feng (Jing Chao) in “Burning”, who helped Gao Feng solve the past mystery.Important clue figures.Liu Mintao introduced, “Chen Jie is both a mother and a daughter-in-law of a police family.From being a little nurse to being a head nurse, she was misunderstood by her son for decades. Finally, he knew that the truth resolved hatred and resentment. This process of exploration was very interesting.”In contrast to the Gao family, the Xu family represented by Xu Jiatong (played by Zhang Jianing) is also the object of” Burning “.Behind the expansion of Xu Jiatong’s new ventures, the grandmother Zhao Yue’e (Xi Meijuan) ‘s vigorous support is indispensable.As the chairman of the board of directors of the family-owned Longxing Group, she is both the original founder and the actual person in power.For Xi Meijuan, such a role is very attractive, “Zhao Yue’e is not the kind of role that is very simple and can be easily completed by the actor. She has a very dramatic role.”As an actor, I don’t interpret it just like she is a bad person or a good person. The audience can see the entanglement of human nature and affection, see a woman’s careful thoughts, and also see the different sides of her faint.”From another perspective, Xi Meijuan believes that this role can be shaped especially because of the setting of family relationships and the background factors of the time she is in.” The enterprise she started can be said to be the country since the reform and opening up.The first batch of private enterprises came into being at the historic moment, so during the performance process, we can often think of the folk people who originally swimed in the commercial tide. Through the artistic expression form of TV series, they can think about the trajectory of their lives that have undergone tremendous changes.Like a social drama.”In addition to the tit-for-tat confrontation between Gao and Xu, there is also the Zhou family headed by Wu Junmei. The Zhou daughter-in-law, Shen Chaoying, played by Wu Junmei, is an executive working in the banking system. In the battle between the Gao family and the Xu family, She is more like a victim of pond fish. In her view, Shen Chaoying was originally a woman with everything, a wonderful life, a smooth work and a happy family, but because of some things she suddenly changedThere is nothing left, “In general, it is a sad woman.”Sauna, Ye Wang editor Liu Na proofreading Chen Diyan