Zhang Jing’s first filming of Bingfeng Storm was almost disfigured.

Zhang Jing’s first filming of “Bingfeng Storm” was almost disfigured.
On November 26th, the action-adventure masterpiece “Bingfeng Storm” held a premiere of “Burning Ice” in Beijing. Director Yu Fei, producer Zhang Jiazhen, starring Zhang Jingchu, Yang Yi, and Barker Halick attended the story behind the movie.Director Yu Fei and producer Zhang Jiazhen shared the creative process of the film.They found that the film took five years to prepare, and rarely turned the action adventure into the protagonist of the film as a female, and regrouped the “wing squad” through the story of “her”, gradually unlocking the fate of each character.puzzle.Zhang Jingchu talked about his almost disfigured experience at the scene and laughed and scolded the director for “no humanity”; while the other star of the studio was changed to the image of the past and was hanged by Wia for 10 hours; Lin Baihong was naked in the heights of several floors.The upper body shivered.The actors stared the director’s “criminal evidence” one by one and “clenched their teeth”, saying: “This pile of pieces, for the sake of art, we endure!”” In order to more truly show the audience the status of the characters in extreme environments, the film crew has successively moved to Canada, and Nepal has been gradually shooting live.Zhang Jingchu went into battle despite the wind and snow, and Yu Fei also experienced the extreme environment in person.Yu Fei revealed that the crew had closed training for several months before the film started.In order to present the most perfect shot, the Hiroshima Hiroshima is actively devoted to training to ensure that every climbing movement is professional enough.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan Editor Xu Meilin Proofreading Wei Zhuo