Single, how to spend the weekend?

Single, how to spend the weekend?

It’s the weekend again, I don’t need to go to the fundraising because the property price is too high; I don’t want to see alumni, the city is too big, and I get tired of running; I don’t go to exercise because I am already thin;

I don’t know, but I can feel the loneliness from the bottom of my heart.

A single girl described her weekend like this.

  Nowadays, white-collar workers in many large cities are usually very busy and busy at work, but they are so busy that they are in good spirits and have no physical problems.

But as soon as Saturday and Sunday, they would somehow be lost, depressed, worried, upset, and grumpy . they were all single.

  Can this fear be changed only by ending single life?

  In fact, no matter whether you choose single or marriage, the inner loneliness will not change, and the change may be just the form.

  If you still like single life, you should learn to adjust yourself and give your spirit and mood a real vacation by changing your living conditions. In the vacation, you can increase travel, listen to music, read books, chat with friends and other leisure ways.

Such a proposal is very uncreative, but it is very real.

The point is, you choose to treat it in a certain way.

  In fact, the weekend is just a day for everyone to have a reasonable rest. Don’t expect too much on the weekend. Pointing too high on yourself will be a stress.

Everyone should take it naturally and participate in the activities of friends in accordance with their actual situation. Don’t let yourself be at home, but don’t do high-frequency activities for several days, and allow time for yourself to rest.

Because it is not that you can rest at will and do whatever you want, you should have a plan to avoid too much social activities and produce disgusting emotions, and you are reluctant to associate with people.

  If you feel angry, distressed and sad at the weekend, you can also temporarily avoid it and try to shift your unpleasant thoughts to other aspects. You can shift your attention and sometimes shift the role of relieving your troubles to achieve a balanced psychological effect.

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