“Handcuff him too。”The whip man pointed at the older guard who was talking。

The old guard tried to resist,But these Yan Clan men in black are extremely powerful,Some of them are mortal,They knocked the old guard to the ground,After beating blood,,Then he locked him with shackles,Don’t help him up,But just drag it back。
For a time,The other guards are afraid to speak!
“I know the Yan clan,I don’t know, I thought it was a bandit.,How can anyone act so arrogantly?。”Lu Wenye whispered a little。
Lu Wenye obviously doesn’t know much about the gods。
She didn’t realize that some gods and mortals have very sharp hearing。
I saw the man with the whip turned his head,Watching Lu Wenye sharply。
“When will it be our Yan family’s turn to make irresponsible remarks,Slap yourself,Hit till i am satisfied,Otherwise, you will be handcuffed together。”The man with the whip gave a cold snort,Command road。
“Big brother,This big brother,We are from How to Train Your Dragon,I was commissioned to wipe out the flood of lizards around here,She didn’t mean to accuse the big brothers,I apologize to you on her behalf。”Hong Hao hurriedly bowed。
“How to Train Your Dragon,Be careful later!”The whip man saw that these people were not civilians,Just snorted,Did not pursue。
Guard Chang Ge Zhong,And another older guard were handcuffed/Fastest release/Up,Locked in the iron cage on the iron mane blanket。
The guards of other city gates are also completely panicked,Don’t know what to do。
Many people around are watching,But they all stand far away。
The guard represents the law enforcement authority of a city,But in front of the Yan people, it is no different from some inferior untouchables,Hit and hit,Catch it,Not to mention some flat-headed people who don’t even have positions。

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