Blue Xin’s heart is a bit,It is not too much,Maybe he is so far like this, let it leave you.。

at the same time,Xu Lianghe in the company,Suddenly received a call from Ning success。
Xu Jinghe Wei Wei,Pick up the phone to pick up the phone。
“Hey!Not letting you do not call me??”
“Oh no,What we did was discovered by them.,The police are now catching me everywhere.。”
I am not letting you go abroad??
Where are you?”
Xu Jinghe furiously。
“I will give me the money.,Where is it going abroad??
I used a lot of money in the past few days.,If you don’t want what you do, I will say it.,I will give me a money again.,I don’t want to take the prison.。”
“Damn born,So much money is not enough for you??”
Xu Jinghe did not expect it to do things on this festival。
Looking at Lu Hao Cheng alone。
He knows Lu Hao Cheng’s itinerary,He went to the Beihai Market Today,There is a very important meeting。
Xu Jinghe Road:“where are you now?”
“I have already fled back to the Yangtze River.,On the North Sea。”
Xu Jinghe looked at Lu Haozheng’s direction。
He smiled:“Call your sister,Tell her where you are there,Let him help you,I can not help you。”
“Why call her?
She can’t do anything,Can’t help me。”
Xu Jinghe laughed,Say:“Don’t you know that your sister is working in the Lu Group??
The Lu Group and Gu’s Group can be a family,The people of the Lu Group are also looking for you.,If you are found by them, you will finish it.。”
“This is all you harm。”
Angry sound。
Xu Jinghe laughed,“This can’t blame me.,I have to blame yourself.。”
“Do you believe that I will tell the police immediately.。
Anyway, I am in a few people.,Not afraid this time。”
The threat to the opposite side did not make Xu Xianghe feel scared。
“up to you,No evidence,Who will believe what you said??”
“you”“I hang up if I have n’thing.,I have other things to do.。”
Xu Jinghe quickly hangs the phone。
Tracker has always followed Lu Hao Cheng’s car。
“Lu Hao Cheng,The sea in the North Sea is very beautiful,It is your funeral place.。”

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